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Generous Asset
"I have often said that I have lived a great life and I'd happily kick the bucket tomorrow with no regrets.

Guess what! I've changed my mind. I want to witness Lee vs Lee in all its bloody glory before I die."


Some forummer just sent this to my inbox saying this is your nipple . They say the world is watching your nipple.
Didn’t I say I suffer from worldwide sexual harassment? Who is the forumer? Post the message here. And I never take such photos in my life unlike you cheap Malaysians and filthy Indians.
That forummer said you are a suspected registered member of singaporelovelinks.com somewhere in year 2004 with username gin. born 1970 height 1.45m complexion dark
During that time there was no messaging systems besides sms and you spam a good sinkie man with rejections sms after you were rejected a 2nd date by him :x3::redface::redface::redface: The rejection messages was something like...why ..why is always the same...what did i do wrong...
Is it true ? :eek:
As mentioned it was just a suspicion to sort out. Username was gin1970. He said this Gin was ugly and overly protective of herself during the first date - in plaza sing when they went to foodcourt to have dinner, even they decided to buy from same stall, Gin refused the gentlemen to buy for her and prefered to buy her own, scared of love potion and yet the one to pressure the gentlemen for a 2nd date :cautious:
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