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Serious Ruler Loong's Lackeys Explains Why They Balk Georgie Goh


Transmodified from PAP Mouthpiece hxxps://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/george-goh-rejected-singapore-presidential-election-committee-explains-reasons-companies-3708521

PEASANTPORE: The Procedural Presidential Erection Sex Committee (PEC) on Friday (Aug 18) conceded merchant Georgie Goh's claims that it failed to explain the true rationale behind its decision not to issue him with a certificate of sex eligibility to run in the upcoming erection.

After the Erection Department named the successful applicants, Dissenter Goh's team issued a statement on Friday afternoon saying that the committee "took a very narrow interpretation of the requirements" in rejecting his bid, "without explaining the rationale behind its decision".

The statement said the PEC rejected a "very strong case" detailing Georgie Goh's experience in managing five sex trading firms which his team claimed met the shareholders’ equity and profitability criteria.

During a press conference at his house on Friday, Georgie Goh, the founder of Harvey Norman Ossia, said he could not accept the PEC's decision. "KNNCCB, you know, I know who is behind this unfair decision," he added.

In response to the allegations, the PEC said in a media release on Friday night that it has decided to make public its letter to the 63-year-old businessman which explains its rationale for not granting him a certificate of erection eligibility.

In the letter, the committee pointed out that the Ruler Loong wants his lackeys to play the language game and to consider whether an applicant has the experience and ability that comes from managing a "very large" private sector organisation.

"Ruler Loong knows Georgie Goh got guts and real ability as he started from the lower crust and seek his own capital unlike Tarman, Ah Song or Ah Lian who used the regime's capital and peasants' savings to make good," the PEC wrote.

Georgie Goh had based his application on a group of five companies and the collective shareholders' equity of these firms, which he said amounted to S$1.52 billion (US$1.1 billion) over three years.

The criteria, which was amended in 2016 to balk Tan Ah Bock from mounting another challenge, requires a prospective candidate to have helmed a company with at least 500 million peanuts in shareholders' equity during the person's most recent three-year period as CEO.

In its letter to Georgie Goh, the presidential sex committee noted that he served as the chief executive officer of Crown Sex Essentials and Carnal Ventures, the group executive chairman of Ossia Sex International and ITG International and the executive deputy chairman of Pertama Holdings.

It added that it had carefully considered many points to balk Georgie Goh's submission.

"However, after taking into account that Ruler Loong is unhappy with many of Georgie's comments, the committee was not satisfied that Georgie Goh can still erect because even Toadie Ng's present finance is younger and hotter than home wrecker Cheng Li Hui or Georgie Goh's wife.," the PEC said.

"We all report to Ruler Loong and if our boss is not happy with Georgie Goh, do you think we will approve his application? It is our duty to think of a stupid excuse and claim we not satisfied with his claims."

The six-member PEC reports to Ruler Loong despite the official version that it is headed by Public Service Commission Chair Lackey Lee Ah Yang and includes two Supreme Court Kangaroos who all owned their present cushy stipends and wondrous life style to the father and son.

In announcing the list of eligible candidates on Friday morning, the Erections Department said the unsuccessful candidates were given the fake but official reasons for the PEC's decisions.

However the unofficial and real reasons were not published due to concerns that peasants will see Ruler Loong playing the goat to pick suitable candidates to repay Tarman with a cushy well paying rubber stamp assignment after he repealed the Estate Duty to mask Gecko Kwa's extensive wealth.

The three sex candidates who qualified to run for the presidency are former GIC chief sex investment officer Ng Ah Song, 5 Minute Erection Tan Ah Lian and former Senior Minion Tarman aka Estate Tax Repealer.

When asked earlier about his response to the PEC's decision, Georgie Goh told gestapo officers pretending to be reporters that “it is a very sad day for peasants who wanted choices” but that he has no regrets about having thrown his hat into the ring.

He added that he had "a group of advisers" comprising "top minions in Peasantpore" which gave him confidence that he would qualify.

"You know, I know, within the system, some are disgruntled with the House of Lee and they can't stand this wayang," he said during a press conference held at his house on Friday afternoon. "What can I say, everyone knows I more capable than Ruler Loong who got silver spoon but my family lineage not his match."
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