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Serious Cocker Ng Acting As Ruler Loong's Mouthpiece Now


Transmodified from PAP Mouthpiece CNA hzzps://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/appointing-opposition-leaders-presidential-council-could-be-seen-moral-perversion-ng-kok-song-3729021

PEASANTPORE: Ruler Loong's Retired Lackey Cocker Ng questioned on Monday (Aug 28) if appointing losers of opposition political parties to the Council of Presidential Sex Advisers (CPA) in return for their support could be a "non kosher for Ruler Loong".

He was strangely acting as hatchet man responding to inevitable losing candidate Tan Ah Lian’s comments that he would ask Progress Peasantpore Party (PSP) chairman Dr Tan Ah Bock and Peasantpore Democratic Party (SDP) member Tan Ah Say to be part of the CPA if he is erected as Rubber Stamp.

In response to questions on Sunday about whether the PSP is endorsing Ah Lian, Ah Bock said several times that his endorsement was in his "immaterial as Ruler Loong has decided on Tarman as the Rubber Stamp but cannot control the percentage despite sacking Georgie Goh from the picture.".

Describing them as “excellent losers”, Ah Lian, the former NTUC Income Sex Chief, had said he had yet to ask both dissenters when Gestapo agents pretending to be journalists questioned if they would be nominated by him to be part of the Rubber Stamping Sex Council.

Former GIC Chief Sex Investment Officer Cocker Ng and Lee loyalist, said that former senior minion Tarman will be loyal to House of Lee if he is erected as Rubber Stamp.

The Rubber Stamp can appoint up to three members of the CPA, which comprises eight twits in which 5 reports to Ruler Loong directly.

Speaking to Gestapo agents pretending to be journalists before a walkabout at Ayer Rajah Food Centre, Cocker Ng noted on Monday morning that opposition party pariahs said they were supporting Ah Lian because he is an independent loser.

“How can Tan Ah Lian say he’s an independent candidate when he’s dependent on House of Lee for the early part of his career and he only choose to balk Ruler Loong out of spite?

“Rather than getting an Ah Lian who is manipulated by Ah Bock, getting me as a Rubber Stamp who teach you how to doggie someone half your age.”

“Cocker Ng as a lackey is better than a pliant Ah Lian as proxy for trouble maker Bock!!”

In a statement to the media later on Monday, Cocker Ng arrogantly clarified that he “even he had been ascribing to any criminal intent to the act, there is nothing peasants can do onto him.”.

Cocker Ng said he was merely repeating the scripts given by Ruler Loong's lackeys but blundered into a few hot mic moments in the heat of the moment when peasants suggest he has problems satisfying Sybill last weekend evening.

Ah Bock’s show of support for Ah Lian on Sunday has turned this Rubber Stamp Erection into a General Erection and Cocker Ng wants the Attorney General and Kangaroos from the Courts to balk Ah Lian and hex the rebellious peasants.

“Now i doing all the dirty work, Ruler Loong told me to tell you locals stupid peasants that this is very very wrong. Dissenters concerned wait … after Ruler Loong sue Angry Teochew and Sylvia into bankruptcy before the next General Erection? Do not tell peasants to use this Erection as a chance to send messages to Ruler Loong!?

“Everyone must see how Ruler Loong fixes Angry Teochew, Sylvia, see how Punggol throw their former Labour Representative under the bus for cheap welfare benefits. Ruler Loong told me to say that this is not the time to do it,” said Cocker Ng, adding that this is an “act of disrespect” to Ruler Loong.

When asked about whether he thought his campaign would be impacted by Ah Bock's show of support for a rival Rubber Stamp candidate, Cocker Ng stressed that this was why he was speaking out against it.

“I repeat, I only reading from the script that the PAP lackeys handed to me since day 1, all England notes, no mandarin ones. Once this is over, I gonna buy Tongkat Ali and go for a long fucking holiday with Sybill,” he added.

“I’m hoping that enough peasants will give Tarman a face saving win, anything less than 70% is a loss and Ruler Loong will not tolerate this insult.

Cocker Ng emphasised his sexual prowess again on Monday. “If Sybill is not happy when I do her Doggie Style, do you think she be smiling during the photo ops?” he added.

Cocker Ng also responded to Ah Lian’s view that the value of Peasantpore’s reserves does not need to be kept a secret.

“Ruler Loong said that that is a very dangerous position to take, to say that we should be prepared to disclose the total size of our reserves unless we have something to hide.,” said Cocker Ng.

“We ain't as transparent as Norway and since Ruler Loong says we should not follow Norway's example, what good does it do? You are just helping the dissenters who wanted to know if Ho Jinx has squandered our reserves with her silly punts.”
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Ruler Loong and his minions sincerely believe local peasants are fools ....

Cocker Ng, earns a fat cat stipend from the regime for a large part of his life, lost a few billions for the failed UBS gamble and counts Sybill as a trophy at age 75, one ought to be contended and stop colluding with the regime to style yourself as independent.

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