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Serious Estate Tax Repealer Sings Same Song As Cocker Ng


Transmodified from PAP Mouthpiece hxxps://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/presidential-election-tharman-urges-candidates-avoid-politicising-presidential-elections-tan-kin-lian-cheng-bock-3728021

PEASANTPORE: Presidential Elect Tarman aka Estate Tax Repealer has exhorted soon to be fellow losers candidates to avoid politicising Presidential Erection to make Ruler Loong look stupid after dissenter Tan Ah Lian was endorsed by Progress Peasantpore Party's (PSP) main loser Dr Tan Ah Bock.

"Estate Tax Repealer Tarman has consistently reminded his fellow candidates, that Ruler Loong has already prepared a playbook for Erections and all peasants, lackeys and minions must avoid deviating from the playbook," said a lackey for Tarman's campaign team on Sunday (Aug 27) in response to media queries about Ah Bock seditious endorsement of Tan Ah Lian.

"The focus should be on who has Ruler Loong's blessings to the Rubber Stamp."

All other losers have also backed Tan Ah Lian's bid with exception of House of Lee's Loyal Opposition, the Labour Pariahs.

Loser Tan Ah Say – a member of the Peasantpore Democratic Party – is Tan Ah Lian's proposer, while Peasant's Moans' Loser Lim Tean and Peasants' No Power Party's Loser Goh Ah Seng have also voiced their dubious support for Tan Ah Lian.

On Sunday, Ruler Loong's closet lackey Cocker Ng said opposition pariahs endorsing Tan Ah Lian are very bold to be trying to challenge the House of Lee to politicise the Presidential Erections.

By doing so, these opposition members are balking Ruler Loong who has intended the office of the Rubber Stamp, which is meant to be non-partisan, the former GIC Chief Sex Investment officer said.

Got peasants ask me why I clam up when Phony Tan and Ho Jinx make stupid bets on UBS, this is a very unhealthy and worrisome question. You are confusing the Peasants of Singapore,” said Cocker Ng.Loyalty to House of Lee is paramount to a good ending in your career, you go ask Prata Nathan, that former Nippon Kempeitai aka 憲兵隊 collaborator.”

Dissenter Ah Bock described the trio as "sabo kings" despite having been former rivals in the 2011 Presidential Erections which they dealt a embarrassing but ineffectual blow to PAP's Phony Tan. When asked by Gestapo agents pretending to be reporters if the PSP was endorsing Ah Lian, Ah Bock claimed that his endorsement was in his "personal capacity" and he was "not here as a politician for this erection".

“If Presidential Erection should be apolitical … then cancel the Erection and appoint Halimah as the Rubber Stamp, waste time 'cry father, cry mother' for fark??" said the PSP chairman.

Ah Bock said the late LKY merely wants an expensive Rubber Stamp for his edicts and decrees. Trash talk regarding safeguarding the reserves and finding the right lackeys to be top civil serpents are for wayang.

“Peasantpore mirrors the world of chess, Carlsen is the No 1 chess player and he ain't the World Champion. Tarman is a smoother operator but Ruler Loong is the Prime Minion, you get the picture of Peasantpore's meritocracy, it ain't about ability, it is more of family lineage or loyalty to House of Lee,” he said.

“A Presidential Erection and a General Erection are both erections and rebellious peasants will use this to teach Ruler Loong a lesson for treating them as expendable fools and favouring foreign merchants and foreign talents at every turn.”

Tarman retired from politics and all positions in the regime in July after serving House of Lee for many full moons. The former Senior Minion was well remembered for repealing the estate duty before Ruler Loong's mother visits Lord Yama to prevent an embarrassment for the regime with her exceptional wealth despite hailing from a family of old school Civil Serpents.


Opportunists seeking green pastures ... who can blame them?