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Re: 10 things that SDP can do to have a positive effect on the BB results

1. Firstly, get rid of all the trappings of Sesame Street. Hide the Danny the Bear, and stop SDP members bringing their kids to hustings. This is not a picnic but a call to arms. It was tried so many times and it did not make a difference. If it worked, others would have followed it.
I agreed Danny the Bear should go.
this is not funfair but politic


Re: 2 SMRT staff dead in accident near Pasir Ris station


All 15 maintenance staff were walking in single-file, along the side of the train tracks, on the walkway.

They were following protocol by walking against the direction of the train.

The group was headed by the supervisor, and the two staff that were killed were second and third in line.

The group, which had received permission to go down to the tracks, had gotten to about 150m away from the Pasir Ris station platform when the incident took place.

The incident happened before the group could ask for permission to turn the power off on the tracks to stop the trains from moving.

The two staff were hit by an oncoming train, moving toward Pasir Ris, in the direction opposite to them.

The train in the incident was just pulling into the station, travelling at about 60km per hour.

There is no CCTV footage on that part of the track, and SMRT is in the process of getting detailed accounts from witnesses.
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Re: gang clash in geylang ........ soc activated ..... many arrested ..... will be CL

Ralders was there.....hiding under the table first.....ran away time slipped and fell

that rat huh.
he was in the smelly sewer while the fights was on.when fight is over, the pussy rat cpme out to steal food.
pathetic timid ralder rat
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Re: Why Jackpot Auntie (Mdm Choo Hong Eng ) gave away Windfall - Twice

Vegetarians are blessed... Not surprise.

Most meat eaters fell into a lot of disastrous situation.
it did hold some truth.
my ex colleague is a vegetarians.
he know nothing about his works.put zero effort on his work
for years he draws good salary even Alibaba in his works.i called this sibei heng..sibei lucky.
but he is also greedy. he cheated in his overtime submission.
his greed suck off his good luck being a vegetarians


Re: How the fuck do you have a 6 car accident in congested S'pore?

Bo safety distance.
One stop five jam brake.
This accident the sixth car sure kpkb.
No one to claim.
Front claim back till last.
you kpkb machaim u got drive car.
car is not for pussy like you.
narong will agree on this