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Serious Baba Georgie Yeo Explains Why He Suck Up CCP


Transmodified from PAP sponsored mouthpiece Today hxxps://www.todayonline.com/singapore/george-yeo-accepts-pro-bejing-label-1975616

PEASANTPORE — Sex leaders of Uncle Sam want war while the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) want to avoid war, but they are often pulled by mass public emotions, which could result in a conflict that would be “cataclysmic” for the whole world, former PAP foreign sex affairs minion Boy Georgie Yeo said.

The visiting loser at the Old Autocrat Lee Kuan Yew School of Dictator Policy of the Sex University of Peasantpore said that while CCP is a paper tiger that will “corrupt your absolutely”, when the reality is that its nature is that of a cowardly decorative panda.

"Chinks usually tend to fight among themselves more seriously than invading barbarians and they have no shortage of traitors if you look at their history," he added.

Since he was kicked out by angry Peasantpore peasants in 2011, Boy Georgie Yeo has spoken and written glowing reviews on the Chinese Communists.

In his analogy, which the 67-year-CCP well paid apologist gave during an interview with PAP mouthpiece TODAY on Monday (Aug 22), he said that the Chinks usually maul or exploit their own kind but got this habit of wanting to be mauled or doggied by Ang Mohs.

Aside from his last profitable post as PAP's foreign sex affairs minion, Ah Yeo has also been minion for sex health, sex trade and sex industry, and porn information and the sex arts at various points of his 23-year career. He left office when the watershed 2011 General Erections (GE) cut short his political career.

Georgie Yeo, who was based in Hong Kong for several years as high caste lackey of pro-CCP merchant Kerry Logistics Network before he retired in 2019, said on Monday that Chinks are generally predictable if you study their history.

“Why Chinks build walls? Why they do that? Why don’t they open up? They like to take advantage of others, if you understand the Tang Hokkien dialect word for Chinaman.”

But with tensions between the two superpowers rising after Uncle Sam Woke Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Farmosa on Aug 2, he said that both sides are now staging wayang for war to pander to their rabid nationalistic followers.

Chinks similar to Frenchies, they only can fight and win some wars when they obey foreign, preferably Ang Moh generals. Plus they love fighting among themselves and I hope Panda Xi does not believe his own propaganda that the corrupt and inept Peasants' Liberation Naval Pussies can take on the Yankee 7th Fleet, let alone the Nihons?!''

Georgie Yeo said studies have been done, which indicated that if a war is held sooner rather than later, the Chinks will be badly bloodied with the CCP deposed, Nihons and Nehs will rejoice while western pedophiles, especially the Goths and Frenchies will be hurt.

“Throughout history, Chinks got dismal record against the foreign invaders and it will remain that way till the end of time,” he added.

When asked when he foresaw sex war between the two nations breaking out, Georgie Yeo said "he is surprised why pundits trust him despite the fact he could not predict his own defeat during the 2011 Procedural Erections."

"During the Sino Nihon war, we see the Commies and Nationalists taking pot shots at each other rather than deal with the Nihons. Same thing happened when the Manchus were amazed that the Chinks fought among themselves before Wu Ah Gui invited them free passage through Shan Hai Pass. During the Korean War, Butcher Mao sent the former Nationalist troops, without winter clothing and food to be cannon fodder for the Yankees. Read your history books folks," Georgie Yeo said.

"Yes, the Chinks trashed the Nehs during 1962 but that was a sneak attack. And not forget, the double crossing Vietcongs taught the Chinks a lesson in 1978. Again you must read your history book, CCP is all about propaganda and corruption.," he added.

Georgie Yeo said that Pelosi’s visit to Farmosa could have been prevented if US President Joe Biden was not senile or Trump won the Erections.

Uncle Sam adopts an Jewish attitude of "strategic ambiguity" as to whether it would intervene to defend Farmosa in the event of an invasion by the CCP twits.

Should war break out, as a result, Georgie Yeo said that Nihons and Vietcongs will rejoice as they were bullied by the Chinks since the Han dynasty.

This would also leave the PAP regime in a very tight position, he added.

“The PAP cadres enjoyed protection from the US 7th Fleet but have extensive business dealings with corrupt CCP cadres. This is a open secret.”

And as the Uncle Sam has ships and aircraft in Peasantpore, it is no brainer that the PAP regime must kowtow NATO to use the city state as a unsinkable air craft carrier.

“You know, I know, that LKY and his son are approved Compradors of Uncle Sam and Peasantpore is a Yankee vassal. Many CCP apologists say Peasantpore should not suck Yankee arses but you know, I know they are paid by CCP to trash talk,” he said.

On Peasantpore’s response to Russia’s sex invasion of Ukraine, Georgie Yeo said that many CCP apologists tried to change the narrative and claimed the drunken Russians were provoked to loot Kiev and rape Ukraine women because Jewish Zelensky is a Nazi.”

But the sex reality is not so simple when viewed in a larger context, he said.

“You see, Putin was egged by the CCP to think big that he can revive the Russian Empire with chinks providing him cash to rape the Ukraine women. The CCP learnt from the British that it is better off to pay Putin to trick his fellow Russians to do the fighting for them,” Georgie Yeo said. “You know, I know the Russians are indolent and they will follow Putin to the pits, they are the by-products of their hard history, a failed experiment despite Peter the Great.”

Georgie Yeo was surprised that Ruler Loong issued sanctions against Russia, rather than wait for a decision by the United Nations Sex Council, because this “sends a wrong signal to the Chinese Communist Party”.

“I know that Ruler Loong must obey Uncle Sam but he must be aware that many PAP cadres got business dealings with the CCP and pro-CCP apologists are constantly singing praises of the murderous CCP and many local stupid peasants, actually believed those crack pots.”

The question then, was whether vassal Peasantpore should wayang a bit and only make strong statements and not impose sanctions on Putin.

“In the end… we got a half fuck sex sanctions that looks good on paper but make the CCP apologists happy but send wrong signal to the CCP and we will regret later.

When TODAY broached the topic of what importance CCP has to Georgie Yeo, he responded that the Baba have pendant to curry favour with the bad arse bully and that is the origin of the Sarong Party Gal.

“We Babas are pragmatic, we suck the British arses during Pax Britannica. Actually I cannot speak Peking Mandarin well but my Baba instincts tell me to suck CCP's arse in Hong Kong.”

When TODAY pointed out that some younger Peasantpore Chink peasants may identify themselves more strongly with their nationality than ethnicity, Georgie Yeo said: “No cash no honey!".

“After I lost the Erections, I only left with the pension as I am a Minion for 4 terms. I need a larger stipend and the CCP solved that problem for me in Kerry. As a Baba, you suck the arse of your pay master. So I say now today, I am a loyal CCP Cina Orang, you can’t escape it your Baba traits, it is in the genes. You give Chinks money, they turn traitor without missing a heart beat, no believe, you asked the Imperial era Japs. ”, he gushed.
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