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Master Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson (Djanthi-Thoth)



Archangels of the 4 Elements: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth​


Whitney Hopler
Updated on December 22, 2018

Those who celebrate the existence and power of heavenly angels believe that God assigned four of his archangels to be in charge of the four elements in nature—air, fire, water, and earth. It is believed that these archangels, through their particular skills, can help us direct our energy to create balance in different aspects of our lives. For casual enthusiasts of angel study, these archangels represent a fun way in which to seek guidance in our lives, while for the devoutly religious or for serious New Age practitioners, the archangels are quite real entities that interact with us in tangible ways.

Some believers, for example, believe that the angels converse with us through the various colors of light rayssent from heaven. Whether your level of belief is recreational or literal, these four important archangels serve to represent the four essential earth energies in our lives.

Raphael: Air​

Archangel Raphael represents the element of air in nature. Raphael specializes in helping with healing body, mind, and spirit. Some practical "airy" ways Raphael can help you include: helping you break free from unhealthy burdens that are blocking your progress in life, inspiring you to lift your soul toward God to discover how to live in healthy ways, and empowering you to soar toward accomplishing God's purposes for you.

Michael: Fire​

Archangel Michael represents the element of fire in nature. Michael specializes in helping with truth and courage. Some practical "fiery" ways Michael can help you include: awakening you to pursue spiritual truth, urging you to burn away sins in your life and seek holiness that will purify your soul, and sparking your courage to take the risks God wants you to take to become a stronger person and help make the world a better place.

Gabriel: Water​

Archangel Gabriel represents the flowing element of water in nature. Gabriel specializes in helping with understanding God's messages. Some practical ways Gabriel can help you include: inspiring you to reflect on your thoughts and emotions so you can learn spiritual lessons from them, teaching you how to be more receptive to God's messages (both waking life and dreams), and helping you interpret the meaning of how God is communicating with you.

Uriel: Earth​

Archangel Uriel represents the solid element of earth in nature. Uriel specializes in helping with knowledge and wisdom. Some practical "earthy" ways Uriel can help you include: grounding you in the solid reliability of knowledge and wisdom that comes from God (rather than other sources that are unreliable) and how to bring stability to situations in your life so you can prosper as God intends.




When you have sex with someone, you’re connecting with them physically, emotionally, energetically, and karmically.

You may not be aware of it, but you’re completely opening yourself up to mingle and absorb their patterns, and even the patterns of their ancestors.

Ever dated someone and felt a bit drained by them?

Ever had a one-night stand and felt a bit ‘off’ afterwards?

You’re experiencing the subtle dynamics of relationship (obviously just one perspective of it here).⠀

In our porn-conditioned world, us men often inherit the belief that the more women we sleep with, the more manly we are.

We get stuck in this mindset of pillage and conquer.

This has led to a generation of men who convince themselves they do not feel any emotions, while manipulating women into sleeping with them.

And yes, some women do the same.

I am NOT trying to say that you should be with only one person, wait to have sex until you’ve married them, and all that Disney nonsense.

If that’s what you choose, great.

My point is that it’s important to realize that with each new partner you connect with, the more inner work you may have to do in working out their emotional imbalances and other patterns if they are an unbalanced person.

Use discernment in who you connect with - sex is a sacred connection.

If you can handle taking on the deep emotional issues and ancestral patterns of 3 partners at once, that’s great.

Most people in this world, however, can’t even process their own emotions.

Spend 5 minutes on Facebook and you’ll see what I mean...⠀

Some guys ask me if they should try to follow the path of the Chinese emperor’s who used sexual kung fu practices to have sex with 10 or more concubines per night.

They would have sex with as many young virgin females as possible, to absorb their youthful female essence and keep themselves young.

The reality is that these guys were sexual vampires.

Is this the path you want to walk?

That’s fine, it’s your choice.

I choose a more harmonious exchange.⠀

Sex is always a giving and a taking.

Are you taking more than you are giving? Or do you have something to offer?
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Why are Money and Chaos Linked?​

February 5, 2013 · Mitchell Earl Gibson

The Link Between Wealth and Chaos​

Money is one of the single greatest motivating forces for much of what we do in life. It is true that some of us are not motivated by the acquisition of money or wealth. Some people have more than they will ever need. Some people have no need for wealth. However, that is not true of most people. Most people are taught that getting the right education, securing the right job, and managing your finances properly are the secrets to a prosperous life. That is the real reason that most of us work. That is the real reason that most of us went to college. That is the real reason that most people get up every day and repeat the same routines that our forefathers did before us. In short, we want the security that money brings to life. We want security for our children.

Few of us, however, really stop to consider the effect that bringing all that money into our life will have on the energy of our life.

Money is energy. Think about it for a second. Where is the money that you made last week right now? If you have already received your paycheck, you might quickly say that it’s sitting in a bank account. If so, then the money is sitting in a virtual digital state. That is, you can’t put in into your hands unless you physically go to a bank, withdraw it, and place it in your wallet or purse. Otherwise, the money exists in an electronic state with which you will likely never interact physically. The electronic state is fine for paying bills, writing checks, paying the mortgage, using your debit card etc. Most of us don’t use much cash these days. However, the money that you use is there when you need it physically. Otherwise, it is only energy.

You might then say, “Well, if I took all of my money out of the bank and used only cash, then it is physical.” Consider this, the physical money that you have in your hand is a note, essentially a guarantee to pay debt. It is backed by the energy of the government that issued the note. Without that government’s backing, more energy, the note is worthless. Granted, most governments place considerable energy into backing their notes; but, again, the physical money that you now have in your hand is backed by energy. Without that energy, the note is just paper.

Now, let us take the analysis one step further. Let us use money as one important measure of wealth in general. There are others of course: land, precious metals, commodities, etc.; but for the sake of our discussion, let us stick to cash for the moment. Mankind has been creating wealth for a very long time. Scientists have dated the use of coined money in human society back to 700 B.C. The Electrum stater turtle coin, coined at Aegina island, is one of the first examples of metallic money ever found. Electrum coins were also introduced about 650 B.C. in Lydia.

Have you ever stopped to consider how most of mankind’s wealth has been generated in the world for the last 2000 years? Mankind is a creature of habit. The means by which he has generated wealth tends to be related to a number of habits that we don’t like to think about, but which are, nevertheless, among our prime indulgences. Forget the Fortune 500, forget sports, forget Wall Street. The ways that are most profitable are probably not at the top of your list. Let’s examine them.

5. The Drug Trade

The trade of drugs has existed for as long as drugs have existed. However, the trade of drugs was fully legal until the introduction of drug prohibition. The history of the illegal drug trade is thus closely tied to the history of drug prohibition. In the First Opium War, the United Kingdom forced China to allow British merchants to trade opium with the general population of China. Although illegal by imperial decree, smoking opium had become common in the 1800s due to increasing importation via British merchants. Trading in opium was (as the heroin trade is today) extremely lucrative. As a result of the trade, an estimated two million Chinese people became addicted to the drug.

The British Crown (via the treaties of Nanking and Tianjin) took vast sums of money from the Chinese government in what they referred to as ‘reparations’ for the wars. The illegal drug trade is operated similarly to other underground markets. Various drug cartels specialize in separate processes along the supply chain, often localized to maximize production efficiency, and minimize damage caused by law enforcement. Depending on the profitability of each layer, cartels usually vary in size, consistency, and organization. The chain ranges from low-level street dealers—who may be individual drug users themselves—through street gangs and contractor-like middle men, up to multinational empires that rival governments in size. A UN report stated that the global drug trade generated an estimated $321.6 billion in 2003.

Of course, the estimates largely depend upon the amount of the drug trade that may be reported by authorities. The actual monetary amounts are likely to be far higher. Hundreds of billions of dollars every year are filtered through the drug trade. With this illicit trade comes the energy of an untold number of crimes perpetuated by those who sell the drugs and those who buy the drugs. Each one of those acts creates a pocket of energy that attaches itself to every dollar created in the drug trade.

4. Human Slavery

Human slavery is a form of forced labor in which people are considered to be the property of others. Slaves can be held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase, or birth, and deprived of the right to leave, to refuse to work, or to demand wages. In some societies, it was legal for an owner to kill a slave; in others, it was a crime.

The organization Anti-Slavery International defines slavery as “forced labour.” By this definition, there are approximately 27 million slaves in the world today; more than at any point in history, and more than twice as many as all African slaves brought to the Americas combined.

The International Labour Organization (ILO), however, does not equate forced labor with slavery. According to the ILO, there are an estimated 12 million people around the world still working under coercion in forced labor, slavery, and slavery-like practices.

Most are debt slaves, largely in South Asia, who are under debt bondage incurred by lenders, some for generations.Human trafficking is mostly for prostituting womenand children into the sex trade.It is described as “the largest slave trade in history,” and is the fastest growing criminal industry, set to outgrow drug trafficking. Slavery is one of the oldest professions in the world.

Many of the great civilizations on this planet, including America, depended upon the labor of slaves for centuries. Each and every time that a slave was bought, sold, or forced into unpaid labor, those acts created packets of energy that affected wealth. Since these acts have been ongoing for thousands of years, one can safely say that the energy of slavery has touched a large part of the wealth of this world.

3. The Sex Trade

Sex is one of the oldest and most profitable businesses in the history of the planet. Every day, hundreds of thousands of transactions related to sex and sexual activity take place in the world. Most of this activity is illegal and is never reported. It has been suggested that human sex trafficking is the fastest growing form of contemporary slavery, and is the third largest and fastest growing criminal industry in the world.

“Annually, according to U.S. Government-sponsored research completed in 2006, approximately 800,000 people are trafficked across national borders, which does not include millions trafficked within their own countries. Approximately 80 percent of transnational victims are women and girls and up to 50 percent are minors,” reports the US Department of State in a 2008 study.Due to the illegal and underground nature of sex trafficking, the exact extent of women and children forced into prostitution is unknown.

Children are sold into the global sex trade every year. They are often kidnapped or orphaned, and are sometimes sold by their own families. According to the International Labour Organization, the problem is especially alarming in Thailand, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, and India.

Poverty, social exclusion, and war are at the heart of human trafficking. Some women are hoodwinked into believing promises of a better life, sometimes by people who are known to, and trusted by, them. Traffickers may own legitimate travel agencies, modeling agencies, and employment offices in order to gain women’s trust. Others are simply kidnapped. Once overseas, it is common for their passport to be confiscated by the trafficker, and for them to be warned of the consequences should they attempt to escape. Such consequences include beatings, rape, threats of violence against their families, and death threats. It is common, particularly in Eastern Europe, that should they manage to return to their families, they will only be trafficked once again.

Globally, forced labor generates $31 billion dollars annually, half of it in the industrialized world, and a tenth in transition countries, according to the International Labour Organization in a report on forced labour (“A Global Alliance Against Forced Labour”, ILO, 11 May 2005). Trafficking in people has been facilitated by porous borders and advanced communication technologies. It has become increasingly transnational in scope and highly lucrative within its barbarity.

According to a report by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, the most common destinations for victims of human trafficking are Thailand, Japan, Israel, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Turkey, and the United States. Due to the illicit nature of the business, it is difficult to estimate the true impact of the sex trade on the world’s wealth. Once again, however, each illegal act related to the sex trade creates energy that has an effect on the world’s wealth.​

2. Gambling​

Gambling is one of the oldest known pursuits of mankind. Archeological evidence suggests that even the earliest caveman was a gambler. Dice-like objects made from the ankle bone of a sheep or dog, called Astragali, dating back 40,000 years, have been found. Cave drawings depicting gambling offer further proof of the existence of early gamblers. Pairs of dice have even turned up in the ruins of Pompeii; some of them “loaded” to fall a certain way.

Around 2,300 B.C., the Chinese invented a game of chance using tiles, and 1,100 years later, Greek soldiers amused themselves with dice games, though, in ancient Greece, gambling was illegal. In Egypt, a pair of ivory dice was found in Thebes dating back to 1,500 B.C., and ancient gambling artifacts have been unearthed in China, Japan, India, and Rome.

In ancient Rome, Claudius redesigned his carriage so that he would have more room to throw dice. Caligula confiscated knights’ property to cover his gambling debts, and Roman soldiers gambled for the robes of Christ after his crucifixion. At the height of the Roman Empire, lawmakers decreed that all children were to be taught to gamble and throw dice.

During the 14th century, and in spite of being an inveterate gambler himself, King Henry VIII outlawed gambling when he discovered that his soldiers spent more time gambling than improving their battle skills. When Henry’s wife, Anne Boleyn, and her brother were tried for treason and incest, the odds were 10-to-1 on acquittal.

In the New World, Native Americans, believing that the gods themselves invented games of chance, played dice with plum stones painted white or black. In addition to wagering possessions, Native Americans also played to predict future harvests, and in hopes of curing seriously ill tribal members.

During the Revolutionary War, lotteries bankrolled the Continental Army. Washington himself bought the first ticket for a federal lottery in 1793, sponsored to finance improvements in the District of Columbia, and nearly all state governments sanctioned lotteries. By the 1830s, more than 420 lotteries nationwide offered prizes. Lotteries remained a popular fundraising method throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

Riverboats and frontier towns in the New World emerged, providing new gambling venues, sometimes legal, sometimes not. And one risked much more than a few gold pieces when gambling in the frontier days. Card cheats and conmen were often lynched, denoting the public’s attitude toward professional gamblers, or “sharpers” as they were often known.

In the 1830s, refugee sharpers from the South moved to Cincinnati and opened the nation’s first “Wolf-Traps” or “10 Percent Houses”, named for the house’s cut of the action. Cincinnati was also the birthplace of the “Horse-Hair game”, a method for cheating in cards by which a player, aided by an accomplice’s distractions, manipulated cards and chips by the use of a horse hair attached to a vest button.

After the Civil War, evangelical reform wiped out most of the lotteries. In the 1890s, the flagrant fraud of the nationally marketed Louisiana lottery led Congress to outlaw the remaining games, creating public disdain for lotteries, and in 1910, Nevada made it a felony to operate a gambling game.

Prohibition sent drinking and gambling underground. But it didn’t stay down for long. In the 1930s, restrictions eased up and legalized betting on horse racing became popular. In 1931, Nevada legalized gambling again, and casinos literally sprouted from the sands of the desert. Atlantic City followed suit in 1978 and, since then, other states have legalized various forms of gambling.

Today, when a casino counts money, it often does so by weighing it. The energy of gambling has affected the wealth of this world for thousands of years. Each and every act of gambling issues more of this energy into the world’s money supply.

1. War

War is a constant in human society. War can be seen as a growth of economic competition in a competitive international system. Based on this view, wars begin as a pursuit of markets for natural resources and wealth. While this theory has been applied to many conflicts, such counter arguments become less valid as the increasing mobility of capital and information level the distributions of wealth worldwide, or when considering that it is relative, not absolute, wealth differences that may fuel wars. Once a war has ended, the losing nations are sometimes required to pay war reparations to the victorious nations. In certain cases, land is ceded to the victorious nations. For example, the territory of Alsace-Lorraine has been traded between France and Germany on three different occasions.

Typically speaking, war becomes very intertwined with the economy, and many wars are partially or entirely based on economic reasons, such as the American Civil War. In some cases, war has stimulated a country’s economy (World War II is often credited with bringing America out of the Great Depression), but in many cases, such as the wars of Louis XIV, the Franco-Prussian War, and World War I, warfare serves only to damage the economy of the countries involved. For example, Russia’s involvement in World War I took such a toll on the Russian economy that it almost collapsed, and this greatly contributed to the start of the Russian Revolution of 1917.

One of the starkest illustrations of the effect of war upon economies is the Second World War. The Great Depression of the 1930s ended as nations increased their production of war materials to serve the war effort.The financial cost of World War II is estimated at about U.S.1,944 billion dollars worldwide, making it the most costly war in capital as well as lives.

In the Soviet Union, property damage inflicted by the Axis invasion was estimated at a value of 679 billion rubles. The combined damage consisted of complete or partial destruction of 1,710 cities and towns, 70,000 villages/hamlets, 2,508 church buildings, 31,850 industrial establishments, 40,000 miles of railroad, 4,100 railroad stations, 40,000 hospitals, 84,000 schools, and 43,000 public libraries.

When one examines the economic cost of war, the physical cost must also be examined. War spreads disease and suffering on an untold scale. Every dollar that is spent on war extracts an enormous amount of chaotic energy that affects the wealth of the world.

War, gambling, sex, slavery, and the drug trade dwarf all other wealth-making enterprises on this planet. Unfortunately, each of these endeavors creates a tremendous amount of suffering, pain, and chaos in its wake. This energy then becomes part of every dollar that is created.

Now, let us examine the effect that this energy might have on each of us on a personal level. If you place a bowl of fruit on the counter, the fruit will sit undisturbed for some time. The fruit will last longer, however, if there are no rotten or diseased pieces in the bowl. If you deliberately introduce a rotten piece into the bowl, the rot will spread throughout the bowl and cause the other pieces to spoil more quickly.

This same principle applies to every dollar that you earn. Examine the list of wealth-making enterprises that we outlined earlier. All of these enterprises have tainted the energy of the wealth of this world in a negative way.

In other words, the energy of every dollar that you receive has the stain of drugs, slavery, sex, gambling, and war.

Each and every time we receive money in this world, we also accept a small part of this energy stain into our lives. The energy of chaos, disease, suffering, and pain that is part of the wealth of this world is spread through our contact with wealth. To be sure, one needs money and wealth in order to live and conduct many affairs in our world. This brings us to the first insight:

Regularly giving away a small portion of your wealth helps to prevent the energy of chaos from building up in your life.

One theory regarding the origin of suffering, chaos, and pain in this world is that it enters into our lives through our decisions and actions. The theory simply states that good and constructive actions and decisions bring beneficial results into your life. Destructive acts and decisions theoretically bring destructive energy into your life. Some people call this karma. In this sense, money becomes one of the mediums through which the energy of karma is spread from one person to another.

By holding on to all of the energy that money brings into our lives, we may inadvertently be holding on to the negative karmic energy that comes with it. Mind you, only a small amount of this energy is necessary in order for it to affect your life. Chaotic karmic energy has power. Remember the bowl of fruit. Imagine that your life is the bowl. Now, add a bit of the chaotic force from wealth into that bowl.

Think about it for a moment; what would the energy of war, drugs, or gambling look like if it manifested in your life? Would it become an illness? A car accident? Loss of a job? Family tensions? Chaos in a relationship? Bankruptcy?

Many religions teach that giving away a small portion of your wealth through a process known as tithing is important for spiritual and emotional reasons. However, most religions never fully explain why we should follow this rule. Perhaps one reason that we should consider this principle relates to the first insight. Regularly giving away a small portion of your wealth can help to prevent the buildup of negative chaotic energy in your life.

Remember the bowl of fruit. If you notice a rotting piece of fruit in the bowl and remove it from the others, the rest last longer. The same may be said to be true of our lives. If we regularly give away the energy of chaos, that has the potential to spoil our lives, we can then prevent the good energy in life from being affected by the bad energy.

Some spiritual teachers maintain that by donating 10-15% of your wealth to others, you will clear the energy of your life from the influence of negative forces. They caution that holding on to wealth too tightly causes these forces to build and make us sick. To be fair, there are many people who cannot afford to give that much to others. There are many people who live from one paycheck to the next. What can they do to avoid this energy?

Money is not the only commodity of value that we own. Each of us in our own way possesses something of value that we can share and give to others. For some of us, that might be time. Donating a portion of our time on a regular basis for the benefit of others is one way of giving of your wealth. Working at a shelter, visiting the sick and shut in, or volunteering at a daycare center are all ways that one may share one’s wealth without spending money. Donating a possession or a service is another way of sharing your wealth.

Allowing the negative chaotic energy to be removed from your life also has another unexpected benefit. Nature abhors a vacuum. If one removes negative energy from a system, this leaves room for positive energy to reenter the system. Instead of fighting off disease, chaos, and suffering related to negative energy, the system would then have more time and energy to process the power of blessings. In this way, giving to others is a powerful method of creating blessings in your own life. Image

Dr. Mitchell Gibson is the author of The Enlightened Perspective. He is the
bestselling author of Your Immortal Body of Light, Nine Insights for a Happy and
Successful Life, and The Human Body of Light. Gibson received his
medical degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and completed
his residency training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. More than
3.4 million people have downloaded his YouTube videos and millions of people have visited his website http://www.tybro.com The Enlightened Perspective was launched in late January 2013 and in a few short months has grown to attract almost 200,000 views.




February 5, 2013
There is a documentary called Zeitgeist II: Addendum which states that 97% of the money in circulation in United States is electronic and only 3% is physical currency. It further makes the correlation that we live in a debt economy, whereby interest charged on the money supply is purposed to create economic wage slaves, i.e., working harder and longer to meet debts. What if any are the spiritual ramification that financial indebtedness has on our soul karmically?

February 5, 2013
So what other things can we do with money to help stem this karmic repercussion of chaotic money? Wouldn’t it be wise to create jobs that pay more to employees so that they can avoid the traps of slavery, or create centers that assist the poor and empoverished all the while using money. It’s said that the “love of money” is the root of all evil, then what is the roots opposite? Love alone has to be the opposite and if we treat others with love – again utilizing the energy of money – how would we avoid the Karma associated with the examples you’ve used. I certainly enjoyed reading this information – very enlightening… Thanks for sharing the Enlightened Perspective.

February 5, 2013
Time = money = energy/karma = state of life. If I use my time and money in a wise enough way to plant seeds of harmony instead of chaos in my life, then one day the force of harmony will overtake all the chaotic energy in my life, if not a grand majority of it. The wise use of time and money can yield a successful & enlightened outcome to one’s life.
Thank you Dr. Gibson.

February 5, 2013
Hello Richard, I saw that documentary online but didn’t feel good energy from it when it began so I switched it off. A lot of these types of documentaries are fault finding toward our governments and are theory based and lack solid evidence. Not every politician is corrupt.
Some of these documentaries are made by some very unhappy people. I don’t advocate sticking our heads in the sand but if you watch a lot of these your mental diet becomes an unhealthy one; that’s my experience at least.
I think your question is a good one. I have a credit debt that I’ve been working to pay off, somehow I always delay myself from paying the debt off and find other bills to pay or things to buy, I think this my stubborn karmic spending energy. I’m gonna work with the Usnisa Vijaya Dharani.

micheal boerner
February 6, 2013
First of all I must say this is genius talk. That you must give back part of what you have been blessed with. Its like the salmon going up river to spawn knowing he will DIE. I have had friends who took their ego on a trip of power and reed and I let them go.
the only addendum i would like to add is that of “random tithing”. you dig a ditch and people will fall in it. I do good for someone and then not answer their phone calls. There is a random aspect to evolution and too much control is the power of the devil.
god, it is hard being human
peace be with you



The Pentagon Lifts The Ban on Women in Combat: What are the spiritual implications.?​

January 29, 2013 · Mitchell Earl Gibson

The Pentagon Lifts The Ban on Women in Combat

What are the spiritual implications?​

Last week, U.S. military leaders formally lifted the ban on women serving in combat positions. This is the first time in US history that such a move has been sanctioned by the US military. The Joint Chiefs of Staff unanimously recommended in January to Secretary Leon Panetta that the direct combat exclusion rule be lifted.

The change would open hundreds of thousands of front-line positions and potentially elite commando jobs to women. Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey both approved the change Thursday, and the White House separately said it endorsed the decision.

The historic move recommended by the Joint Chiefs of Staff overturns a 1994 rule banning women from being assigned to smaller ground combat units. In a recent Gallup Poll, nearly three-quarters of Americans say that given the opportunity, they would vote “for” allowing women to serve in combat roles.

Today, more than 350,000 women serve in our military, with some 30,000 in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Current policy now limits where women serve in the Army and Marines. Specifically closed are infantry, armor, and most artillery units, and women cannot be assigned to units whose primary mission is to engage the enemy.

Women in combat is not a new concept. Women have always fought and died in wartime. Women have led men in battle, been prisoners of war, fired advanced military weapons, and operated our most sophisticated systems. They fly combat aircraft and serve on combat ships. Women meet the military’s physical and mental standards, are technically proficient, and are highly trained war fighters and leaders.

Once we accept the fact that women may now place themselves in harm’s way right alongside men, as a matter of US policy, we have to tackle the thorny issue of the spiritual implications of such a move. What are the karmic consequences of such a policy? Two main areas of concern arise when one examines this issue spiritually; karmic justice and the question of evil.

Karmic Justice

1. For thousands of years, women and children have been subjected to the ravages of war. Historically, men have marched off to war and protected their families from invading armies. If the defending forces prevailed, the homeland was saved and life continued unchanged. If the defenses failed, the greatest horrors of war were often leveled against the weakest members of the conquered lands. Women and children have suffered rape, torture, murder, imprisonment, and slavery at the hands of enemy forces ever since mankind conceived the idea of warfare.

Many of those souls reincarnate over time with one goal, to get even with the enemy. This idea may be hidden in the deep recesses of the subconscious, but it still has the power to motivate a person to serve. Reincarnation does not always allow a man to come back to the world as a man. Sometimes, he will return as a woman. But if he is reborn as a woman, his ability to serve has been, with rare exception, mostly relegated to support roles. A reincarnated soldier, whatever his or her sex, is still a soldier at heart. This is not to say that all female soldiers are reincarnated victims of war, but the history of war on this planet is rife with billions of women who have been victimized by war. The sex of a victim does not mitigate their desire to gain retribution. Reincarnation is just one possible avenue for a soul tortured in war to seek justice.

2. The Question of Evil

Women play a unique role in the human race. They are the only members of our race that can birth children. In this unique role, they are solely responsible for the perpetuation of our race. Without women, there would be no human race. However, the role of bringing humans into the role comes with a hidden price. For the most part, society has designated that men plan and perpetuate war on this planet. All the evils and karmic consequences of war have been for the most part, planned by a small number of men. Women do not gather in large numbers and invade other countries. In the human race, this act is carried out largely by men.

If we carry out the approved changes that have been discussed by our military leaders, we will effectively change the karmic patterns of our country forever. The karma of killing large numbers of people in war has been the domain of men. The karmic responsibility of shouldering that burden from one lifetime to another has been carried through the spiritual genes of the more aggressive male side of the human psyche.

To a certain extent, limiting the gene to the male side of the species has provided a type of evolutionary check to the spread of human aggression. In general, the female influence on the race has tended to temper the more aggressive male spiritual tendencies. What happens to the long term emotional stability of the race if women are given the ability to develop this tendency in large numbers? Do we risk becoming a race that is more at risk for perpetuating the ravages of an unstable psyche, with its attendant leanings toward war and other evils?

I am a psychiatrist, a spiritual teacher, and a father of both a son and a daughter. Even though almost three-quarters of the American public would vote for allowing women full access to combat duties, I do not count myself among that majority. I believe that it is a slippery slope that we must avoid if we are to ever evolve beyond the evil of war. At some point we must stop to consider the spiritual implications of this historical change in policy.

It is a mistake to think that a small handful of people can dictate to the masses such a sweeping change in policy. Mass consciousness dictates that we all share at some level in the events that shape our reality. We the people made the decision to place our men and women in harms way in the act of protecting our country.

We elect a small number of people to represent us in government and lead us in the creation of policy, but we are still responsible as a people for the creation of our civilization and its policies. We are responsible for the evolution of our race. If we are to ever grow beyond our baser desires, we must fully examine our tendency to embrace the darker angels of our nature.

Mitchell Earl Gibson

Dr. Mitchell Gibson is the author of The Enlightened Perspective. He is the
bestselling author of Your Immortal Body of Light, Nine Insights for a Happy and
Successful Life, and The Human Body of Light. Gibson received his
medical degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and completed
his residency training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. More than
3.4 million people have downloaded his YouTube videos and millions of people have visited his website http://www.tybro.com The Enlightened Perspective was launched in late January 2013 and in a few short months has grown to attract almost 200,000 views.




January 30, 2013
I am glad you brought this subject up. This question came to me recently from watching many action movies where the theme is revenge, retribution, or justice. These sound like different words that mean the same thing. It’s surprising how many heroes take revenge in newer popular movies and shows like Dexter. Are you saying that seeking retribution is always a negative karmic choice? I would tend to agree and say that forgiveness is the path of light, but always always always? I can agree with that but it seems like a hard line. I also know of people who feel like they should avenge atrocities done to their ancestors – but I suppose they need to do so in a constructive manner.
As you indicated, I agree with many spiritual teachers that there is nothing wrong being a soldier as long as the purpose is defense. Even if your actions end up killing people through combat, as long as it was in defense and in your heart you did not want killing then you are ok. The first step of forgiving others is to forgive oneself.

January 30, 2013
Women should not be on the front lines. My life bearers toting guns? Don’t make sense to me. ijs

DeirDre Ginyard
January 31, 2013
Dr. Gibson, sometimes I feel as if you are walking around in my head. I do not condone women being in combat, for some of the very same reasons, you..so diplomatically express, yet I truly get the Overstanding implicated by your words.
I am deeply concerned…that this act among others, as you mentioned will keep us in a never ending
spiral of the worse of all things, here, on Mother Planet. My other concern is will those who disagree from their hearts, be swept up in the mass consciousness of such madness?
What can an individual do, who is not in agreement with such perpetual darkness, how can an individual approach this, so as not to be added to this cauldron of acid.
A Ganden Member

Amedar Consulting Group
January 31, 2013
You could definitely see your enthusiasm in the paintings you write. The arena hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. Always follow your heart.

January 31, 2013
We can live the highest and most spiritually evolved lives that we know how. It would only take a small number of truly enlightened lives to quell the darkness of mass consciousness.

lista de emails
February 1, 2013
some of your articles are so well written that looks like poetry. congratulations. lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails

February 2, 2013
I really enjoyed your first enlightened perspective Dr.Gibson. If archetypically, men’s logic are based on terms of autonomy, justice, rights, agency, rules, individualism whereas women’s logic tends to be based on terms of relationship, care and responsibility, communion, connections …. how much more imbalance are we bringing into this world with the lifting of the ban…. Who is looking after our children…. when women are taking on the male role? This makes it even more critical to “re-member” who we are, where we have been and why we do the things we do.

February 4, 2013
I am so excited to interact on this new medium you have presented Dr. Gibson. This news has brought with it many questions and concerns. I recall skimming through Carl Jung’s Man and His Symbols a few years ago, Anima and Animus were spoken of and so this could corrupt or bring disharmony between the two forces. My heart feels that there is a higher force pervading all things and this will actually help us acknowledge the strengths of women in our society. Though it is unfortunate that women have to engage in combat just for males to understand their power. Perhaps the shift in power would create a more sensitive and intuitive man? What if this causes a breed of women who are more aggressive in the future and men switch roles to a more passive state? That would be interesting. The roles that the sexes play have changed in the past.
I was thinking the other day how many of us fall prey to “blaming society,” for our own misfortunes, but then a divine thought came in and said, ‘you make the society,” not me alone but each person, collectively, you know what I mean..
It’s hard for me to accept that war still exists in a world that has the technological capability to launch human beings out into space for a number of years, but I suppose those in power have nothing better to do. I love those who serve our countries but is war really necessary in our world today? Dr., I’ve never been able to find one good reason why war should exist. Sometimes I wish I incarnated at a more peaceful time in human evolution.
War is never the answer; prayer always is.
Thank you for sharing Dr. Gibson.

Shirley Hampton
February 6, 2013
Karma can be a scary tool. Since learning more and more about it, I have come to realize how much it plays a role in our lives and answer a lot of the unknown. I have used that word (Karma) several times this week in things that are being revealed to me. It goes along with the biblical saying “you reap what you sow”. I have seen the effects of it. I am in awe!! Thank you for the enlightenment.

February 10, 2013
I learned from Maharishi many years ago that “woman is the top of the creation”, and being a soldier is not part of that, the female energies are meant for finer things in life and important to be so. Thank you Dr. Gibson, very interesting.

March 18, 2013
Interesting question. Let’s look at it from a different perspective. Perhaps with women on the front lines, the bearers of children, we will be less inclined to send our fellow countrymen into every two-bit battle fought over whatever resources or ideology the current administration considers important. Maybe with women in battle, they will teach men not to shoot at everything that moves and then ask questions later. Maybe they will NOT seek retribution or the violent solution in all disputes. Maybe they will help temper the male behavior in battle as they have in most of the other public spaces to which they have been admitted. Maybe with women on the front lines, this may become a more peaceful world. Could that be a possibility?
I am a woman and very much against war, but I despair of men ever deciding, on their own, to stop fighting. When women become four-star generals (which they cannot do if they have not seen combat), then maybe war will not seem so glamorous.



mitchell_gibson_8999 In each lifetime you are given one reason to die, it is the same reason in every life. There is an entity behind this process that hides your immortality from you. When you learn this entities name and the secret to how it uses your will to die against you, you will regain your immortality.

The secret to confronting this entity lies in discovering the essence of what you wish to hide most from the world about yourself.



The next day Serafim asked Sergei to join him for a walk through the snow to a small orchard above the farm. As they walked, Serafim began. “I’ve looked into your situation…your quest…” He paused, then: “You know the scripture, ‘Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.’”

Sergei nodded.

“What gives you the right to play the avenging angel?”

“I have no right at all,” Sergei answered. “Nor can I know if my wife’s soul will rest easier for it. I only know that mine will…”

“So you believe…”

“So I believe.”

“You can’t undo what these men have done—”

“But I might stop them from destroying more lives.” What Sergei left unsaid was that in fulfilling his vow, and perhaps dying in the process, he might find salvation for his soul and join his wife and child in a better place, if such a place existed.

“Is there no way I can dissuade you from this course of action?” Serafim asked.

Sergei shook his head slowly.

The old monk sighed. “All right, then, I’ll take you into the shadows. I’ll give you what you want…so that one day you may want…what I want to give you.”

“What do you want to give me?” Sergei asked.


“There’s only one way I’m going to find peace.”

“Through death.”

“Theirs or mine. Maybe both,” Sergei replied. “And I can’t wait much longer. I need to find them soon—three months, six months, a year at the most.”

Serafim’s eyes again fixed on Sergei. “The timing of events is not for us to say.”

“You believe it may take longer?”

He nodded.

“How much longer?”

Serafim paused. Then he said, In an instant a life may turn around; a heart may open in a moment of grace. But preparing for that moment can take a lifetime… Serafim began to pace as he continued, “Learning can happen quickly. Unlearning takes longer. If you’re willing to start fresh…well, it may be less than ten years—”

“I don’t have years!”

Serafim’s eyes blazed. “You must be an important man to make such demands on God, and supremely wise to know how long things should take…”

As they left the orchard and turned back toward the skete, a chastened Sergei changed the subject: “How many other students have you taught?”

Serafim sighed. “None have learned from me what you seek.”

“Why are you willing to teach me? Isn’t there some sort of initiation?”

“You’ve already been initiated—by Razin and…by your life.”

“What do you really know of my life?”

“I’ve seen enough.”

Sergei shook his head in wonder, still mystified by the old monk. “So you’re going to teach me, just like that, for nothing in return?”

“It would be a mistake to view my instruction as a personal favor, Socrates. I’m not doing it for you; I only serve God’s will. And I do this because…helping you may yet serve a higher good that neither of us has foreseen.”
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Archangel Tiz - Lucifer’s Former Rebellious Archangel General (Canon) Former “War”

Demiurge Archangel Lucifer Prefers “6 Paths Of Buddaos”.
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mitchell_gibson_8999 Invictus Level Dragon Ring Of Power

Invictus Level dragons are billions of years old, or older. They can easily go back and forth between solid matter guises and light body forms. They have learned to avoid war and conflict and exist solely to educate lower races.

This ring has been empowered with the energy of the Invictus Level dragons that Master works with, The Dragon Triplus and The Dragon Biphax. Wearing this ring (on your hand or as a pendant) or holding it in your hand will increase your connection to the powerful creatures.

Working with this ring alone will allow your light body to advance and your own dragon consciousness to expand.

Working with this ring in conjunction with the Dragon Audio Calls and The Complete Dragon Calls book will enhance these practices and increase your life force tremendously.

We have one of these rings that was specially created for our Dalvana jewelry line.




mitchell_gibson_8999 The Dragon Mind Amulet

The Dragons of House Grishuanas are among the oldest and wisest entities in existence. They came to our domain billions of years ago and helped to shape consciousness itself as we know it. They use their vast intelligence and wisdom in order to communicate with higher races on our behalf. Their intelligence is so vast that their very thoughts are spells which may be enacted. They created magic and the essence of supernatural power through their meditations and philosophy. They are able to create tangible reality just by speaking. The Dragons of House Grishuanas call the upper regions of our higher domains home and they regularly interact with the gods, higher elementals, and celestial entities. They are also among the most wealthy of all dragon entities. Their wealth is so vast that The Jade Emperor works with them regularly in order to refill his treasury. Working with these Dragons can help you increase your wealth, intelligence, wisdom and moral fiber to a very high degree.

This amulet has been charged with the power of the Dragons of House Grishuana. Hold the amulet in your right hand or wear it while reciting the call for the House Grishuana. (This will be emailed to the owner). This amulet will expand your dragon mind. As you connect with the amulet, your conscious thoughts will become clearer. You will become more aware of your subconscious thoughts. You will remember more of your higher thoughts and dreams.

We only have one necklace available.

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mitchell_gibson_8999 Dragons love to dance and sing. Often times when they take on human form, they like to frequent nightclubs.

The Dragon Calls Audio Files

Dragon calls are specifically a way for any human to call upon the power of the Dragons. I believe that we all have Dragons who watch over us and follow us. Most of the time these Dragons stay hidden until such time that a human can evolve and recognize their full potential. As such, most humans are sleeping and the Dragons sleep with them waiting for the time to enter into their dreams or even into the physical world around them to guide them and help them toward their highest evolution. We all have a higher evolution that is hidden from us.

The Dragon calls audio files contain the music, pronunciation, and vocal intonations of 35 dragon calls that will be provided on a flash drive. For the first time in history, you will be able to use the same dragon calls that the Ancient Masters used to work with and summon dragon energy.

Note: The Dragon Calls Audio Files are included with the purchase of the Complete Dragon Calls Tablet.




mitchell_gibson_8999 Dragon Chants

When your dragons are comfortable with your singing, and you with theirs (yes, they do sing!), you can progress to impromptu songs that express your emotions, desires, and/or goals. This singing does not have to rhyme; it does not have to be a repeated, specific melody; you do not have to have a beautiful trained voice. You are using the power of universal music-language to deeply communicate with your dragons. They are very understanding about your attempts in this area. After all, some of their singing takes getting used to; some of it is very different from what humans are used to hearing. This type of impromptu singing can be used in coordination with free-form dancing during parts of your rituals. Each dragon has a very distinct, unique song or melody of its own. Subspecies of each family of dragons have similarities in musical tone, but each draconic being has developed its own identity-signature of musical sound. They do not sing for just anyone, so recognize the honor you are being paid if your dragons share their songs with you.



mitchell_gibson_8999 Dragons have an extended range of supernatural powers, changing size or form (most are able to take human shape), fly among the clouds or hide in water, form clouds, turn into water, change color as an ability to blend in with their surroundings as an effective form of camouflage or glow in dark places.

mitchell_gibson_8999 The Dragon Jhrais Altar Piece

The Great Immortal Dragon Jhrais is eternally mated to the Great Dragon ZHan. Together, they have created billions of offspring all over the universe. Jhrais is a powerful mother and protector to her children and all planets that she watches over. She is an important Goddess to thousands of worlds and she can restore life. She is also capable of creating giant wormholes through which she can transport thousands of people at once. She works with her mate on millions of worlds to preserve life and extend the reaches of higher consciousness.

In order to call upon the power of the great Dragon Jhrais, the owner of this statue should speak her name upon the wind on any Saturday at sunrise. She will hear your words on the breeze and come to your aid. She is very friendly and kind toward humans. She does not tolerate cursing in any form. She has a special weakness for helping children. This piece is made of a combination of metals.




The Dark Arts are the most feared and least understood of all the forces that beset mankind. For more than four hundred million years, I have protected the borders between the physical world of Earth and the higher dimensional worlds of shadow. Mankind is an infant race whose ability to protect itself has yet to develop in any meaningful manner. Were it not for the efforts of my kind, humans would find themselves at the mercy of a host of entities who would enslave, consume, and otherwise destroy the entire planet. We are the Servants of Our Creators and our sacred duty involves giving mankind a chance to find its way in the universe.

There is a paucity of literature on the subject of protection and defense against the dark arts. The primary principle of understanding just what the dark arts are and applying the principles of applied thaumaturgy, divine elemental control, the correct use of crystalline herbal potions, defense against nest of consciousness, the use of The Triamterah, understanding the 40 different light and dark elements, and basic high magic principles are all necessary to understanding defense against the dark arts.

This text is designed to help mankind learn the higher principles of defense against the dark arts. This basic text is taught to all of the soldiers among my people who protect and defend the lower worlds. I have written many such texts as primers in order to help defenders in training learn the ways of the warrior.

This is the first time that this text will be made available to humans. Unknown to most humans, this world is in the midst of a subtle-battle of good versus evil also known as Armageddon. This battle is being fought mostly in the subtle-dimension in all the regions of the universe including the Earth region. The fraction of this battle that will play out in the physical plane could have catastrophic consequences for the human race. Tools such as this book have the possibility of reducing the effect of this war on humankind. If only a small fraction of humans undertake the serious practice of learning true protection against the forces of Shadow, the planet may yet be saved.

This book will be published in September 2014.



mitchell_gibson_8999 Magic is a sharing of energy between beings who have power and those who seek it.

In order to receive the power you seek, your thoughts, words, and actions must be found worthy of the transfer.

Know thyself lest you remain weak.


An Oordhvareta Yogi not only converts the semen into Ojas, but checks through his Yogic power, through purity in thought, word and deed, the very formation of semen by the secretary cells of the testes or seeds.


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My Run-In With A Warrior God, Part 1​

By kellylightworker June 18, 2020

Before I start this story, you need to know the backstory. In a nutshell: soon after I was called by the Goddess Guan Yin to serve Her as priestess on 11 January 2018, I was very specifically instructed not to work with the Taoist pantheon. Nothing wrong with Them or with me – just no working together for now, and not unless/until She reversed Her decree.

We took the Goddess’s instruction to heart, and fully obeyed it.

I’ve never really resonated with the Taoist pantheon of Gods, Goddesses, Ascended Masters, and elemental Spirits – I’m not familiar with Them (this is important) – so it didn’t make much of a difference to me.

(And that’s a story for another day.)

It all began, as these run-ins tend to, with a typical day at (Light)work. Yvette*, a long-time client, was discovering an exciting new path in her Spirituality; she wished to begin this new cycle on a clean slate, and I was engaged to assist her.

Part of Yvette’s plan was to devote herself and her family to the Goddess Guan Yin. This required her to participate in a prayer ritual that would formally conclude any previous contracts with other Spirit Guardians. This was Yvette’s freewill choice, and I was happy to help.

The sacred space had been created. The Archangels Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, and Raphael watched over Yvette and me from Their respective stations, standing guard at each corner of the room where we conducted our ritual. From a distance, I saw the pure, glimmering violet-gold-white Light of my principal divinity, Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. Ever the Compassionate One, She was watching over us with Divine Love.

Guan Yin smiled at me; I smiled back.

I love You so much, I said to Her in my spirit.

She smiled back, and replied with one word. Daughter.

My heart flooded with joy.

The ritual was progressing smoothly. I had just finished leading Yvette in a prayer to dissolve all ties with previous Spirit Guardians – when suddenly, I was interrupted.

Being clairvoyant, I can see Spirit. What I saw next stunned me.​

A well-built, crimson-faced figure dressed in green Chinese warrior’s robes charged into the sacred space I had painstakingly created earlier. He literally stormed in, furiously tearing through the protective grids of Light using the sheer force of His own energy fields.

Our eyes met, and locked. A stare-down.

“Stop!” He Shouted.​

I looked to Guan Yin. She was gone. The Archangels stood in complete silence, looking at me. My heart started racing. I didn’t know Who this Spirit was – only that He was powerful, He served the Highest Light, and He was seriously angry.

My mind went blank; I didn’t know what to do except to continue the ritual. My heart sank as I realised that ignoring Him was only going to make Him angrier. He tore up my energy grids with ease; He could hurt me badly.

Thankfully, Yvette had no idea what was going on.

We continued. He shouted at me –

“Who Are You? What Are You Doing?”​

I looked away, hoping desperately that He would leave me alone. I knew I was making a big mistake but didn’t know how to rectify it –


I concluded the prayer –

Roaring in rage, the red-faced Spirit stepped forward. He brandished his weapon, a huge, menacing sabre blade welded to a stout rod…

And sliced right through the left shoulder region of my aura.

It stung like fire – like ice – like poison – like death. Words cannot describe that blow. I’d been attacked by demons, earthbound ghosts, and elemental spirits before, but this was absolutely the worst hit I’d ever taken.

All this happened in seconds. Physically, I sat upright – pale, still, breathless. In Spirit, I was paralysed in pain as He raised his blade for a final strike…

“Brother, Calm Down!”​

It was the voice of Michael.

The four Archangels rushed into the fray and surrounded the red-faced Spirit, slowly but surely escorting Him out of the sacred space as Michael spoke to Him in soothing tones. He replied angrily; this carried on briefly as They continued to escort Him away from Yvette and me.

The Healer Archangel Raphael deliberately stood in front of the red-faced Being and blocked me from His sight. Raphael then turned to me with a wink and a smile, but His eyes were serious: We’ll handle Him. Finish up quickly, please.

They left.

After the prayer, I asked Yvette: “Are you familiar with a red-faced Spirit, by any means…?”

“Oh!” Yvette replied happily. “That was Guan Gong you saw. I should’ve told you earlier that my father invited Guan Gong to be my family’s protector and guardian deity many years ago.”

Ohhh man. I groaned inwardly. Guan Gong, Taoist Warrior God. Protector and principal Deity of police officers in Chinese-speaking Asia (ironically, He is also a favourite Divinity of gangs, triads, and criminal organisations). Known for His fiery temper, loyalty to His people, and prowess in battle. I knew about Him, but couldn’t identify Him because I wasn’t familiar with the Taoist pantheon. And of all the Spirits to offend, I’d gotten in trouble with THIS guy.


(Click HERE for more information on Guan Gong.)

We finished; I left. Yvette was comforted and excited at the prospect of a new journey with the Goddess, and I was happy for her.

I went home, feverish, exhausted, and hurting.

To be continued…

Click HERE for Part 2.

*This is a true story based on my Lightwork experiences. Some details have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved.



My Run-In With A Warrior God, Part 2​

By kellylightworker June 23, 2020

Banner pic credit: South China Morning Post

Click HERE for Part 1.

Click HERE for Part 3.

The next three months were painful. Nothing I did could close up the wound in my aura. It began to impact my left shoulder in the physical realm as well, manifesting as a sharp, pulsing ache at the site of the wound, and reverberating into a chilly numbness down my left arm.

In feverish dreams and bone-weary visions, I could still see Guan Gong, accompanied by a large, green dragon with a sharp, cheeky grin. They were keeping an eye on me for some reason. But They kept Their distance, so I kept mine.

Doctors found no issue with my shoulder, but remarked that I seemed tired. Extra-strength muscle relaxants and painkillers were prescribed, with little or no effect. Sleep was difficult – I would jolt awake in pain whenever I turned to rest on my left.

The dark realm saw my injury, and the demons rejoiced. A Pontianak (click HERE to learn more about the Pontianak) who haunted the colonial-era bungalow I was cleansing screeched in glee, digging into my left shoulder with her talons. Michael had to help me fight her off.

Oddly, my injury became a sort of barometer for paranormal activity: whenever an earthbound spirit or negative energy was nearby, my left shoulder would literally start to hurt like hell. My energy was declining; sometimes it was hard even to breathe. I can’t explain this in any other way except that it felt like my life force was slowly, irretrievably leaving me through the wound.

It was frightening. But I was meant to learn and grow from this lesson.​


You might be wondering why I didn’t talk to the Goddess about this for three months, and chose to suffer in silence instead. The answer is simple: when things like this happen and the Goddess suddenly disappears, I’m being tested.

This is the path of the Priestess. In the process of learning and becoming stronger, wiser, more devoted, and more perfectly aligned with my Goddess, She can (and will) assign me new challenges to make me grow.

Before I could seek an audience with the Goddess regarding this matter, my task was to reflect and take note of what I had learnt. Over those three months, I came to the following conclusions:

  • This entire incident was a misunderstanding. Both Guan Gong and I acted in Yvette’s best interests. Guan Gong was doing His job: fighting to protect the family entrusted to His care. I was doing my job, too, but the fault was entirely mine for not explaining the situation to Guan Gong when He appeared.
  • Archangels and Angels are agents of the Divine. They will not initiate an intervention on Their own accord, unless our lives are in immediate danger and it’s not our time to die yet. Guan Gong was actually being merciful by dealing me a warning strike – Michael stepped in to stop the second blow, which could have been fatal.
  • Guan Gong and His green dragon were still watching me from a distance; I had to do something – probably apologise and make amends – to get closure on this matter.
  • But Who was the green dragon? And why was my wound not healing?
I consulted Shirley, my friend, administrative support, and resident expert on Chinese mythology + culture. “Shirley, was Guan Gong associated with a green dragon?”

“Not that I know of,” Shirley replied. “Dragons were closely linked to the Emperors of ancient China, but Guan Gong was not royalty.” Hmmm.

Finally, I approached the Goddess in prayer and meditation, seeking Her healing (or at least Her advice) on what to do about my injury.

The Goddess bowed Her head slightly, seemingly in thought. For a moment I wondered if She was communing telepathically with Someone… but it was not my place to pry.

I sat quietly and awaited Her instructions.

Blessed Goddess, always loving, ever so wise! Finally, She gazed at me under hooded eyelids, Her gentle smile never wavering.

And She simply said:

“Guan Gong Started This. Let Him Finish It.”​

I nodded and bowed in obedience. As I got up to leave, She added:

“Wear Your Green Dress.”​

To be continued…

Click HERE for Part 3.

*This is a true story based on my Lightwork experiences. Some details have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved.



My Run-In With A Warrior God, Part 3 (End)​

By kellylightworker June 26, 2020

Banner pic credit: Chong Yee Temple Facebook page

Click HERE for Part 1.

Click HERE for Part 2.

Thursday evening. Uncle Lee, temple volunteer and custodian, stood at the threshold of the quiet Taoist temple, watching the rain fall lightly as the sun set.

He checked his watch. 7:25 pm. The temple was closing early tonight. Time to ask its only visitor to leave – a young lady with a bandaged left shoulder, who had walked in earlier to admire its splendid architecture and decor.

Oh, but this was a beautiful temple! Uncle Lee smiled with pride as he gazed at the immense stone dragon pillars, two storeys tall; not to mention the dragon panel, hand-carved by masters out of black marble; all shipped into Singapore from China at great expense. The young lady was very impressed, too, when he pointed them out to her.

“I’m afraid I don’t know much about Taoism,” the young lady remarked as Uncle Lee escorted her to the main entrance. “May I ask Whom this temple is dedicated to?”

“This is a Guan Gong temple!” Uncle Lee beamed. “Pray to Him and He will protect you. You are safe with Guan Gong. He is loyal and righteous, a peerless Warrior!”


In the Spirit realm, there is a purpose and a season to everything that happens. My Goddess Guan Yin had told me to seek an audience with Guan Gong, and I knew exactly where She wanted me to go.

As I rushed home to change into my green dress, I smiled at how the pieces were all fitting together – how I’d felt so strangely drawn to the Taoist temple some weeks earlier, and how surprised I’d been to discover that this temple was the domain of Guan Gong Himself.

Now, here I was.


See the dragon pillars?
Pic credit: Chong Yee Temple Facebook page

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not allowed to work with the Taoist pantheon. So I know next to nothing about Taoist rituals, or the appropriate way to request an audience with a Taoist Divinity. But one thing I know about All Who serve the Highest Light: They always respond to the prayer of a sincere heart.

I stood alone in the sanctuary, closed my eyes and bowed my head, and asked to speak with Guan Gong.

I heard the dragon first. A long, slow swish of a languid serpentine tail. A deep, guttural rumble, like the leisurely purr of a gigantic cat.

Then, Guan Gong spoke.

“Welcome. State Your Purpose.”​

I opened my eyes in Spirit. The dragon was huge – It filled up the entire sanctuary, and was watching me intently. Standing between that enormous dragon’s head and me was the God of War Himself, Guan Gong.

Guan Gong was tall – even taller than I remembered from our first encounter, and dressed in green warrior’s robes. Yet His eyes, though burning with Divine fire, held no anger. He looked stern, but also compassionate, and honourable.

I replied: “I am here to apologise for offending you three months ago. Today, the Goddess sends me to You. She says, what You have started, to let You finish it.”

Guan Gong answered:

“What I Have Promised, I Shall Fulfil.”​

The healing began. Guan Gong placed a hand on my injured shoulder and started chanting quietly in a beautiful Light language. The green dragon majestically arose, shimmering like a rainbow, hovering over us and sending me healing energy.

The dragon looked very pleased with my green dress, and I realised why the Goddess had requested that specific garment. By wearing green, I signalled not only my intention to apologise and receive healing, but also to reconcile.

In the ancient days of China, armies were colour-coded; it was the easiest way to recognise a fellow soldier in the heat of battle. Guan Gong, the green dragon, and I are brothers and sisters in arms, enlisted in the same Divine Army. I may not be working directly with the Taoist pantheon, and perhaps I never will. But we are still serving the Light together.

Though We Are Many, We Are One.​

The healing concluded; I thanked Them profusely and offered incense with gratitude. Guan Gong blessed me as we parted; the green dragon grinned.

I bowed in deep respect, and stepped out of the cool temple sanctuary into the warm afternoon sunshine.

Then I realised: my shoulder wasn’t hurting anymore.


That was many months ago, and since then, my shoulder has been fine. I stopped the painkillers and muscle relaxants that same day. That night, I could sleep on my left. (Once, my left shoulder twinged slightly for a few seconds when an earthbound spirit turned up during a mediumship reading, but the mild ache disappeared just as quickly. And that’s all.)

But Who was the green dragon? Finally, a Google search gave me the answer:

Legend has it that the blacksmith who was tasked to forge a weapon for the great Guan Yu (Guan Gong’s name in His human incarnation) was skilled in the magickal arts. To enhance the lethal prowess of this weapon, he incorporated the soul of a green dragon into the blade. This weapon was named the Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade, or 靑龙偃月刀 (Qīng lóng yǎnyuèdāo).

The green dragon was the weapon that had injured my shoulder all those months ago… and was also the Divine Being that helped to heal me.

Click HERE for more information about the Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade.

That’s the end of my story. Here’s a bonus for you:

Check out this clip collage from the Chinese historical war movie, Red Cliff (2008), featuring Guan Yu with his formidable Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade.

A peerless Warrior, indeed!

*This is a true story based on my Lightwork experiences. Some details have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved.