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Horse racing punters , fans fall in here ...

Singapore Kranji 18-11-18
Race1-H3 super ten
H1 super sonic
H7 oassis olong
H11 simpang

Race2-H1 majestic msian jockey with bookie connection
H7 rockwell
H4 acrobat
H8 silver joy

Race3-H9 p comamndo msian jockey with bookie connection
H8 sattelitte classic bookie owner
H4 pratt st

R4-H8 incredible

Race5-H5 satte warrior bookie owner and jockey
H2 dreamweaver
H3 centurion

Race6-H1 baccarat
H3 ironside
H9 mach
H6 astra

Race7-H2 satte winner bookie and msian jockey

Race8-H4 paparazzi
H7 melting point
H5 good news
100% can bet
can bet.png

Kranji 20-11-18
Race1-H10 rory
H7 thunder cat very very weak indian app
H5 goldencoin msian jockey bookie connection
H1 dayuan

Race2-H11 jewelery
H10 storm to win
H9 runnnminder

Race3-H5 pionneer seven
H2 snip
H8 alaranch
H7 everybody happy

Race4-H12 monte nerone
H3 sacred tonic
H4 mai darko
H1 thegeniousofus

Race5-H2 durjardin
H1 keep spinning
H7 lim rythmn

Race6-H2 lim crusier
H4 zac kasa
H3 aramco

Race7-H4 mystic pride
H7 elite beast
H3 the capital
H12 gold crown

Kranji 23-11-18
Race1-H9 aelous
H8 mongo chief very very weak kampong jockey
H2 love me tender

Race2-H2 geb war

Rave3-H10 oliver
H12 very very old jockey
H6 golden thunder

Race4-H4 el tordi msian jockey with bookie connection
H6 jumping jack
H8 special rain
H9 land below the wind

Race6-H10 king z
H1 battle of troy
H6 star genius

Race7-H4 vocal
H6 jomo
H11 who else

Race8-H3 absolvido
H4 d general msian jockey with bookie connection
H9 mikapo
Punting to win.
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kranji 28-11-18
Race1-H5 inboocca lopo
H4 fighting warrior
H3 star king msian jockey bookie connection

Race2-H2 street party
H1 boy next door
H10 salamance bookie connection

Race3-H5 lim dashing
H6 quartre back
H8 star emperor

Race4-H8 jk formidable
H11 standout
H4 evil bookie connection

Race5-H6 darc bounty
H2 m treasure
H7 good news bookie connection
H5 biraz

Race6-H8 hepahateus msian jockey bookie connection
H3 gannet

Race8-H2 best wishes
H4 life is a gamble with a very very old jockey
H1 clasisfied
Punting to win.

Kranji 2-12-18
Race1-H3 msian jockey bookie connection
H5 hallelujah same as above
H6 larson
H2 wiyout prejuice

Race2-H8 my boss msian jockey with bookie connection
H2 federation
H7 diamond king

Race3-H6 keepitup
H8 lucky master
H5 wild bee

Race4-H12 irving
H10 shagani
H1 ordios l

Race5-H4 supersonic
H1 dayaun
H10 phidas

Race6-H1 let talk now
H4 g conatuas
H6 simpang

Race7-H6 lucky tiger
H1 justice fair
H2 across the sea
H7 bepop

Race8-H3 tun o
H2 pacific ocean
H1 hooga

Race9-H3 mr ex
H5 kirk ryker
H1 heanor menor

Race10-H2 made in russia
H7 awesome
H6 nimble
H11 s tycoon

Race11-H2 helios
H11 storm ryker
H4 montagine
Punting to win

can bet.png

Kranji 7-12-18
Race1-H1 dominny
H2 yulong flying
H4 sonoran

Race2-H6 gratus

Race3-H3 the big easy
H1 super dynasty
H4 fame star
H2 east tiger

Race4-H3 geb warrior
H2 theagen
H1 corsa doro

Race5-H8 endowment
H2 what afeeling
H11 oliver
H12 silver joy

Race6-H2 lim shot
H8 stunning cat
H4 oxbow sun

Race7-H4 host the nation
H6 shaba
H11 pegasus junior

Race8-H7 invincible ryker msian jockey with bookie connection
H6 time lord
H12 golden flame msian connection
H9 awesome

Race9-H11 pioneer seven msian jockey with bookie connection
H2 makeem lad
Punting to win.


Kranji 9-12-18

Race1-H9 aelous
H8 heavenly hand
H10 big regards
H11 venus de milo

Race2-H11 stay the course
H1 catch the teiger
H3 soistheone
H2 gamely

Race3-H6 sattelite king msian jockey with bookie connection
H8 eddie gray
H1 come take all
H5 goodfellas

Race4-H7 larry
H1 pacific ocean
H11 love me

Race5-H7 shababa
H4 black jade
H5 solo sun
H10 majestic empress

Race6-H2 storm ryker
H7 d great command msian jockey with bookie connection
H8 same as a bove
H3 country quack

Race7-H2 blizzard
H13 sir issac
H5 olympian anthem

Race8-H10 evil speedo msian jockey with bookie connection
H11 hero in wind
H12 iron fist
H6 sattelite war msian jockey bookie cnenectoin

S'pore G3 Colonial Cief Stakes
H2 circuit land
H4 nova strike
H8 maximus
H11 sky rocket

Race10-H11 super six
H3 effortless
H8 big elephant
H2 atheletic
Punting to win.


Kranji 11-1-19
Race1-H1pegasus junior
H4 host the nation very weak kampong apprentice
H12 muscle beach
H7 fighting warrior

Race2-H1 gold star
H7 clarton supreme
H3 lincoln moonlight
H2 another show

Race3-H3 decreto bookie connection
H1 ancient warrior
H6 pioneer seven very weak kampong jockey

Race4-H8 neos classic
H12 hephateus

Race5-H7 supersonic
H11 golden coin
H5 hero star

Race6-H1 athelica
H5 centernary diamond
H6 grand knight
H10 oriilely star

Race7-H11 heliosphere
H4 shababa
H8 on electric ave
H1 kirks ryker

Race8-H1 glasgow
H6 thunder dragon
H3 kings speech
H2 super tycoon


Wats the rationale MDA block HKJC web page. Also why Kranji Turf Club stop give results incl the horses dividends or are they planning to convert Kranji Turf Club for Vegetables Farming.
Punting to win.


Kranji 13-1-19
H4 lims pride
Race1-H8 uncle lucky
H6 lucky six
H3 ol mate buzzer

Race2-H5 super smart
H4 river
H1 boy next door
H2 flaunt

Race3-H1 super dynasty very weak kampong jockey
H12 federation
H2 baccarat

Race4-H3 successs drue
H4 doont lookdown
H7 sun empire

Race5-H3 larry
H1 entien very weak jockey

Race6-H1 paparazzi
H8 baffert
H4 mikki joy
H3 yulong

Race7-H10 little master
H1 allegro
H5 lucky tiger
H11 oliver

Race8-H10 elise
H2 wondeful
H9 awesome
H5 moriz

Race9-H3 montagne
H2 n sun
H8 hidden promise
Punting to win.


Kranji 18-1-19
Race1-H5 red claw
H3 yulong shendao
H11 million rd

Race2-H6 gros piton
H3 accumlation
H11 rock me easy
H9 gangnam clasic

Race3-H3 lim reform
H6 no fun no gain
H7 super T
H9 eastiger

Race4-H2 d greatcon
H4 mai darko
H5 military chairman

Race5-H5 paperback trooper
H1 gain eclispe
H2 sacred tonic

Race6-H2 good news
H1 elite power
H9 justice first

Race7-H10 bebee
H11 nepean
H9 kingsman

Race8-H10 quadcopter
H2 born to be king
H6 one kinabalu
100% can bet.


Kranji 25-1-19
Race1-H1 man of words jockey with bookie connection
H8 bring me joy
H4 thoth war
H11 rory

Race2-H2 lim pride
H10 nova classic
H7 dynamic general
H3 basilik

Race3-H1 super dynasty with a much stronger jockey now
H5 plato
H11 gentleman agree
H6 storm trooper

Race4-H2 megacross

Race5-H5 heliosphere
H3 augutus
H7 mr dujardin

Race6-H1 muscle beach
H10 zahir
H11 walters bay

Race7-H8 paparazzi
H10 sir issac
H6 lionrockspirit

Race8-H11 money king
H6 sattelite warrior
H2 super tycoon
H4 don de vega
100% can bet.


Kranji 1-2-19

Race1-H7 keep winning
H8 mongolian chief
H10 crown delight
H11 hepatheus

Race2-H11 super smart bookie connection
H4 diamond king
H2 hugo
H14 winning hobby

Race3-H4 supersurprise
H6 d grat command
H5 uncle lucky
H10 brilliant one

Race4-H3 salamance
H8 favourtism
H1 toosbie

Race5-H5 good koonta
H4 ararat lady
H1 best wishes

Race6-H6 success come tue
H4 plucky lad
H8 satellite star

Race7-H4 time lord
H8 lord of cloud
H5 whats new
H11 glasgow

Race8-H10 pioneer seven
H11 storm ryker
H4 wolf warrior
H2 satellite winner
Punting to win.


Kranji 15-2-19
Race1-H7 honor
H3 evil roadster
H5 high limit
H12 majullah

Race2-H2 tax free
H7 atleantean
H8 easy south easy
H4 fluant

Race3-H10 dreamliner
H6 dreamweaver
H12 supersonic
H7 boy next door

Race4-H1 heartlight
H2 sacred croix
H4 wild bee

Race5-H4 circuit mission
H2 chalaza
H12 yulong edition
H10 our pinacle

Race6-H2 golazo
H4 solo sun
H6 mr dujardin
H7 wonder paint

Race7 H7 saffer
H1 dicton
H8 wecando

Race8-H11 howl
H8 quadcopter
H2 born to be king
100% can bet.


Kranji 17-2-19

Race1-H2 special rain msian dodgy connection
H5 muscle beach
H3 success come true
H10 raffle

Race2-H2 rumderrun
H11 magnum force
H9 ocean crossing

Race3-H5 mo almighty
H1 fame star
H10 winning hobby

Race4-H3 dominic
h7 over the top

Race5-H9 autumn assualt
H7 lim dashing
H4 longhu
H8 king of war

Race6-H5 bangkok boy
H4 hidden promise
H6 larry

Race7-H6 zac
H9 bee bee
H5 super fortune

Race9-H10 gingrella
H8 on electric ave
H9 ginger
H3 m conqueror msian bookie connection
Punting to win.


Kranji 22-2-19
Race1-h1 evil wesley
H8 invincible man
H7 calrton star
H10 lucky boy

Race2-H14 bushido
H11 stay the course
H1 acrobat

Race4-H6 colour paint
H7 golden win
H2 run the day
H12 rapid fire

Race5-H11 million round
H1 clarton palace
H6 pioneer step
H10 shani

Race6-H10 star emperor
H14 elise
H5 red dawn
H3 saffer

Race7-H13 yulong fast steed
H5 good news
H7 iornside
H9 charger

Race8-H2 lims mighty
H5 bacarrat
H3 lims pride
Punting to win.

Kranji 1-3-19
Race1-H4 ichigoichi
H5 lucky enough
H13 aelous

Race2-H2 galvarino
H3 hugo
H9 lim's craft
H6 california

Race3-H10 super talent msian bookie connection
H7 kinabalu
H1 salvador
H2 lim reform

Race4-H3 plucky lad
H9 red riding hood
H6 the one
H2 holy grail

Race5-H7 host the nation
H4 uncle lucky
H8 lucky master
H1 storm ryker

Race6-H12 hepatheus
H6 perrect girl
H5 tiger force

Race7-H5 sun marshall
H8 super dynasty
H6 black jade
H9 glasgow

Race8-H5 grand koonta
Punting to win.

kranji 8-3-19
Race1-H10 evil msian bookie connection
H9 success cum true
H7 special rain
H3 my miracle

Race2-H3 happy
H9 opt star
H1 king

Race3-H3 tirgamy
H6 taichi
H5 pegasus
H9 first light

Race4-H3 mikki joy
H5 lion rock
H9 murrayfield
H7 dicton

Race5-H2 lucky boy
H4 heaven
H10 ultimate killer

Race6-H8 crown delight
H11 neos classic
H5 danger zone
H10 ma cai

Race7-H1 boy wonder
H10 our pinacle
H6 quarter back

Race8-H2 clarton treasure with a very very very very old jockey on top
H9 smooth operator
H4 silent partner
H7 born to be king
Punting to win.

Kranji 15-3-19
Race1-H4 r ranger
H7 yulong flying
H10 miracle wei
H1 s glory

Race2-H6 the jeweller
H12 in the black
H4 my boss
H2 salamence msian connection

Race3-H4 dreamweaver
H1 star empire
H2 s wind
H3 fire away

Race4-H5 purple rain
H11 penny
H6 lim perish
H1 silver joy

Race5-H5 super six
H2 s winner
H1 ottawa

Race6-H11 larry
H13 tun mahattir
H1 lim pride
H2 m kingdom

Race7-H7 fame star
H4 good news
H8 arart lady

Race8-H9 despacio
H11 lim dashing
H8 bengal dancer
H1 guilty pleasure