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George Goh says 'shocking news for S'pore' he didn't qualify for Presidential Elections 2023


This guy is such a joke when speaking. The reporter who wrote this had to fill in so many brackets for him. It’s almost allowed a close passage assessment!

He is a typical suaku JiuHu Sai, now out also good la. Nobody knew him well only until recently and God know what is his real agenda in this race. Scarly once receive the huge salary becomes even more puppet than Halimah, LOL.

Whereas for TKL, we knew him all these years for more than a decade and knew his entry is to pwn PAP.


Old Fart
I received this earlier. Seems he's seen as anti-establishment, a wild card that the pap is wary of?


I am personally disappointed that George Goh failed to qualify.

In the last Presidential Election, the committee failed to qualify Marican Salleh , the first Malay entrepreneur who built a company from scratch and took it IPO on the Singapore Exchange. He failed once , and succeeded the second time - hence the name of his company Second Chance.

George is similarly a self made man who created and brought to Singapore well-known brands such as World of Sports and Harvey Norman.

I may be biased, but entrepreneurs who create companies achieve things that the CEOs whom they hire, do not.

This however I guess is subjective, whilst shareholder equity is objective. Easier for the PEC to say no in these cases.

I now expect most of the anti-establishment votes to go to Tan Kin Lian

In the minds of people, the GIC is establishment.

In fact, it’s in the name. GIC stands for Government of Singapore Investment Corporation.

Ng Kok Song will be seen as an establishment candidate.

Presidential Elections are the safest way for people to cast a protest vote against the PAP.

They know it wouldn’t affect their daily lives.

There should be a substantial protest vote against the PAP this time.

These votes are very likely to all go to Tan Kin Lian.

- CC

Note : I hope Mr Goh publishes the reason that the PEC gave him about why he did not qualify. We should not tolerate unelected people telling us who we can vote for, without telling us why.


Alfrescian (Inf)
If you don't know how to game the system, then you're not fit to even run for president. Simple as that. PEC's decision is final, you can cry father cry mother all you want, to no avail.



"Will need some time to recover and consider whether to run again six years from now"​

Will he even be walking on the face of this earth in 6 years time?