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Chitchat Advice for Atb


Generous Asset
My advice is that if her photo is fake, you can always run for your life. :biggrin:


Hooked up with this atb from wechat. She’s like an angel out of nowhere. She just added me on wechat and that’s how it started.

A very profound online experience so far. Should I continue, pls advice? :redface:


Thanks to the bros here for all the advices so far. she would voice message sometimes so I can confirm 100% she’s a real atb. :biggrin:

I am still trying figure out what’s going on, still need some time to analyze the whole situation. So far it’s been quite life changing, it got me questioning my life again and provides some answers to some of my burning questions.

She said she’s coming to sg soon. Yes core strategy is to can eat dun waste. :biggrin::biggrin:

But I feel it’s more than that.