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Master Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson (Djanthi-Thoth)






The Gods have many secrets and advantages that they keep for themselves. They have the secret of true immortality. They have the secrets of rejuvenation and almost infinite power. They can look forward to living for billions of years in the peak of health without aging, disease, or infirmity of any kind. They do not share their ultimate gifts with us for the most part. Only the most worthy mortals even get a glimpse of them.

Most gods, including the Asgardians, are capable of going for extended periods of time without eating, drinking, or sleeping. If Thor were on a deserted planet, he’ll be able to survive for a long period of time. And if he were lost somewhere in deep space, he’ll still be able to survive because he can go without air for an extended duration, incomparably longer than humans.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need food. Everyone needs food, even the gods, which is why they tend to have large-scale feasts from time to time.

The extent of Thor’s ability to remain self-sustained varies, but it has been said that he once fought the Frost Giant army for almost a year without sustenance or rest.

The Gods are not totally self-sustaining. They need a power source of some kind in order to rejuvenate. They have stores of divine power that must be tapped in order to maintain their abilities. Amazingly, humans have the same divine power potential as the gods. The tales that you hear regarding people that perform superhuman feats under duress are true. Science has now shown that there is indeed an on/off switch for an incredible system of strength, rejuvenation, and energy within the human body that we never use, unless we have no other choice, usually in life and death situations.

The Divine Power Station is one of the secrets of magical power restoration used by the Gods. Many of the Gods are great magicians and magic users. However, even their powers become depleted over time and must be recharged. The God Thoth/Odin gave me the secret to recreating his ordinal divine power station here on earth. One requires a special magical radiator and a large magically charged Stone. The Stone is then placed atop the radiator in a certain place. One then repeats a special invocation of divine power that we can only provide to the owners of the charging station.

This divine charging station will replace your depleted magical powers that have been drained by aging, disease, reincarnation, ritual, spells, theft, and other activities that rob you of your power. The magical energy thus returned may be used for any spell, meditation, or magical activity you choose. The difference being in the case of the charging station is that now you have access to the power reserves of a god.

Effectively, your limits will then be totally up to the strength of your will. With practice, using the divine charging station every day, you will break the tyranny of the on/off switch placed inside you by the lower forces and rise to your true potential. With this magical door open, the doors to the deep wells of magical power reserves that you have never used will be opened to you.

My Spiritual Mother Lady Freya once gave me a piece of advice regarding this power that transformed my life. She said these words to me before I descended to earth for this incarnation;

Remember young one, you are still a god, even though you will be housed in a human body. You will still have the mind of a god. Your body will have much hidden potential and it too can rise to divine status with the right practices. Never forget this.

We are only offering 5 Divine Charging Stations. The station is 5×10 in size.




The idea appears to have originated in 1970 with Steven Schmidt's suggestion of a 14-sign zodiac, also including Cetus as a sign. A 13-sign zodiac has been promulgated by Walter Berg and by Mark Yazaki in 1995, a suggestion that achieved some popularity in Japan, where Ophiuchus is known as Hebitsukai-za (蛇遣座 (へびつかいざ), "The Serpent Bearer").

In 1970, Steven Schmidt in his Astrology 14 advocated a 14-sign zodiac, introducing Ophiuchus (December 6 to December 31) and Cetus (May 12 to June 6) as new signs.[8][9]Within 20th-century sidereal astrology, the idea was taken up by Walter Berg in the form of his book, The 13 Signs of the Zodiac (1995).

In January 2011, a statement by Parke Kunkle, an astronomer at the Minnesota Planetarium Society,[10] repeated the idea of "the 13th zodiac sign Ophiuchus" which made some headlines in the popular press.[11]



We have sent all 13 letters of invitation to our prospective new Lodge members. We thank you all for your letters. We will send out another call in 2022.

We admitted about 14% of our interested applicants. In order to improve your chances of admission, meditate more often, adopt a practice from one of our advanced tablets, monitor you language more carefully, and develop a stronger attitude toward service to the gods and helping others.



Emerald Tablet Psionic Device - “Consciousness Interposer”

Over the years we have created hundreds of tools. From very powerful wealth tools to some of the world’s most advanced healing spells designed to sink into the deepest parts of the subconscious mind and change your program in ways your conscious mind didn’t think was possible. In these parts of the subconscious mind lie spiritual powers, blessings, and miracles that only the oldest legends speak about, from lives of immortality to riches towering the highest mountains.

As humans, we live in a domain that feeds off of our consciousness. Our world says that our consciousness is all that there is. However we are beginning to understand that our consciousness is just a spec of sand on this 1000 mile long beach we call life. That is the understanding humans have had since the time of the First Emerald tablet; living and believing only in the conscious mind.

The Consciousness Interposer is a continuation of conscious and subconscious mind evolution. The interposer takes powerful energies from the deepest parts of the subconscious mind and disperses them throughout all forms of consciousness that you exist in. This enables the conscious mind to recognize that reality is controlled by the subconscious mind, surrendering the conscious mind to the subconscious.

***Instructions: Place your left ring finger, medallion, amulet or ring in the center of the big ring. Once there, while the item or your finger is still on the center ring, meditate for 20 min to let the energies flow throughout your conscious and subconscious mind.

Works Best with:

· Angels of Sanctification Medallion

· Celestial Pendant of Consciousness

· Vitality Pendant

· All Downloads

Price: $1,000
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The word Doxagrad is an ancient celestial angelic term that refers to a broad family of entities that cause disease and suffering in the worlds. The Doxagrad are the primary causes of all diseases, poverty, illness, and lack of evolution. The Daemonium use the Doxagram as vectors for the destruction that they cause in the lower worlds. When they wish to kill a person, they will send in a Doxagrad to cause cancer, heart disease, or an infection. Depending on the amount of spiritual and magical force the individual holds, they will be able to use their immune systems in order to fight off the problem. Those with low spiritual resources are most easily attacked and consumed by the Doxagrad. The Doxagrad feed on our suffering as a type of food.

This book will give you a thorough listing of the major entities that cause illness and suffering. It also gives the appropriate invocations, remedies, and energetic treatments necessary to eradicate the entities from the body, aura, and soul. Most of us pick up these entities from the environment, other people, and family members. Most of the time, they do not cause problems, but eventually as the body wears down, they strike and ultimately cause problems.

Doxagrad gives an excellent history of the entities, physical descriptions, and methods for disposing of them. Healers, magicians, shamans, spiritual counselors, and aspirants of many types will want to use this text as a reference manual and resource for treatment. When you know the specific cause of a problem, you can treat it more effectively.

There is no other book like this on the planet.

Dr. Gibson

Price: $1200

*Advanced text orders typically take 1-2 weeks to arrive, as they are ordered on demand*
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The Dark Orders: The Battle For Your Mind

There are two main types of Spiritual Orders in the world. There are Orders devoted to the light work with the Angels and Gods of Light in order to help mankind grow and evolve. There are Orders devoted to darkness and work with the Gods of Darkness and Demons for their own ends and goals. They seek to control the minds of the masses, the monetary systems, and the temporal forces of the world.

The Dark Orders Tablet is designed to teach you about these groups and how to fully defend yourself against them. We release this text at this time because these groups are preparing to make a major move against humanity over the next two years. They plan to begin a depopulation process that is largely fueled by Dark energy fueled by the mass unconscious energy of humanity. They plan to use our minds against us.

The energy of the mind is a highly sought after fuel source. The battle for this energy rages in ways that most people do not understand. This tablet fully outlines the details of the battle for your mind and how you can defend ‘the different levels of your consciousness energy from plunder. Doing nothing leaves you wide open.

We will discuss the names of the Dark Orders, their origins, goals, and modes of operation. The Dark Orders tend to be better organized, better funded, and have a much more rigid hierarchy than the Orders of the Light. Understanding their workings and details of organization can help you see who is really controlling your life.

Fully defending yourself against these Orders is crucial to the survival of this world. If we do nothing, hundreds of millions of people are destined to perish in the coming years.

Price: $2,000.00

*Advanced text orders typically take 3-4 weeks to arrive, as they are ordered on demand.



Do Higher Beings Exist?

There are a number of varieties of higher beings that interact with humans. Contact with light beings, angels, and other immortal creatures are reported by millions of people each year. A religious group called the Gnostics believed that mankind possessed the innate ability to contact the gods directly. They were at one time a very large and powerful movement, but with the advent of the Christian church, their ranks diminished. Direct conscious contact with higher levels of reality is the major founding tenet of the world’s great religions.

If the world assumed that all of the experiences of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Socrates, and many others were mere figments of the imagination, there would be no churches. There would be no Holy books. There would be no temples. The very bedrock and moral fabric of our society would be vastly different. For the most part, modern man has assumed that these experiences have been relegated to the distant halls of antiquity. Our gods are different now. We look at the universe through the eyes of contemporary scientists, politicians, businessmen, athletes, journalists, singers, and writers. They are our new priests. University research facilities, sports arenas, movie theaters, shopping malls, concert halls, and luxury resort complexes have become our new places of worship. Research studies, television newscasts, magazine articles, newspapers, and political spin doctors have dampened our ability to think for ourselves. The numinous experience has been consigned to the ranks of ancient holy men and philosophers. At least, that is what science would have us believe.

According to a recent survey of more than 40,000 people conducted by prominent author and researcher Brad Stieger, a large percentage believed that they had experienced the supernatural. Thirty-seven percent believed that they had seen the form of an entity they can identify only as a Light Being. Thirty-eight percent believed that they had witnessed the physical presence of an angel. According to a Gallup Poll of over one thousand Americans, 41% believed in the physical existence of the Devil. If one extrapolates those numbers to the population at large, we can only assume that millions of American believe in something more than the dogma, hard data, and statistics provided by science. In numbers that defy simple explanation, American are experiencing reality in a manner that more closely parallels the miraculous.

In a survey of 321 people, British psychologist Susan Blackmore reported that 12% of her study group reported out of body experiences. Most of the experiences occurred when the respondents were resting, but not asleep. The respondents were likely to report the experience as lucid dreams, flying dreams, hallucinations, body image distortions, psychic experiences, and mystical experiences. Gertrude Schmeidler, a researcher and emeritus professor at the City College of New York, reported that 12 surveys showed a wide range of Yes answers between 4% and 98% when people were asked whether or not they have ever had an out-of-body experience.

Everyday, millions of people in America, and probably around the world, were experiencing their own personal version of the supernatural. To deny the existence of a higher reality is to deny the possibility of something greater than the mind. The human ego does not handle this possibility very well. We tend to rationalize and explain away that which does not vanish with the evening news. In truth, the higher levels of reality and consciousness are probably just as strong and active today as they were during the time of our ancestors.

Talking about our contemporary experience with these levels of reality, however, is simply not fashionable. Be that as it may, the entities that we call gods and angels from mythology and legend seem to have an uncanny way of sticking around. Let us examine some categories of these entities.

Angels are perhaps the most categorized of all avatars. There exists a hierarchy of angels which seems to transcend the different pantheons. All avatars that are not saints, mortals, or deific incarnations (gods in physical form) are considered angels.

Angels are immortal, eternal beings (although, in principle they can be slain), like the gods, themselves, but created by the gods. Angels are primarily beings of spirit capable of assuming physical form. Various religions have, in fact, commented on the noted similarity between angels and demons. In fact, there is a great deal of similarity, even in terms of mortal descriptions of these beings. Heretical individuals might even go so far as to suggest that the principle difference between demons and angels is that angels are in the service of the gods and demons are not.

Obviously, however, there is much more to it than that. Angels are generally benevolent towards mortals, (at least towards those of their deity’s faith) and most reports indicate that they are beings of great beauty and magnificence. The obvious counter to this is that the angels of the darker gods are not necessarily beautiful, and are certainly every bit as dangerous as any demon. The gods are beings of the higher Worlds that create angels for the purpose of carrying out their will. Many humans have difficulty with this concept, god, Gods, and God.

Angels have been classified by many religions and many sects within religions. An objective classification scheme for angles is much more difficult than with demons. However, most religions will agree in principle to a classification scheme of between seven and nine levels of hierarchy in the angelic structure. Nine often seems to work best to meet the observable hierarchy; however, seven has the benefit of being symmetric to the demonic hierarchy. The names of the hierarchies are still pretty much open to debate.

What is known is that the members of the foremost rank, the Seraphim, are indisputably the most powerful. The individual Seraphim are, in turn, the leaders of the various other ranks of angels and thus also have dual classification in some schemes. Further, it is clear that the Seraphim are nearly as powerful as some of the more major gods, certainly as powerful as the lesser gods. The Seraphim are acknowledged to have taken part in the creation of the multiverse.

If one were to persist in trying to gauge or classify angels in a power level scheme, one might like to compare power levels to those of the demons (strictly in theory, of course). Lower class angels are far more powerful than lower demonic entities. The average angel is far more powerful than the average demon.

While it is extremely difficult to classify angels, it is even more difficult to classify saints. Saint is a generic term used only in this treatise to refer to a divine servant of mortal origin. Saints are unquestionably beings who were once mortal (or quasi-immortal like the Sidhe) and who have, by the grace of their deity, somehow transcended this state. The powers and abilities of such individuals seem to be highly random, and vary from saint to saint. In general, saints are granted their power by the Creator.

Some saints have the ear of their deity, others do not. What exactly their powers and abilities are is highly varied and spans the entire spectrum of existence. In some cases, the sainted being has actually gone on to become a deity in his or her own right. Relationships between saints and angels are not predictable. Saints are no longer mortal in the traditional sense and are usually only partially fulfilled in the process of outer enlightenment. Most saints lack proper training and guidance in the process of fulfilling the entire process. Generally, they move on to the Higher Worlds after passing from their mortal lives.

Once they have incarnated into a Higher World, usually a fifth dimensional world, they are born to Fully Enlightened Parents. Imagine the boost you would have had in your spiritual path to be born to two fully enlightened parents! Some saints choose to return to the mortal world in order to continue their enlightenment process. In this case, they are reborn as partially enlightened beings. Typically, they will try to be reborn into families that are supportive of a path leading to enlightenment. A good majority of them are reborn into Far Eastern families, Tibet, Malaysia, Singapore, India, etc. It is rare for a partially enlightened being to be reborn in the West. The West consistently fails to support the energies necessary for the full completion of the process.

Another form of avatar is the mortal agent. Sometimes, deities will use their followers as instruments of change or action. These individuals are often no more than pawns, but can go on to become very powerful and influential individuals if their deity wills and things work. Otherwise they usually end up as a Blessed Martyr to the Cause.

While some mortal avatars can go on to become saints, it is generally not the preferred way of doing things, because the gods do not usually consult with the mortal in question. The initial contact with the mortal in question is usually telepathic. The mortal is often totally unaware of the contact on the conscious level.

In this way, the deity will usually work with the mortal, preparing his/her mind and body for the task ahead for many years. Sometimes the process may continue for several lifetimes before the mortal is ready. The process is greatly accelerated once the mortal becomes aware of deity’s presence. Once this happens, the deity will typically send the mortal a series of visions and telepathic communications. These actions are designed to train and guide the mortal onto a certain Path. This Path includes the work that the deity has planned for the mortal to complete.

Sometimes the deity will appear to the mortal in a vision or dream state. This type of communication is rare and tends to occur only if the mortal has made himself ready for the contact. Meditation, use of mantra, stones of power, solar exercises, and initiatory spiritual work are often necessary prerequisites. Once the mortal has completed the appointed task(s), the deity will usually reward them in some manner. This may include the granting of wealth, power, social status, wisdom, and even instant enlightenment.

There have been cases where mortals have been granted full enlightenment and immortality through their service to a deity. The process of service may continue for several lifetimes on many worlds before the deity decides that it no longer has use for the mortal. During this process, the mortal is not a slave to the deity.

This is true however only in the case of Sephirotic Entities. The mortal may be assured that in the case of Sephirotic Entities, they will be handsomely rewarded through the agency of their service. At the completion of the mortal’s service, they will tend to incarnate in the realm of the deity as an exalted or fully enlightened being.

The final form of avatar is that of the deific incarnation. In other words, on extremely rare occasions, deities will embody themselves upon the planes of men to enact their plans. These individuals are extremely powerful, as they are gods and are only moderately hampered by physical form. This ‘hands-on approach’ is very rare and generally only used in either very grave situations. When this happens, the body is the result of a spontaneous creation, formed instantly by the deity for the task at hand. The body is self-created and is dissolved back into its constituent parts after its service is complete. During the time that it is incarnate in a physical body, only a tiny fraction of the deity’s power is confined to the form. In no way should one consider that the full essence of the deity ever takes a physical body. It would be far easier for the Sun to inhabit the body of a flea than for a deity to fully inhabit the body of a human.



13 Most Influential and Famous Video Game Designers​

January 10, 20174 min read
The video-game industry is now growing into an important part of our society and became one of the fastest selling media. Most of the game designers, like the designer(s) of Chess are never revealed. At the present time, there are numerous of talented game developers but they are never regarded as who showed a path to other designers. These pioneers shaped the gaming industry that we all love today. The following list only includes those people who revolutionized the gaming industries. Here are the most successful and famous video game designers of all time. Let’s take a look at who made up to the following list.

13. Sandy Petersen​

Sandy Petersen
Image Source: Wikimedia
Sandy Petersen attended the University of California, Berkeley in Zoology field and later he takes interest in video game designing. Primarily, he worked on first person shooting games and then joined Ensemble Studios in 1997. There, he worked as a head designer on many popular games including Age of Empires and The Conquerors. Recently in the mid-2013, his company (Green Eye Games) received a total fund of $1.4 million through Kickstarter campaign.

12. John Romero​

John Romero
Image Source: Twitter
John Romero is a programmer and developer in the gaming world. He is best known as the designer of Doom and Quake and a co-founder of id Software Company. He designed his first game, Scout Search in 1984. He contributed a lot in the first person shooing (FPS) games and popularized them in the 1990s. He was awarded with numerous awards including the Most Influential Person in Social Games in 2011 and Tech Hall of Fame in 2012.

11. Roberta Williams​

Roberta Williams
Image Source: theage

Roberta Williams is a co-founder of a computer gaming developing company, Sierra Entertainment. She is famous in the graphic adventure field and considered as one of the most influential PC game designers of the nineties. She created more than twenty games in her career and took retirement in 1999 and she rarely comes in public events. She was also named one of the iconic figures in the adventure gaming.

10. Markus Persson​

Markus Persson
Image Source: Wikimedia

Markus Persson is a Swedish video game developer. He also founded a gaming company, Mojang in 2010. In September 2014, he left the company after the acquisition of Mojang by Microsoft. He is most famous for creating Minecraft that gained popularity since its launch in 2009. He also created several other games such as Scrolls, 0x10c and also won multiple awards for contributing in the gaming industry.

9. Will Wright​

Will Wright
Image Source: Wikimedia

William Wright is an American designer and a co-founder of Maxis gaming company which is now a part of Electronic Arts. His first game was Raid on Bungeling Bay, launched in 1984 and got the greatest success after being the designer of The Sims gaming series. Later in 2008, he launched Spore that sold more than 400,000 copies. The PC Magazine awarded him the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005. The Entertainment Weekly and Time Magazine also called him the most important person in entertainment and technology world.

8. Ed Boon​

Ed Boon
Image Source: Zimbio

Ed Boon is a famous American programmer who had been involved in creating games since last 15 years. Currently, He works for Warner Bros and best known as the creator of Mortal Combat gaming series. In 2008, he was awarded by Guinness World Records for the longest serving video game voice actor. He also directs Batman gaming series and his next game, Mortal Combat X which will launch in 2015.

7. Sid Meier​

Sid Meier
Image Source: Wikimedia
Sid Meier is a Canadian game designer and popular for creating simulation video games. He began his career with co-founding the MicroProse in 1982. Some of his early games are Silent Service and F-19 Stealth Fighter. His most widely recognized game series is Sid Meier’s Railroad Tycoon. He has won several awards for his contributions to the gaming industry including Top Game Creators of All Time.

6. Gunpei Yokoi​

Gunpei Yokoi
Image Source: Wikia

Gunpei Yokoi was a Japanese video-game designer and producer of many video game franchises. He began his career with Nintendo in 1965 till his death in 1997. He is best known for the creation of the Game Boy, video game controller pad that revolutionized the modern gaming pads. In 2003, the International Game Developers Association commemorates with giving him the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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5. Steve Russell​

Steve Russell
Image Source: Venturebeat

Steve Russell is a computer scientist who worked for the IBM. He is most famous as the creator of Spacewar, one of the earliest video games launched in 1961. This game is recognized as the first game in shooting genre. He also solved several problems in the computer programming. Bill Gates and Paul Allen also learned a few tricks on how to program computers from Steve Russell.

4. Hideo Kojima​

Hideo Kojima
Image Source: Wikimedia

Hideo Kojima is a Japanese video game writer and designer. Currently, he is the director of Kojima Productions and the vice president of Konami Digital Entertainment. He said that the Super Mario Bros game inspired him to become a game designer. Some of his popular games are Metal Gear, Snatcher, Zone of the Enders and Lords of Shadow. He is named one of the innovative and creative video game writers in the industry.

3. Shigeru Miyamoto​

Shigeru Miyamoto
Image Source: Wikimedia

Shigeru Miyamoto is a Japanese video game producer and a general manager of Nintendo. He is widely popular as the developer of some of the best-selling and most influential game of all time. Some of his best-selling franchises are Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Wii series and Donkey Kong. He created games with an early example of 3D gaming platforms. He has been called by different names including the Spielberg of video games and the most important designer of all time.

2. John Carmack​

John Carmack
Image Source: Wikimedia

John Carmack is a co-founder of id Software and the creator of Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein 3D. He is regarded as the inventor of modern games. He is widely known for his inventions in 3D graphics and several other technologies which he used for the first time in his game series. John also serves as the technical officer at Oculus VR, a virtual reality device which is recently acquired by Facebook.

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1. Ralph Baer​

Ralph Baer - Famous Video Game Designers
Image Source: IGN
Ralph Baer was a German-American video game developer. He was also known by The Father of Video Gamesfor his contributions in the late 20th century. He was also considered as the inventor of video games. He invented the world’s first video game console and launched it to the public in 1972. In 2004, he was honored with the National Medal of Technology for his groundbreaking inventions in gaming industry for both the education and entertainment purpose.



Youdu (Chinese: 幽都; pinyin: yōudū) in Chinese mythology is the capital of Hell, or Diyu. Among the various other geographic features believed of Diyu, the capital city has been thought to be named Youdu. It is generally conceived as being similar to a typical Chinese capital city, such as Chang'an, but surrounded with and pervaded with darkness.

"You" (幽) in Chinese means "dark". "Du" (都) means "capital". Thus, Youdu is the Dark Capital (Yang 2005: 236). Among other meanings, You can mean "hidden", "secluded", and is in particular used to indicate the underworld.


Youdu is located under the earth, in the Region of Darkness, also known as Diyu, or the Yellow Springs. The general ruler of this realm is Houtu, but there are many other functionaries which have been believed to inhabit this region, and with the more important individuals being located in Youdu, as the capital city and seat of government.


Youdu has been described in various texts, as well as being depicted in art. Sometimes differences exist according to the religious affiliation of the text, for example whether more Buddhist, folk-oriented, or secular. Being located in the darkness underground is the most common feature. Generally, lighting is provided by torches and candles. Youdu may be the best-lit area of Diyu.


Youdu is the home or official residence of various deities, and also the location of their official offices or palaces. The souls of the dead are their fellow inhabitants and subjects. There are also many subordinate demons which serve to carry out the commands of the judges. Many of these are concerned with punishing or processing the souls of the dead for reincarnation. The sovereign deity is generally considered to be King Yama. Beneath him in rank ten other kings serve as judges of the souls of the dead.


Various creatures also inhabit Youdu, including a creature that can determine truth from falsehood.


Youdu is generally conceived of as similar to a typical historical Chinese capital city, such as Chang'an. Thus, it has a city wall, palaces, a hall of justice, and various residences for the ghosts of the dead. Especially important is the housing for the official records, which allow the various judges to determine proper punishments, or occasionally to allow someone who dies before their officially allotted time has expired to be returned to life. Especially important in this regard are the place of King Yama and the Ten Courts of Justice.


Youdu is a major scene of action in various myths, as well as literary works derived from the myths, legends, or religious descriptions or depictions. In the novel Journey to the West, Sun Wukong visits it repeatedly.



The Temple of the Holy Elders

The Order of the Red Dragon is one of the most powerful spiritual organizations in the universe. It is the main focus of our spiritual power and growth. However, it is not the most powerful spiritual organization on earth. The Temple of the Holy Elders is composed of a group of Elder Cosmic Beings that live in a dimensional continuum that flows between earth and thousands of other domains. The Holy Elders are not human and they do not age and die in the way that humans and gods do. These beings control this domain and they are the entities that all earthly powers answer to, including the Bilderbergers.

They are known by many names, The Secret Chiefs, The Elders, and the The Celestials. They live on several of the sacred mountains of this world. Most people do not know this, but a number of mountains over 20,000 feet tall have never been climbed. In addition, there are local and national sanctions against even trying. Mt. Kailash, Mt. Kawakarpo, Gangkhar Puensum, and Karjiang, and Labuche Kang III are only a few of the peaks that have never been climbed. These peaks are home to the Temple of the Holy Elders.

These mountains are protected by these Holy Celestial Beings. Mt. Kailash is home to five great monasteries and is also held sacred by several great religions of the world. More than four billion humans hold this mountain sacred. The Temple of the Holy Elders is the most power organization on earth, spiritual, political, financial, and temporal. They have held power here for many years.

Their members are not fixed in space-time and they move from one domain to another. They hold trillions of dollars in assets all over the world and everything that happens on this world is under their control. They do not allow the world to fall out of order in either direction of morality, spiritual power, or political power. The Order of the Red Dragon operates independently from the Temple. However, when their resources and power is stretched or threatened by outside forces, they call upon the Temple for support. The Order of the Green Dragon also operates independently of the Temple, but when they seek to expand their operations beyond a certain limit, they must seek the permission of the Temple in order to do so.

The Temple of the Holy Elders watches over the particular growth and evolution of this world. They work with the Orders so that we might have a chance beyond what nature and hard work would provide. They also participate in the creation of the Protocols that influence our growth and development. They work with our Creators in this way.

The Temple of the Holy Elders will introduce you to this most powerful secret organization, their locations, members, and ways in which they can work with you. Using their power, they can expand you greatly.

Remember, there are no limits. Their magic is the strongest on earth. Only the owners of this text will have access to their power.

Michael S. Djanthi

Price: $2,000.00

*Advanced text orders typically take 1-2 weeks to arrive, as they are ordered on demand.



mitchell_gibson_8999 Purity of heart helps you grow faster spiritually. It also accelerates the growth of your gifts. The state of your heart is the first element the gods consider when hearing your prayers.



mitchell_gibson_8999 True spiritual power never comes cheaply.....it cannot be stolen lest you attract the attention of the dark gods.....it cannot be given to those who are not worthy....and it cannot be shared with those who are not ready.....you must earn it....

How do you earn it?

Steady work with a pure heart.



The Order of the Red Dragon

Secrets of the Order​


The Order of the Red Dragon is one of the most powerful spiritual organizations in the universe. It was created to help humanity emerge from the depths of spiritual slavery into full enlightenment. As the Order grew, hundreds of humans learned of its existence and eventually gained entrance into its hallowed halls. Entrance is not easy and those who make the cut, are immortalized for their efforts. Unknown to most, there are back doors that allow ordinary mortals to interface with the Immortals, Gods, and Dragons within the Order.

The Secrets of the Order is a one of a kind book. This work allows mortals to glimpse into the secret world of the Order. The Order is organized into Inner, Outer, and Secret Chambers. However, each of these castings is further divided into Lodges. These Lodges are led by Beings of Great Power who are always on the lookout for humans with potential. Each lodge has its own handshake, sigil, meeting house, and sign of recognition. A human knowing these is never truly alone and may contact the Order in meditation, visions, and in times of dire need, physically. In this work, you will learn how to determine when the Lodges are meeting, what their agenda is, and how to gain permission to participate.

Each potential entrant is screened thoroughly and those with negative or duplicitous intent are barred from even coming close to the chamber doors. Attending a Lodge meeting is an achievement in and of itself. Humans that are allowed entrance are fast tracked toward Order admission.

The Order also has special contacts in the astral world, the dream world, and the physical world that may be utilized with special meditations and glyphs. There are also hidden words of power, solar techniques, and incantations known only to members of the Order. When you possess this book, you will be given a special word that will allow you to communicate with a member of the Inner Order.

Secrets of the Order is a very special book and we encourage all of you to get this if you can. We appreciate your support and this book is sanctioned by the Order.



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