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Horse racing punters , fans fall in here ...

100% can bet.

24/6/18 kranji
Race1-H10 west north hill
h3 gol goal
H9 sun empire

Race2-H5 our showcase
H12 autumn assault
H2 satellitewarrior

Race3-H5 clarton treasure
H1 heartlight
H6 plato

Race4-H3 sweedish memo
H4 paragon star msian bookie connection
H6 golden thunder
H9 rafale

Race5-H9 southern spur
H12 lim dashing
H5 auspiciuos day
H14 turquoise king

Race6-H1 nova strike
H3 predictor
H5 maximmus

Race7-H10 silent prince
H5 hongchen
H11 oliver

S'pore G1 Giovanni Charity Bowl
H2 jupiter gold
H3 elite invincible
H9 could be pearls
H1 montecristo

Race9-H10 kates keeper
H2 easter mate
H7 magnificent gold

Race10-H2 sand top
H9 absolvido
100% can bet.

Kranji 1/7/18
Race1-H3 superten weak kampong jockey
H6 turquoise sun
H1 dominny
H4 aeolus

Race2-H6 lord of light
H1 grand knight
H2 bejwelled

Race3-H8 dicton
H1 dee de or
H10 yulong xiongba
H2 galzazo

Race4-H11 street wise
H5 lim dream
H7 mr coppola
H12 siam vispari

Race5-H7 hooga net
H2 wira sakti

Race6-H11 wonder era
H1 gold faith
H7 yaya papaya
H10 holy grail

Race7-H5 satellite winner
H2 mr hanks
H6 trigamy
H4 effortless

Race8-H7 costeau
H1 anonymous
H3 julius ceasar
H4 prefereed

Race9-H11 fighting warrior
H1 connilad
H4 red claw
H7 el chapo
This time 100% can bet.

Kranji 6/7/18
Race1-H2 dayuan
H5 west north hill
H11 king of thieves

Race2-H1 conatus g
H2 kiss your song
H5 warrior king

Race3-H7 panache
H8 what a feeling
H4 lord of cloud

Race4-H12 success come true
H7 racing talent
H2 ben gunn

Race5-H10 hephateus
H2 spirit seven
H3 spur me on

Race6-H6 super fortune
H2 aramco
H3 noah

Race8-H3 eastiger
H5 wonderful knight
H11 pacific ocean
H6 really capcable
Punting to win.
2016-06-11 08.30.32_zpsnn6ymfoh.jpg

Kranji 13-7-18
Race1-H3 morales
H8 cavatino
H10 king of thieves

Race2-H7 smooth operator
H10 sun elizabeth
H2 all my eye
H1 introit

Race3-H9 fusion power
H10 racer king
H11 solado
H12 sun princep

Race4-2 magic city
H5 bengal lancer
H9 the capital
H8 nitmiz

Race5 H1 gold faith
H3 turquoise king
H8 axe harbour
H4 roman classic

S'pore G2 Aushorse Golden Horseshoe
H2 lim's lightning
H1 pennywise should fight it out with H2
H8 galvarino
H5 streetwise

Race7-H5 evertrust
H3 the one
H6 danger zone

Race8-H4 super denman
H7 reach for the sun
H12 heavenly hand
H5 board walk
100% can bet.

Kranji 15-7-18

Race1-H10 turf princess
H5 zulu war

Race2-H13 bold thrust
H11 girl next door
H1 evil wesley

Race3-H10 oliver check tote for betting cause blinkers off
H1 bringer of war
H3 xiong fong

Race4-H8 fame star
H2 on parade
H7 shabana

Race5-H3 king speech
H12 taro san
H4 star emperor

Race6-H2 sahaba
H7 peer gynt with a very kalang kabok jockey
H1 red claw
H8 masuaro

Race7-H4 heng kingdom
H6 north knight
H10 vesonto
H8 amazing man

S'pore G1 Emirates Singapore Derby
H4 kingsman
H2 jupiter gold
H3 elite invincible
H17 M gold

Race9-H4 curvature
H7 solaris s
H3 absolute m

Race10-H1 lims archer
H3 capt jaimee
H8 lim dashing

Race11-H1 anoymous
H8 black cat
H2 ancient warrior
Punting to win.


Kranji 5-8-18
Race1-H8 domminy
H7 superten
H5 lucky boy
H6 raptor

Race2-H13 morpeus
H2 mai darko
H1 oreilly star

Race3-H5 miracle wei wei
H7 thomas de lago
H8 without prejucdice
H4 racing talent

Race4-H8 bold thruster
H4 whats new
H10 jupiter dragon

Race5-H1 eagle eye
H3 battle of troy
H10 star empire
H11 lim dsahing

Race6-H1 hunting tower
H4 racer king
H12 king of war

Race7-H3 the capital
H9 solo sun
H5 little master
H1 justice smart

Race8-H3 captain jamie
H4 murrayfield
H8 little big man

Race9-H2 star emperor
H1 lim zoom
H4 solado
i think today not 100%

Kranji 10-8-18
Race1-H10 cavatina
H3 p ferdinand
H9 master banger
H4 rafale

Race2-H4 axel
H11 top knight
H7 naddem sapphire

Race3-H4 foresto
H5 mr mosa
H8 storm trooper
H6 nova classic

Race4-H1 introit
H5 im the boss

Race5-H1 anonymous
H3 anando
H6 freindship
H7 eye guy

Race6-H1 tesoro privado if kampong jockey dont kalang kabok can win
H5 king louis
H11 mr dujardin
H4 solaris spectrum

Race7-H3 captain jamie
H10 terms of ref
H9 star genius
H1 red dawn

Race8-H9 oliver
H4 really can
H10 lims hunter
Punting to win.

Kranji 12-8-18
Race1-H9 gannet
H2 cracking toitie
H6 paragon star
H3 moment of justice

Race2-H4 satellite kingdom
H7 plucky lad
H5 elenor avalon

Race3-H10 phiadas msian bookie connection
H1 ladrone lad
H4 paperbacktrooper

Race5-H10 mr yeoh
H4 darc bounty
H3 good news

Race6-H8 land below the wind
H1 n knight
H5 mr hopskin

Race7-H3 elise j
kampong jockey must not kalang kabok
H11 beautiful
Yulong xiongba
H5 our pinnacle

Race8-H8 makani
H7 golazo
H1 noah from goa

S'pore G3 Jumbo Jet Trophy
H5 clartonsuper
H9 majesctic moment
H6 nova strike
H4 circuit land

Race10-H13 vesonto
H5 plato
H12 murdoch
H10 silent prince
100% can bet


Kranji 19-8-18
Race1-H4 attention
H10 jumping jack
H1 general marshall
H8 paddington

Race2-H9 siam blue vanda
H7 good luck charm
H3 clarton fortune

Race3-H2 glegollan
H4 super six
H1 effortless
H5 fusion power

Race4-H4 lord of light
H5 shredder
H1 silver sky

Race5-H1 anghari
H6 spur me on
H7 venus de milo
H9 destiny knight

Race6-H1 dragon gold
H6 yellow horse
H5 aelous

Race7-H3 autumn assault
H4 desert fox
H9 castle queen
H8 parker

Race8-H8 royal ruler
H14 al green
H1 distintive darci

Race9-H7 enchanted mister
H1 awesome
H5 splinter
H10 the capital
Punting to win.

can bet.png

Kranji 24-8-18
H2 roman classic
Race1-H10 invincible man
H1 gloria eclispe
H6 man of words bookie horse

Race2-H1 boy next door
H6 lincoln moonlight
H11 trpio
H12 caribbean lady

Race3-H1 effortless if jockey dont fall off can win
H9 lim hunter
H7 dash
H10 southern glory

Race4-H2 tuscan artist
H6 mr rockwell
H8 ace habour
H12 elenar

Race5-H7 sateliite kingdom
H3 alasamo express
H8 racing talent
H6 honor

Race6-H8 lord of cloud if jockey dont yaya papaya can win
H1 nowisee
H9 yaya papaya
H2 himalaya dragon

Race7-H8 sahahba
H2 gold faith
H1 gol gol
H10 redoubt

H6 born to be king
H11 silent boss
H2 nova spirit
H12 sacred magic
Punting to win.

can bet.png

Kranji 31-8-18
Race1-H7 master nabger
H2 raptor
H8 high street
H12 top banana

Race2-H1 ground attack put money take money

Race3-H6 masuyabahi
H1 elite beast
H5 billy britain
H2 occulist

Race4-H4 pacific ocean
H6 vensito

Race5 H5 dicton
H8 justice smart
H7 murrayfield
H6 southern spur

Race6-H11 hephaetus
H12 king of thieves
H2 brilliant one
H4 neo claasic

Race8-H4 yulong medal
H6 south dragon
H12 wonderful knight
H1 flak jacket

Race9-H12 flash one
H3 solado
H3 imperium
Punting to win.

Kranji 7-9-18
Race1-H10 evil speedo
H8 mongolian chief
H4 chairman wind

Race2-H1 axel
H6 monte nerom
H7 perinpower

Race3-H10 paragon star msian bookie connection
H1 angel halo
H4 introit

Race4-H8 sanaba
H12 royal pavillion
H1 mai darko

Race6-H1 jupiter gold
H3 elite invincible
H4 viavano

Race7-H3 sacred magic
H4 across the sea
H7 paperback trooper

Race8-H9 darc bounty
H10 sir issac
H11 captain jamie
H1 distintive darci

Race9-H4 clasifed
H6 golden flame msian bookie connection
H5 reach for the sun
100% can bet


Kranji 9-9-18
Race1-H4 invincible
H5 dominny
H6 lucky boy

Race2H6 fire away
H7 golden years
H5 jump jack

Race4-H9 pure spark
H11 mr coppola

Race5-H10 siam blue vanda
H11 revolution

Race8-H7 dussedorf
H2 whats new
H3 basilik
Punting to win.
can bet.png

Kranji 14-9-18
Race2-H10 no fun no gain
H5 silver joy
H9 my boss
H2 mach

Race3-H3 miss dusty
H4 why not
H8 super six
H10 king of war

Race4-H2 lim reinvent
H6 little master
H1 grand knight

Race5-H10 hephateus
H1 brillant one
H3 gannet
H7 powerful as wind

Race6-H10 bold thruster
H4 charger
H7 quarter back

Race7-H4 letitgo
H10 star empire
H8 lord fo cloud
H2 cladia beauty

Race8-H4 clarton treasure
H14 lim lightning
H6 made in china
H5 elise

Race9-H8 silent boss
H10 moon charm
H2 molineux
H6 behop
100% can bet.

Kranji 21-9-18
Race1-H7 satellite kingdom
H9 plucky lad
H4 king zoustar
H2 lims rythmn

Race2-H7 galvarino
H5 caculation

Race3-H8 bitz power
H10 gangnam classic
H1 allergro
H3 sacred tonic

Race4-H10 oliver
H8 oliver
H6 amzing man
H11 spur me on

Race5-H7 cavatina
H10 simpang
H2 lets talk now

Race8-H9 holy grail
H4 p alexander
H7 dusselfdof

Race9-H3 racer king
H4 redoubt
H1 ottawa
H7 golden cow
Punting to win.


Kranji 23-9-18
Race1-H3 star genius
H1 effoetless
H2 gloria eclipse

Race2-H2 boy next door
H1 mach
H15 toosie

Race3-H11 pioneer
H9 frienship
H8 unconqured
H1 kratos

Race4-H10 despachio
H8 good news
H9 bee bee
H5 viano

Race6-H11 captain jamie
H5 curvature
H3 aramco
H6 carruon

S'pore G1 Raffles Cup
H1 debt collector
H4 clarton super
H3 elite excubilar
H5 jupiter gold

Race10-H15 justice smart
H11 viola da terra
H3 anonymous
H9 murrayfield

Race11-H9 the wind
H3 gol gold
H13 smart racer