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Serious PAP Closet Lackey Struggling To Explain Slick Tarman Effect aka 'Gluttons For PAP Screwing'


Transmodified from regime Mouthpiece hxxps://www.channelnewsasia.com/commentary/presidential-election-2023-tharman-shanmugaratnam-polling-day-3741201

PEASANTPORE: On Friday (Sep 1), local stupid peasants confounded pundits delivered a resounding approval to Ruler Loong's popular puppet aka Estate Repealer Tarman to be Peasantpore’s ninth Rubber Stamp, giving him 70.4 per cent of the votes.

When the former Deputy Prime Minion and Senior Minion declared in June his intention to run for the highly lucrative ceremonial Rubber Stamp post, it seemed difficult to imagine any idiot would wish to stand against him.

By Sex Polling Day, however, it felt similarly difficult to believe Tarman, a House of Lee loyalist would receive a North Korea style thumping victory if one judged by the sex campaign, public sex discourse, and childish social media.

Credit must go to Ruler Loong who balked former Matland Merchant George Goh parachuted 2 weak competition Cocker Ng Ah Song and Hustler Tan Ah Lian to provide some cheap entertainment of offering themselves as sex candidates and presenting local stupid peasants with an obvious choice.

Suggestions were going around that the margins would be tight - if Hustler Tan was going to draw on an rabid anti-establishment but unreliable peasants pool to support him which could be something to the order of 30 per cent if not even 40 per cent of the votes, Slick Tarman would struggle to draw half of the 2.5 million votes in play and Cocker Ng, the residual.

To what extent could this landslide victory be attributed to the “Slick Tarman Effect”?

Tarman reaped the benefit of Peasantpore's moneybags' reputation and is lucky recipient of Uncle Sam's realpolitik recognition as someone with leanings towards the School of Neo Liberal Sex Economics clique – the world were charmed by of his orientation to Woke policies, namely social support by replays of his “trampoline” comments at the St Gallen Sex Symposium of 2015 to cater to disgruntled peasants' frustration worldwide.

Slick Tarman took an opposite role from stingy paranoid LKY and is associated with laudable but failed past efforts to design wealth redistribution programs that Ruler Loong tolerated on the basis of not spending peanuts based on safety nets.

Peasants tired of LKY autocratic "holier & smarter than thou" sledge hammer approach, disgusted with ex-regent Woody Goh's hypocritical and poor acting, naturally took kindly to Tarman's humble retired kampung penghulu temperament with an English squire's accent.

There is no shortage of losers and opportunists rallying around slick Tarman, while his group of proposer, seconder and assenters read like a who’s who in a range of pursuits in liberal upper crust society - clan triad associations, pro PAP trade union movement bootlickers, safe sex advocates, human-organ traders, and even the closet Jane Austen pretender, Ho Ah Ping all professing undying love of Tarman's PR skills.

However, it was not plain sailing for Tarman as numerous Jane Austen rebels contended whether he had balls to learn from Ong Teng Cheong and to be a check on the regime’s plans to use the reserves to fund Ho Jinx's punts and reward lackeys to key positions in the public sector.

Cocker Ng, trying to parrot Angry Teochew crowed that peasants' reserves should not be left in the hands of a former Moneybags Minion, as that would be akin to an “ownself check ownself system”. Slick Tarman evaded the question easily by claiming past Rubber Stamps, with exception of Ong Teng Cheong, all fulfill LKY's ideal requirements of senile old farts who rubber stamps' his son's edicts and decrees.

Tarman says his favourite Nippon Mushashi's 5 Rings strategies honed his his number one ability is to hoodwink everyone, including Jane Austen rebels, by claiming his inate understanding the regime's dirty tricks allows him to procedurally exercising the key custodial powers of the Rubber Stamp to ask simple questions that the regime could answer to present a facade of 'check and balances'.

Of course it is not lost on anyone that Slick Tarman is now the first Neh presidential candidate to win an procedurally contested but closely managed Erection.

This choice of an House of Lee Neh loyalist with his peasantpore wife of Nihon 日本大帝国-Chink heritage has confirmed the notion that local peasants are quick to forget past wrongs in the face of Woke wayang and be gluttons for punishment by indirectly granting Ruler Loong exclusive rights to screw them at the next full moon sex orgy.

In his post-erection comments, Slick Tarman said he hoped that his erection is seen as another milestone in the evolution of our Peasantpore as an pro Uncle Sam vassal, ruled by a Comprador, preferably from House of Lee, repeating that “loyalty to House of Lee should never be absent and it is an important factor if one does have some PR skills but no family lineage”.

Obviously local stupid peasants failed to recognise that Slick Tarman could engaged Cocker Ng and Hustler Tan with Nihon style hypocritical decorum as Ruler Loong has assured that he will be the next Pliant Rubber Stamp, rain or shine.
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Please be rational, as long as result are demostrated and shown, we should Sirpok


Alfrescian (Inf)
No Tharman effect.
The real cause is the lack of quality opposition candidates.
Good opposition candidates will always win votes: Chiam See Tong, Low Thia Kheng, Pritam Singh, Jamus Lim, Tan Cheng Bock


Please be rational, as long as result are demostrated and shown, we should Sirpok

Tarman 陛下バンザイ!!