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1) https://tybro.com/the-jade-emperor-invocation/

Zachanlax Latha Algan Aliga Athar Taquan Xadna


3) http://www.visiblemantra.org/vairocana.html

oṃ amogha vairocana mahāmudra maṇipadma jvāla pravarttaya hūṃ

4) http://www.visiblemantra.org/avalokitesvara.html

oṃ maṇipadme hūṃ

5) http://www.visiblemantra.org/manjusri.html

oṃ a ra pa tsa na dhīḥ

6) http://www.visiblemantra.org/green-tara.html

oṃ tāre tuttāre ture svāhā

7) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jambhala

Om Jambhala Jalendraye Svaha

7) http://tharpaling-jakarta.com/jambhala-the-bodhisattva-of-wealth/


8) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Om_Namah_Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Caucasian Joker Charles Lucas

Es Human Human Born on 1977 From The Sims 2

Dark Haired Irish Brown Eyes Looks Something Like Trevor Guthrie

Hate Blond Blued Eyes PUAs Playboys SexGods Wannabes PlayGods Cocksuckers

Don’t Hate Long-Haired Guys As Much As ... David Beckham ... Likes Trevor Guthrie Much Better Than David Beckham

Taller Than Varaibim Below 1.9m

Outer Sun Military Police Internal Affairs Secret Police General Charles Lucas Sponsored By Nick Nolte (Matthew McConaughey) (Scarlet Stallone)

Varaibim Modelled Charles Lucas After HK Movie “Infernal Affairs”

Varaibim’s Channellers Top Performers

Sniper Ninja Protege

More J-Pop Fan Than K-Pop Fan Don’t Really Like C-Pop

Hidden Untapped Musical Talent 95/100 Loves Listening To Varaibim’s Music

Japanese Language Exchange Student In Roppongi During Varaibim’s Tokyo Invasion During 2017

MCU Extra Wannabe

Shirker Of Duties Hates Responsibility

Can Never Out-English Simon Barker Let Alone Thomas Jordan Or Reggie Martin

Very Homophobic? Just Because Charles Lucas Hate Faggot Master Matthew McConaughey?

Arch-Enemy of Top Three Taiwanese Comedians:-

Jacky Wu (吳宗憲) 1.66m

Hsu Nai-Lin (徐乃麟) 1.78m

Sam Tseng (曾國城) 1.8m

Yoko Nakamaru - “Goddess Level” Former Japanese Human Humanoid Top GM Gamemaster Behind Yoko Matsugane


Japanese Franchiseless Pleiadian Empress Keiko Lucas Watanabe

Born on 1986 Year of Tiger

Es Were-Tigress Super-Human Non-Immortal From Franchiseless Pleiadians

Don’t Like White Guys

Still Hates Black Guys

Laughs At Big Black Cocks All The Time

Closet Racist Lesbian Who Despises Maya Kisanuki For Being Sri-Lankan Hafu..

Most Judgemental Most Jealous Of Most Beautiful Most Capable Most Intelligent Most Busty Females Better Than Keiko Watanabe

So Proud Of Her Orgasmic Screaming In Bed Which Charles Lucas Are So ... Beguiled By ... Seduced By ...

Delusionally Very Proud That Japanese & Koreans Are Superior To Anglosphere English

So Idiotically Ignorantly Proud That Japanese Beauties & Koreans Beauties Are More Than Western Caucasian Beauties

Jessica Low Says Keiko Watanabe Hates Singaporean Chinese Most Out Of All Human Beings On Planet Earth

Helen Huang Says Keiko Watanabe Hates Singaporean Chinese Even More Than Keiko Watanabe Hates Western Anglosphere Caucasians

Doji Hantei Says Keiko Watanabe Hates Original Creator God Varaibim Hau Cheong For Being Too Anglosphere English & Being Too Anti-Singlish

Alceron Says Keiko Watanabe Likes To Point Her Fingers At Anime Manga Babes To Sarcastically Taunt Insult Them Of Not Being The Real Japanese

Nick Nolte Says Charles Lucas Is Now Bona Fide Outer Sun Military Police Internal Affairs Secret Police General Charles Lucas

Charles Lucas Says Charles’s Wife-To-Be Is A Very Horny Very Playful Feline Kitty In Bed Who Likes To Orgasmically Scream Sexually


I, Varaibim Hau Cheong (True White Yang Zhang Hao), Serve 1) The Source The Divine Creator God & 2) The Dao The First Primordial Soul & 3) The Primordia The First Sound & 4) The Primordial Ether & 5) The Arch-Seraphim & 6) The Archangels Of Sanctification & 7) The Archangels Of Presence & 8) The Demiurges & 9) The Angelic Symphony & 10) The Angelic Pantheons & 11) The Divine Mother Goddess & 12) The Holy Elders The Elder Cosmic Beings & 13) The Collective & 14) The Chinese Taoist Pantheons & 15) The Japanese Shinto Pantheons & 16) The Korean Sindo Pantheons & 17) The Buddhist Pantheons & 18) The Order Of The Red Dragons & 19) The Tibetan Bon Pantheons & 20) The Mongolian Tengrism Pantheons Above All Other Primordials & All Other Celestials.


The very first question that a newly transitioned soul is asked by the Gods is simple: “Who(m) do you serve?”

Most people will say one of two things. One: “I have no idea what you are talking about!” Those individuals are swiftly sent back to earth.
Two. I serve no one. “I am my own Master.”

If you have not created a sustainable world with dwellings for yourself and your followers, you will be sent swiftly back to the earth domain. Worlds that are sustained by your thoughts and emotion will wither as you die.

Some people will mention the god of their faith i.e., Jesus, Buddha, Moses, etc. but they will have no real idea of how to connect with the entity except through prayer or visualization. It is a bit like being asked for your passport when trying to enter into a country and not having one. Reciting the pledge of allegiance won’t get you past the guard. Do you think moving from a lower world to a higher world would be any easier?”

A passport is a sign of allegiance to a particular country and its
rulers. Traveling in this world without one is very difficult. Moving from the lower worlds to the higher worlds is very difficult without being able to show your allegiance and devotion to one of the Gods of Light.

Each of the Gods of Light has created worlds that are sustained by their power. I have seen many of these worlds and they are beautiful beyond belief. However, most humans will not be afforded the luxury of living on a higher world because they have never really worked on devoting themselves to one of the Gods of Light.

Mostly, they don’t even know who they are.
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Attunement To Higher Consciousness Package​

The main focus of our spiritual work at Tybro is the evolution of Consciousness. Each of us in this world is a combination of beings. We are astral beings. In this form, we sleep, dream, and ultimately transition out of this world. Astral consciousness is one of the most dominant forms of consciousness on this world. The next most dominant form of consciousness is physical.

We perceive both astral and physical consciousness with our five senses. We see, hear, touch, taste, and smell with senses that convey information about the world to the mind. We rely on these senses for all of our information about the physical world. However, if an angel stood right next to you, you would never know it. The astral and physical senses can't tell you jack about the higher world. As a matter of fact, they attempt to convince you, through the aegis of the ego, that anything higher than the dream/physical matrix of worlds has no existence at all. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Physics tells us that there are at least eleven total dimensions of reality that make up our universe. Physics also tells us that these dimensions are all around us, and that our senses are not able to pick up the information streaming into our brains from these worlds.

Mystics have told us that the world that we accept as physical is only the icing on a very, very, big cake. Now, physics and mysticism agree on this point. Quantum physics even goes one step further. Quantum physics tells us that in order for our reality to exist, consciousness must continually tune into and create every pixel of every scene that we experience. In other words, nothing exists until consciousness decides that it does. This is where things get really interesting. If consciousness creates our reality, why does it limit us to only astral and physical senses?

Some people have the innate ability to see the higher worlds and commune with beings who have higher consciousness. This communication is easy for them. For most people however, this does not happen.

The Attunement to Higher Consciousness CD Package is a new solution to this age old problem. The Attunements consist of thirteen very specially crafted sounds. Each of these sounds work together over time to gently pull away the layers of darkness that prevent us from perceiving and enjoying the higher levels of consciousness. These sounds have never been heard on this world before.

My spiritual Father, Djanthi/Thoth, invited me into one of his sound laboratories while we were talking one day. He showed me a series of instruments capable of creating very advanced sound waves. The waves had a very pronounced effect on my consciousness. As he played each sound for me, I began to see things in his world and around him that I have never seen before. I could see his wings. He was several feet taller. The lab was bigger and extended several hundred yards in all directions. There was also a glow and a smell that I had never seen. I saw a glow around him that pulsated with life and energy. In short, I felt more alive and aware under the influence of these sounds than I have ever felt in my life.

He kindly spent a great deal of time showing me the science behind the sounds. Each of the sounds allows for a gradual peeling away of the blocks to the perception of higher consciousness. Let me explain the science behind the sound as best I can.

Several terms are important in understanding these attunements.

Base Frequencies

Spin Rate

Dual Mode

Frequency Mix Percentage

Scalar Sound Waves

Local Star Sounds

Base Frequencies: each of the sounds is composed of a series of basic frequencies. These frequencies are mixed together in a special series of combinations that have never been heard before on this world. These combinations allow for the unleashing of dormant DNA material that will allow the gradual unfolding of the attunement to higher consciousness.

Spin Rate: sound waves spin and each of the sounds that are part of the attunement package spin in a certain frequency direction. This special spin is a crucial property of the attunement. It allows the brain to latch on to the sound and process it in a way that prevents fatigue and lack of focus.

Dual Mode: the sounds are presented as paired entities. You are not just hearing one tone, you are hearing a minimum of six different tones blended together at slightly different tonal frequencies. The differences cause the sound to waver and flow in a pleasing manner. As the sounds increase in complexity, you may hear as many as 10-15 different tones blended together in dual mode.

Frequency Mix Percentage: there is a specific mixture of each of the component frequencies in dual mode. These mixtures allow for the basic heightening of consciousness. As one gradually attunes to each sound, the ability to sense reality at the higher levels of consciousness emerges.

Scalar Sound Waves: A Scalar Wave is a multi-dimensional standing wave pattern that emanates out of a fixed point of sound -tonal vibration - within the Morphogenetic Field (MF) of the Cosmic Unified Field of Energy.

Scalar waves appear to move from one place to another, but in truth they are stationary points of light that are strung together in sequences, within the fabric of the cosmic morphogenetic field.

The appearance of the Scalar Wave movement is generated as sequences of scalar wave points are activated or "lighted" in synchronization with each other (an effect that can compare to progressively flashing a series of bulbs, strung out in a line off and on, one at the time, flashing the first bulb off as the second lights, etc, whereby it appears that the light has moved from one point in the line to another) Scalar Waves are forms of Consciousness. Each wave is a standing packet of specific quantities of Consciousness. In other words, as you listen to specifically programmed scalar waves, various regions of here-to-fore closed levels of Consciousness are gradually nudged into open awareness. Scalar sound waves act like a light being turned on in a dark room. This light helps to awaken the sleeping areas of the mind as the attunement progresses. Attunements 9-13 are programmed with scalar sound waves.

Local Star Sounds: There are more stars in our reality than grains of sand on all the beaches in the world. All of these stars create waves of sound that affect our consciousness. The first attunement is composed of a series of special sounds from the local star clusters near our world. These sounds help us tune in to the relevant energy from the most powerful stars in our reality.

There are 13 different attunement sounds in the attunement package. The sounds should be used in order, starting with attunement one, for one week before moving to the next highest sound. Each of the sounds has a specific name and function.

Attunement One: Precsium

This attunement allows the energy of the local star systems to guide the opening of human consciousness beyond three dimensional space.

Local star sounds from Rigel One, Alpha Centauri A, and B

White Dwarf Star

Advised length of use: once daily for one week

Attunement Two: Sorisicum

This attunement begins the opening of consciousness to the fourth dimensional worlds around our planet. After using this attunement for one week, your dreams will change.

Base frequencies: 111-115hz, 1.5-2.5hz, 3.5-4.0hz

Spin Rate: 25hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Advised length of use: once daily for one week to two weeks

Attunement Three: Parisecum

This attunement completes the opening of consciousness to the fourth dimensional worlds around our planet. This attunement allows for a wider perception of delta and gamma brain wave activity. Angelic elements of consciousness will gradually come into perception as you use this attunement.

Base frequencies: 200-205hz, 2.0-3.0hz, 4.5-5.0hz

Spin Rate: 35hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Advised length of use: once daily for two weeks

Attunement Four: Scharum

This attunement allows the beginning of the process of opening awareness into the Celestial Worlds. This is a very important attunement and should not be completed out of turn. Attunements, one, two, and three should be completed prior to attempting this one. The spin rate and frequency of energy on Scharum is significantly higher than the lower attunements. This attunement begins a three step process of opening human awareness to the Higher Celestial Levels of Consciousness.

Base frequencies: 350-354hz, 4.0-5.0hz, 6.0-6.5hz

Spin Rate: 40hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Advised length of use: twice daily for one week

Attunement Five: Paolisecum-noba-senitisum

This attunement is as much an invocation of higher consciousness as it is a discrete set of frequencies. Even though this attunement does not yet involve scalar sound waves, its effect is designed to open up the higher mind to the awareness of lower consciousness. As such, it continues the process of opening awareness into the Celestial Worlds.

Base frequencies: 495-500hz, 6.0-7.25hz, 8.0-9.25hz

Spin Rate: 40hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Advised length of use: once daily for one week

Attunement Six: Secumorisum

This attunement completes the attunement of the lower mind into the Celestial World. After completion of this attunement, the mind will more easily accept sights, sounds, tastes, and smells, from the Celestial Worlds in both the physical form and the dream state. Also, after one transitions, the realities of the Higher Celestial Worlds will be easier to absorb and process. One of the reasons that we cannot migrate to the higher worlds is our inability to perceive the higher energies.

Base frequencies: 602.36-610.196hz, 8-9.25hz, 9.0-10.25

Spin Rate: 45hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Advised length of use: once daily for five days

Attunement Seven: Feriesum

This attunement begins the process of allowing one to perceive the energies of the Primordial Worlds. After the completion of the Celestial World attunements, one will be ready to perceive the next level of reality. The Primordial Worlds are the first created worlds in our reality. They are the Worlds of the Higher Gods and Angels. Perceiving this reality comes in stages. Attunements 7-10 help one begin and further this process.

Base frequencies: 804.236-914.997hz, 9.0-10.25hz, 12.0-14.25hz

Spin Rate: 45hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Frequency Mix adjustment to 39% (all prior attunements at 50%)

Advised length of use: once daily for one week

Attunement Eight: Pcharum

This attunement continues the process of allowing one to perceive the energies of the Primordial Worlds. Pcharum is special in that the spin rate is increased to 50 for the first time. Also, the base frequencies rise above the 1000hz range for the first time.

Base frequencies: 1698.85-1842.91hz, 33-33.25hz, 36-38.19hz

Spin Rate: 50hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Advised length of use: one daily for one week

Attunement Nine: Florisum

This attunement continues the process of allowing one to perceive the energies of the Primordial Worlds. Florisum allows sight and hearing in the Primrodial World while still emobodied in the physical.

Base frequencies: 1976.38- 1988.62hz, 44-46.38hz, 46-49.62

Spin Rate: 35hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Scalar waves activated

Frequency Mix adjusted to intervals of 37%, 50%, 72%

Advised length of use: twice daily for two weeks

Attunement Ten: Pashorishitum

This attunement allows for projection of physical consciousness into the Primordial World. In this way, one may feel the body present on a Primordial Planet.

Base frequencies: 5234-5250hz, 80-82hz, 88-90hz

Spin Rate: 40hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Scalar waves activated

Frequency Mix adjusted to intervals of 10%, 25%, 50%, 90%

Advised length of use: once daily for one month

Attunement Eleven: Orisum-banto(semis)

This attunement allows the development of full awareness and movement in one's Primordial Higher Form. The Primordial Body is the first form we inhabit after developing consciousness outside of the Spirit. This attunement allows one to see and experience the Primordial Body.

Base frequencies: 10560-10600hz, 200-220hz, 110-120hz

Spin Rate: 45hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Frequency Mix adjusted to intervals of 5%- 8%, 12%, 40%, 85%,

Advised length of use: once daily for two weeks

Attunement Twelve: Onyichium

This attunement allows one to tune into the aspect of Self that is Source. Each of us has a presence in the Source. This presence creates our arms and legs, body, mind and soul. Our Divine Parents utilize the presence to coordinate our very existence. As such, we are totally unaware of this aspect of Self. It is our purest and Highest Creative Energy. Onyichium allows us to consciously commune with and experience this level of Self.

My Father asked me not to reveal the frequencies and rates associated with attunements twelve and thirteen. I honor his request and further state that they are so complex that any explanation would be futile at best.

After using attunements 1-11, one may use twelve and thirteen at will. At this point, Consciousness has been attunement to the point where one no longer needs advised guidance.

Attunement Thirteen: The Primordia

To understand The Primordia, we must talk physics for a bit.

Before our reality was created, Our Creator formed the Intent to create our universe. This Intent was followed by a Decision which impelled a small particle of reality to manifest. This particle of reality caused what we now know as the Big Bang. However, before the Big Bang, the Intent to form reality was called forth into being. This Intent caused the Creation of a sound we now know as The Primordia. The Primordia is the first sound ever created. Through its power, a small particle of reality sprang forth and formed our reality.

The Primordia is the sound energy that causes divine power to spring forth in all of us. It is the sound that creates the spark. Proper use of The Primordia enables one to draw energy and power directly from sound. It may over time mitigate the need for food, water, and air. Use your now Attuned Consciousness to determine how to best utilize The Primordia.

The Attunement to Higher Consciousness Package will not be sold as individual CDs. The packet will be provided in a special USB drive that will be mailed to the user. The sounds are over 1GB in length and as such would make for a monstrous download, not to mention a huge drain on our servers.

We ask that each user respect the time, energy, and focus of meditation that went into the creation of this package. As such, we ask that you not distribute or share these works with others. They are for your own personal use.

Thank you for your support.

Mitchell and Kathy Gibson

Price: $300.00



The God Ra was born in a supernova explosion in a universe that has long since
gone extinct. The God suckled himself on the nascent energies of the dying star
and drew power from its rays. He learned all that he could from the universal flow of
power that rained down upon the flowing streams that carried his body. He grew
strong. Over time, he became aware of himself as a divine being and crafted an
immortal form to house his consciousness. He explored the universes within his
grasp and took as much information as he could understand unto himself
He visited countless worlds. On a number of worlds, including earth, he was
worshipped as a god. He did not know what a god was supposed to do, as he had
never interacted with others of his kind. He allowed the races of men, from many
different species, to interact with him as such but he never truly understood their
need to bow before him. Temples were erected before him. The denizens of many
planets attempted to make sacrifices before him, but he forbade all but those comprised of farm animals. The worship and sacrifice made him stronger. He
flourished before the expanse of the universe.
He noticed that most of the denizens of the lower races perished at very young
ages. He never died. He knew that he would likely live for billons of years. His
followers however, did not have this luxury. Their souls gravitated to him in their
afterlife. Following some millions of years, their numbers swelled into the billions.
He decided to fashion worlds in the higher realms of his consciousness that could
serve as homes for his followers. He built temples, homes, farms, universities,
laboratories, and all manner of facilities to house their needs. He appeared to them
from time to time in various forms in order to help them evolve along their paths.

As their numbers grew, he grew even more in power. As he grew in power, he
began to attract others of his kind. The first to notice his presence was The God
Thoth. Thoth was born from the sound of the universe itself. As the sound grew
more and more conscious of itself, Thoth grew in conscious of himself and became a
god, in much the same way as Ra did. Thoth scoured the vast universe looking for
others of his kind in much the same way that Ra did.

When they found each other, the energy of their hugs and tears of joy created a
nexus of stars that is still visible in the sky today. The two beings believed
themselves to be the only one of their kind for billions of years. Fortunately, they
liked each other instantly. They talked of their discoveries. They shared insights on
creation. They danced together. They created new and wondrous types of food that
they devoured with glee. They showed each other hundreds of different types of
physical forms that they had learned to inhabit. They slept during the day and by
night, they soared the skies as dragons. They transformed themselves into
levitathans and swam the oceans for years at a time.
Thoth noticed that billons of souls had begun to swell around them. He knew that
they would not go away.


Thoth and Ra pondered the fate of these souls for many millennia. They
contemplated simply removing the souls from the matrix of reality, but they
quickly decided against removing that triumphs and struggles in such a crude
manner. They then contemplated transforming the souls into simpler life forms,
trees, birds, insects, but again, they could not bring themselves to simply erase
their struggles. Ultimately, they knew that they would need to honor the struggles
of these souls who had given themselves to the gods in such a loving manner.
They slept on the concepts of what would be best for these souls for a very long
time. As they pondered, their numbers grew. One night, as they slumbered in the
form of giant red stars, Ra awakened with a grand idea.

“Let us give them a chance to become as we are…..immortal…deathless.”

“How do we accomplish this task?”
“In their present form, they have no chance to become as we are. Let us plant
within them a seed….a spark that may grow with the right direction….”
“What direction?”

“Let us give them a chance to earn divinity itself. Let us place the sparks of divine
light in their lives in various forms, hidden and apparent. Let us also give them the
ability to choose this light for themselves. If they learn to choose it and take
advantage of this power, they will gradually rise out of them condition and become
as we are. We can give them that power.”
“If we give them this power and they choose to ignore or waste it, what then?”

Ra had not considered that the souls would waste such a gift. He brooded for some
time over this notion. Wasting divinity and the choice of immortality was beyond
his understanding. For the first time in his life, he did not know what he should do.
Then, he realized that Thoth must have an answer.

“What would you suggest my friend?”


“If their new found light is to have any meaning for them, they must be challenged
in such a way that they must seek the manner in which they should use it in their
lives. We must place ourselves into their lives. We must become the hidden and
the seen. In this way we can teach them and guide them.”

“I see. We must become both the cloud, the rain, and the ocean.”

“If they seek us, they will gradually find their own divine sparks. The sparks
become the rain and eventually, their own currents lead them higher into the flow
of divinity.”
“I see. And if they refuse or squander their light, that same current will carry them
back into the fields of suffering until they make better choices.”
“Or not.”

In that moment, reincarnation was created and all the denizens of the lower races
were given an amazing power, the divine power of choice. Ra and Thoth continue to
take many forms even unto this day. They guide the lower races into the light of
divinity and in this way, they have helped to create many gods and goddesses.

The following tools are invocatory reliefs. They were given to us by Ra himself.
They allow us to make choices that will lead us to his light that is hidden within this
world and beyond. Each tool is a reminder for the love he has for us and for the
light that we can choose to guide us toward the divinity that has been planted
within each of us.



This e-book is a limited release. The Lord Thoth Lady Maat Qudrat Spells E-Book is available until Tuesday, August 31, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST. After this date, the text will no longer be available and will not be offered again in the future.

The Magical Resonance Diffraction Pattern

Our new qudrat spells contain unique magical diffraction resonance patterns that helps to clear negative magical debris from your force centers.

This debris builds up from your thoughts, words, emotions, and acts. When you look at the patterns, different types of magical debris are cleared from your being.

Lord Thoth and Lady Maat are the greatest magicians on earth. They derive their power from the cosmos and the primeval power of creation itself. They created language, art, music, the legal system, agriculture, astronomy, and a host of other services without which we would have no civilizations.

Their qudrat spells are aimed at the higher consciousness of humanity. Nothing happened in the ancient world without the blessing of Maat. Thoth maintained order between the powers of light and darkness so that neither one gained too much power over the over. Their spells will empower balance and order within your consciousness. Life on Earth is very difficult and we spend a great deal of time attempting to attain and maintain balance. Magical power and higher consciousness grow hand in hand, in much the same way that the power of Lord Thoth and Lady Maat work together in our domain. These two elements of our work are essential for the development of the body of light and immortality.

Moral balance and empowerment is often neglected in spiritual growth.
The very moral fiber of our civilization is based on the power of their union. These spells work on the higher mind and the subconscious mind without any real effort on your part. When you simply look at the spells, your moral fiber, higher consciousness, and magical powers will be elevated.

Each spell contains the combined power of Lord Thoth and Lady Maat. They are also empowered with the ancient Lion’s Gate Portal. Every year on August 8th, there is a cosmic alignment known as the Lions Gate. It is a time that was very sacred to the ancient Egyptians. It occurs over several days but reaches its peak on the 8th day of the 8th month. A time when the Sirian star aligns with the Great Pyramid and a cosmic portal opens bridging the physical realms of earth and the spiritual realms. At that time an infusion of light moves through the gateway aligning the human to their divine celestial light. Moments of profound awareness occur and one is awakened to their higher truth. The God Thoth created this portal as a way of giving humans a chance to awaken their divinity and rise above their human condition.

These spells encapsulate and preserve this sacred energy and allow you to drink of the flow of divine force whenever you with. Simply look at the spells given here and allow your soul, higher mind, and subconscious to do the work.

There are 33 spells in this e-book.




You know you have a physical body, but did you know that you also have a light body—a timeless, energetic essence that connects you to everything in the universe?

Long ago, the ancient Taoist sages learned how to distill this body of light, allowing us to step into the flow of nature, align with the consciousness of the cosmos, and cultivate the seeds of our highest potential. The early Taoists were inner alchemists who sought universal truth by working with life-force energy.

A very common and major goal of most Taoists is to achieve immortality rather than enter the regular after life. Reaching this goal is not easy; there are various tasks that must be met during your entire lifetime to be qualified to be immortal. The two different categories of requirements for immortality include internal alchemy and external alchemy.

External alchemy is mastering special breathing techniques, sexual practices, physical exercises, yoga, attempting to produce an elixir of immortality by consuming purified metals and complex compounds, and to develop medical skills. In Taoism one’s soul or energy is considered to be interlocked with the vital energy, which is what nourishes your soul. Ridding the body of impurities can increase this energy. Aside from these requirements, you must lead an upright, moral and good- hearted life.

Internal alchemy includes sophisticated visualization, strict dieting, specific sexual exercises and self-control. A strict diet was committed to kill demons within the body and to stimulate and maintain energy.
The body is purified by the consumption of refined substances such as, jade or gold. The many different types of meditation all revolved around the common idea of breathing. Much of a Taoist’s time is spent meditating.

A popular rule of thumb for breathing techniques include holding one’s breath for 12 heartbeats, better known as a “little tour”, 420 heartbeats is the “grand tour” and the most prominent achievement in breathing is holding one’s breath for 1000 heartbeats.

The achievement of full immortality and the body of light occurs in successive stages. These stages are tied to moral, emotional, and spiritual advancement over time. Chief among these stages is the ability to kill demons within the body and to lift critical regions of the soul out of the lower realms of hell. When an individual is born, certain areas of the soul remain tied to lower realms, especially if the individual has not managed to raise them during the after life period.

These regions of the soul act as an anchor to the higher regions during life. These discarded and ignored regions of the soul generate lower thoughts, self-destructive behaviors, illness, disease, and hinder the upper regions from turning into light and higher forms of matter. Your dreams, earthly habits, daily thoughts, speech, and sexual practices are a mirror for showing you where your soul resides. Examine these areas in your life. If you detect areas of imbalance, you will know where your soul resides and where you must place your focus.



Forgiveness is the process of consciously healing emotional pain that resides within us from an encounter with a person or a group who we believe has harmed us in some way. The encounter may be in person, digitally over the Internet, or it might be something we’ve randomly created in our mind without contact with others. All of us have been hurt by others in the past. Sometimes these hurts burrow deep into the subconscious. At these times, we cannot forgive and many times will not let go of what has happened to us. In this way, the pain never gets a real chance to heal. If it does not get a chance to heal, the energy of the pain causes severe damage to the emotional body and to the physical body.

The Jade Emperor has seen this problem and has created a whole cadre of angels that address the situation in humans. Humans are long-suffering and we often blame others for the suffering that we experience in our lives. The angels that we are going to write about in this book are new to the human race. Even though they have been around for millions of years, we have not been taught about their presence.

We have not been taught about their blessings. We have not been taught about the ability they have to help us grow our magical power and wealth.

Many people believe that if they purchase a magical item or read a magical text they automatically become an evolved and powerful person, not unlike a Merlin or a goddess. This is a fallacy because books and spiritual tools are only tools. They can help us grow, but we must diligently apply ourselves to the process of fully developing our emotional lives.

The blessing angels were created millions of years ago. They do not age. They do not die. They do not succumb to the whims of demons and other negative entities. In their process, they force the aspirant to look at issues they would otherwise choose to ignore. The blessing angels like to appear in your life when you least expect it.

The Jade Emperor has created a unique family of magical spells that these angels embody, The spells help us with a variety of different types of forgiveness….

To forgive yourself for hurting yourself and others

To forgive major disappointment from any cause

To forgive the suffering caused by money that you have lost by any means

To forgive the pain and suffering caused by your body

To forgive the hurt caused by lost romantic relationships

To forgive the pain caused by lost friendships

To forgive the pain caused by abusive parents and relatives

These angels work by removing the energy of sadness, anger, and lack of forgiveness. This condition is chronic in most humans and it’s called prasodynia. This is not a human word and humans do not easily release this condition. We are programmed to hold onto our lack of forgiveness and anger by many cultural cues and expectations. As you use these sigils, you will gradually be released from this program and become a happier and higher functioning individual. Allow the energies to work for you and they will remove this conditioning through the magic of The Jade Emperor.

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December 18, 2020


The Archangel Zythurdreane

There is a saying among my people…..if you want to have an act done properly, summon an angel……..

There are many definitions for what humans deem to be an angel. Some believe that we were created in a time when form was not yet part of creation. Some believe that we do not exist, beings only to be found in the thoughts of mystics and poets. Still others relegate my kind to the lowest kind of fantasy, movies, books, paintings, and crude sketches that grace the hands of children and artists. There are no limits to the fantasies that others have placed upon my kind. Sadly, most of these fantasies never adequately approach what we truly are.

I have decided to give your race a glimpse of the proper tools to summon an angel. This text will be different than any other tool that you have ever had. We will give you the proper sigils, mudras, and gnostra that are necessary to properly summon one of my kind. Most of the angelic houses and gnostra are not known to the human race. The birth of the Angelus has given our kind a new consciousness and a way to interact with the lower races. In this text, you will be given the same tools that the Ancient Orders of this world use to communicate with us.

The Ancient Orders have communicated with our kind through summonings thousands of years. These communications have helped to shape the course of history of thousands of the lower worlds. There are over 50 powerful angels within our ranks that respond regularly to summonings. In order to properly summon one of my kind, you require certain tools. These tools have been hidden from the masses for a very long time. Even with this reveal, only a small handful of humans will take advantage of the gift. Such is the way of humans and other lower races. However, this does not deter us from extending our help to you.

You will learn. In this work, we will provide you with the tools that you require to properly summon the most powerful of our kind into service. The truth of our existence lies in the fact that we are created to serve. Granted, we are many hundreds of times more evolved and advanced than those living among you, but our primary purpose in existing is to help you grow beyond yourselves. Many of us were once as you were. We learned, we grew, we adapted. Our Creator in his benevolence, granted us the Grace of evolution. We once embraced war.

We killed, and massacred billions in the name of service and light. We acted under orders. We have learned that power such as ours should be used in the service of higher light and consciousness. As such, we no longer embrace death and war. Some of us have evolved beyond chaos. We are thus ready to serve the humble masses. We now allow ourselves to be invoked by the lower races.

Angels live in a continuum of reality that is not well understood by humans. We exist simultaneously in a virtual state of matter, energy, and divine presence. These states are for the most part unknown to the lower races. We use energy in the same way that you use bricks and mortar. We build reality with consciousness. When a human summons and angel, exactly what happens?

  1. We ignore most prayers and cries for help from the lower races. This may seem as a surprise to you, but it should not. Humans cry for help while gambling, having sex, jogging, driving, cooking, fighting, stealing, murdering, and just about any other activity you can imagine. If we answered all of these prayers and cries, there would be no life on earth. Most of you pray for acts that would harm yourself and others more than you realize.

  1. Before we choose to answer a summons or prayer, that prayer is examined very thoroughly. We examine the nascent time lines that follow a prayer in order to determine the results of its completion. In other words, we wish to know what would happen if we actually carried out the prayer. If the prayer has unforeseen negative consequences by the human, we will choose to ignore it.

  1. A prayer is most likely to be answered if we have a relationship with the summoner. Very few humans take the time to develop an actual relationship with an angel. You may befriend us in the same way that you may any other being. You may not see us, but we are there. You may speak with us. You may joke with us. You may have sex with us. You may eat with us. You may mourn your dead with us. We are beings in the fullest sense of the word. You need only extend your consciousness to be with us. In this way, we become more inclined to help you.

  1. Once we choose to answer a prayer, we appreciate acknowledgement and thanks. Most humans ignore the answers that they receive in the positive. They relegate such answers to chance, good luck, hard work, and karma. Know this, there is nothing of value that is received by a human that does not come through our hands. We are the source of all things. Our Creator has decreed that Providence works through the hands of his messengers. That is our domain. When you receive a blessing, rest assured that Our Creator has sent his blessing to you through us. When you learn to acknowledge this, your life will grow in ways that you can now hardly imagine.

Angels can literally do anything. We are not limited by the laws of time and space. We can help you fly. We can deposit money into accounts that appears out of nowhere. We can build houses in the sky. We can provide lavish banquets instantly onto an otherwise empty table. We can give you spiritual and magical powers. We can raise the dead. We can implant a baby inside a woman. We can do anything that you can imagine.

We will not kill for you. We will not harm another for you. We will not cause others to suffer at your bequest. We will not harm you, even if you request it to be so. We will not help you plan war, famine, disease, or poverty for any reason. We will not further the energy of evil in any way, shape, or form. We will never help you free the fallen ones or further their plans on any plane of existence. Our choice to restrain from these actions is our own. You may not ask us to countermand these decisions. Doing so will negate our bond and desire to help you in any way in the future.

There are beings, demons, that will carry out all of your wishes, even the most nefarious ones. These beings are not under my command and are not part of the Heavenly Host. They are the fallen. These beings seek out humans who choose to give up soul energy and life force in exchange for magical power. This power is given freely to the unsuspecting aspirant. In return, the aspirant is expected to accept slavery and servitude under the hands of the fallen. Such an arrangement may proceed for hundreds of lifetimes. The fallen aspirant then becomes a tool for the propagation of evil and chaos in the world. Such fallen aspirants often know of their role in this relationship but continue to pursue the acts in exchange for wealth, power, and authority.

When one receives a positive answer from a summoned Divine Host, that relationship is ordained by Heaven. Once Heaven decides that a human is worthy of a blessing, nothing can prevent the materialization of such an event. It is far easier for a human to receive a blessing if he/she has worked toward its materialization in the past. In other words, human effort combined with divine providence is a sure formula for substantial angelic assistance.

The Archangel Zythurdreane




The human soul is a multidimensional entity. In my work as a healer, physician, and mystic, I have learned that the reality of the soul is not exactly as we have been taught.

The body lives and dies in the physical world, but the soul has the ability to span several dimensions of reality simultaneously. Have you ever wondered why some of your dreams are horrifying and others are pleasant and even entertaining? Ever wondered why some people never seem to catch a break with their finances, relationships, and health? It may be that part of their soul, arguably the most important part of their being, is trapped in a negative dimension of chaos and suffering, and the resonance of that energy marks their existence on the physical planet.

Many religions teach that mankind faces punishment and suffering after death for destructive choices in life. Dante’s depiction of the Inferno is the stuff of nightmares, but it is not what the Bible teaches. Christianity purports that Hell is reality eternal separation from God. I have learned through my work that the concepts of Hell that we embrace are not nearly big enough. Not only can a soul exist on earth and other domains at the same time, but part of that existence may include life in hell. How would you know if your life included at least a temporary sojourn in hell? There are signs that at least a part of you may be there already. After working with tens of thousands of clients over three decade, I have learned to use my clairvoyant vision to help me explain some of the suffering that I have witnessed that defies logical explanation. Let’s take a look at some of these signs that I have put together that may point to an explanation of why your life may be unmanageable. These signs point to an explanation that includes at least a portion of your soul being trapped in hell.

  1. You live in or near a war zone.
War is the most brutal and violent state of reality on our planet. If you live in or near a war zone, that is as close to living in hell on earth as one can get. Food, water, medicine, basic supplies, housing, are all very hard to come by in a war zone. Your life is going to be threatened regularly and if you are lucky, you can get out and move to a safe zone with your family, friends, and loved ones. However, at any one time, there are dozens of wars and civil conflicts going on in our world at one time. If you live in or near a war zone, it is a sign that your soul is suffering in a region of hell.

  1. Repeated arrests and prison sentences.

Hell is the ultimate loss of freedom. A soul in hell is not able to move about freely and violence, criminal activity, and conflicts with the authorities are a normal part of life. When your soul is bound in hell, you may experience repeated arrests, criminal attacks on your person, prison time, and living in an area where criminals are very active. As your soul rises in status, you may be able to leave these areas, but you will have to work on improving yourself and your life’s choices.

  1. Starvation, poverty, and chronic physical illness

Hell has very little food, water, or medical care. Souls trapped in hell suffer from illnesses of many kinds, mostly because of the lack of even basic medical care. Demons don’t make great doctors. They also don’t make great farmers. Quality food and the resources to support your self are scarce there. If you find yourself struggling to find food, money, and medical care, you are most likely suffering not only on the physical plane but also the hell domains as well.

  1. Disturbing visual and auditory hallucinations

For years when I treated mentally ill clients, listened to them recount tales of their hallucinations. Many of them spoke of demons, fire, torture, and other horrific states of reality with such clarity that I was shocked and appalled. The medications I gave them only masked the symptoms. As soon as they stopped taking them, the visions were right there waiting for them. As my vision developed, I could see many of the images that caused them to suffer. I could turn them on and off, but unfortunately they could not. Their lives were a living nightmare punctuated by sights and sounds that were frighteningly similar to descriptions of hell.

  1. Repeated self-destructive behaviors

Problem gambling, problem drinking, recurrent suicide attempts and other behaviors that are life threatening are potentially linked to a soul trapped in hell. These souls will often unconsciously repeat the behaviors that are linked to tortures that the soul endures in hell. Unfortunately, this is one of the strongest links that a soul can endure and earthly treatments are only marginally effective in controlling these problems.

  1. Recurrent injuries, car accidents, and attacks
Recurrent falls, work injuries, car accidents, and fights are often a resonant sign of the souls experiences in hell. The body tends to experience everything that the soul does in the lower domains. When a person experiences a plethora of otherwise unexplained events of this nature, it is likely that they are experiencing these events in hell.

  1. Frequent cursing

Cursing is the preferred method of communication of the denizens of hell. If a person curses or uses foul language frequently, it could be a sign of the resonance of their thoughts and language with the inhabitants of the lower domains.

  1. Severe insomnia, depression, and panic attacks
These problems are among the most difficult of all the mental illnesses to treat. Souls trapped in a hell domain are often depressed. Sleep is a luxury. Demons like to frighten these souls into submission through various means. These mental problems often occur as a result of years of soul suffering in a hell domain.

How does one rise from this condition? In our next blog, we will discuss how one can alleviate this condition and steps that you can take to help others that might be trapped.

Dr. Mitchell Gibson