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Horse racing punters , fans fall in here ...

Punting to win.


Kranji 25-9-18
Race1-H6 supersonic s
H7 joyous
H3 yulong xiong ba
H1 sacred magic

Race2-H4 pacicfic o
H1 kokoni
H8 moment of hustice
H14 destiny knight

Race3-H1 mr y
H3 awesome
H5 imperium
H8 chocanye

Race4-H9 saffer
H2 solaris s
H8 lim k
H6 mortz e

Race5-H5 eagle eye
H8 magic knight
H12 mr durjdin

Race6-H8 reach for the sun
H5 iffrajj
H7 mikapo

Race7 H5 host the nation
H10 neos clasic
H7 taichi belt
H6 swedish memo
Punting to win.
thumbnail (1).jpg

Kranji 28-9-18
Race1-H3 phidas
H7 lucky boy
H10 simpang
H6 dominny

Race2-H12 street party
H5 jupiter dragon
H2 majestic
H1 cant diamond

Race3-H10 royal fortune
H5 taro san
H1 lonhro gold
H2 super hero

Race4-H6 love me tender
H3 mai darko
H2 cash is king

Race5-H3 pure spark
H11 the big easy
H4 thomas
H2 ground attack

Race6-H2 gannet
H6 silent arrow
H7 evertrust
H1 anhari

Race7-H3 oculist
H7 alamak
H11 paragon star
H1 lucky hada

Race8-H8 satellite warrior
H5 attention
H7 millinium rule
H2 smooth oprator
100% can win today.

can bet.png

Race1-H6 master bang
H8 hees forte
H3 super ten
H4 lucky boy with a donkey jockey

Race2-H5-silver joy if kampong jockey dont panic can win
H10 carribean lady
H9 tropio

Race3-H1 sun general
H7 brillant one
H2 matsubayshi
H8 pegasus junior

Race4-H1 pennsylavania
H11 bullnrun
H3 sacred tonic

Race5-H5 the one
H7 mongo chief
H6 genral conatus
H3 dragon

Race6-H3 centurion
H10-super win

Race7-H2 sahaba
H7 eddie gray
H12 stardice
H3 stormtroop

Race8-H1 big man
H9 hunting tower
H8 heartlight
H5 ladrone
Punting to win.

kranji 7-10-18
Race1-H4 in boca al lupo
H7 jumping jack
H1 fighting warrior
H6 south glory

Race2-H2 my big boss
H3 axcel
H7 masetro
H10 zaraat lady

Race4-H3 roman classic
H9 vesonito
H10 spur me on

Race5-H1 sun empire
H5 sugarjazz
H9 queenie
H10 king of thieves

Race8-H5 lims revent
H8 whats new
H11 yaya papaya
H7 redot rising

Race9-H8 zac kasa
H12 battle of troy
H11 red dawn

Race10-H4 calculate your winnings
H6 super six
H5 star genius
100% can bet.


Kranji 14-10-18
Race1-H5 tachi belt
H2 nothtern knight
H3 ferocious

Race2-H5 golden years
H1 another show
H9 storm to win
H7 present

Race3-H3 sun general
H2 storm ryker
H1 angel halo

Race4-H12 shaggy
H5 sahaba
H6 love me tender
H2 accumulation

Race5-H11 hepahteus bookie connection
H4 neos calssic
H3 evil speedo

Race6-Lim dash
H2 classified
H9 super emperor
H5 racer king

Race7-H2 really
H4 paperback trooper
H1 turf beauty

Race8-H2 captain james
H8 friendship
H5 key success

Race9-H11 lord of cloud
H10 galleileo
H4 penny wise

Race10-H1 green star
H7 fusion power
H8 black quail
Punting to win.

Kranji 19-10-18
Race1-H9 phidas
H3 fighting warrior
H2 racing talent
H10 silent arrow

Race2-H8 jomo
H6 incredible
H5 hero king
H10 sacred croix

Race3-H10 royal fortune
H2 pacific ocean
H9 p ferdinand
H4 honor

Race5-H3 mighty conqueror jockey and owner bookie connection
H12 sattelite winner bookie horse
H8 charger

H7 fire away

Race7-H6 zac kasa
H11 paparazi
H8 eagle eye

Race8-H11 nationality
H3 fillibuster
H4 himalaya dragon
H1 julius ceasar
100% can win.

Kranji 21-10-18
Race1-H2 wild bee
H3 dream weaver
H4 everyone dream

Race2-H2 nadeem sapphire
H3 monte nerone
H5 giant killing

Race3-H3 centernary diamond
H7 storm trooper

Race5-H12 dicton
H7 king louis
H8 mighty kenny
H2 makani

S'pore G3 Garden City Trophy
H3 mister yeoh
H5 aramco
H2 bebe

Race8-H8 chocante
H5 saffeer
H10 made in china
H14 super dynasty

S'pore G1 QE II Cup
H1 debt collector
H4 jupiter gold
H12 mr speilberg
100% can bet.

Kranji 26-10-18
Race1-H11 ganam classic
H12 rory
H4 kubera chief

Race2-H11 my boos msian jockey with bookie connection
H7 excellent moon
H4 toosbies
H6 silver joy

Race3-H8 g thunder
H10 oliver
H5 really capable

Race4-H7 lim pride
H3 heart of courage
H1 mai darko

Race5-H4 best wishes
H2 nimble
H6 why not
H3 super hero

Race6-H2 ayutthaya
H9 tavito
H6 itoldyouso

Race7-H4 satellite warrior msian jockey with bookie connection
H2 eddie gray

Race8-H1 battle of troy
H6 the wind
H9 dynamic general msian jockey with bookie connection
H10 red claw

Race9-H3 golden flame msian jockey with bookie connection
H6 the golden goat
H1 rusty brown
H2 sun arces
Punting to win

Kranji 2-11-18
Race1-H2 hee forte
H4 lets talk now
H5 master banger
H3 evertrust

Race2-H5 she the one msia jockey with msian bookie owned horse
H1 avengers hero
H4 fighting warrior msian jockey with bookie connection
H7 galaxy express

Race3-H12 siam vespa
H5 astra
H10 no fun no gain

Race4-H2 lims regard
H4 kirk ryker
H7 melting point
H11 our pinacle

Race5-H1 jumping jack
H3 in booca al lupo

Race6-H6 super six
H3 lims blast

Race7-H1 adando
H12 astro jet
H4 prince pegasus
H5 enchanted mister
Punting to win.


Kranji 4-11-18
Race1-H5 pacific ocean
H8 kate keeper
H10 pioneer step msian jockey bookie connection
H6 tun o reiily

Race2-H4 acrobat
H11 caribean lady
H2 fight to victory

Race3-H12 woner era
H8 amaing man
H4 keeep itup
H1 sun general

Race4-H12 shagani
H2 houseboat harry
H8 gold company
H10 iron fist

Race6-H2 axel
H7 thomas de lago
H6 satelite kingdom
H5 looks good

Race8-H12 silent prince
H8 yaya papaya
H10 mr dujardin
H4 redot rising

Race9-H3 pennywise
H10 richbourg
H6 sun pricencss

Race10-H5 jomo
H2 star genius
H3 grand knight
Punting to win.
Lord of cloud beating quarterback by a shorthead!
lord of cloud.jpg

Race1-H5 host the nation with a msian jockey with bookie connection
H2 dynamic smae msian jockey with bookie connection
H3 reach for the star

Race2-H3 land below the wind
H8 phidias
H13 neos classic msian jockey bbokie
H11 aeolus

Race3-H8 fire away
H7 endowment
H9 montaigne with a very very very weak kampong apprenyince

Saas Fee Stakes G3
H3 bold thruster
H2 lims lightning
H1 quarterback

Race5-H5 nowyousee
H3 posesidon
H1distintive darci
H2 oylmpic anthem

EW Barker Trophy G2
H1 clarton super
H4 mister yeoh
H6 zac kasa
H7 bee bee

Race7-H6 authmn rush
H3 constant justice
H12 kratos
H2 skywalk
Punting to win.


Kranji 11-11-18
Race1-H13 hephateus msian jockey/owner with bookie connection
H10 big regards
H5 great balls of fire
H9 zahir

Race2-H3 ferocious msian bookie owner
H6 gain eclispe
H7 dreamer legend
H5 high st

Race3-H9 hugo
H12 salamence
H3 thunder dragon
H14 ararat lady

Race5-H2 absolvido
H9 pegasus junior
H5 hero star
H8 on parade

Race6-H10 choconte
H1 made in russia
H4 despacio
H3 saffer

Race7-H1 dicton
H3 lionrockspirit
H9 milineux
H6 solo sun

Race8-H3 makani
H4 mighty kenny
H9 golazo
H10 murrayfield

Race9-H11 sahaba
H10 lims pride
H6 alamak
H13 m rule

Dester Singapore Gold Cup G1
H11 mr clint
H13 sky rocket
H3 majestic moment
H12 king louis
H2 elite excalibur

Race11 H9 calculate your winnings
H7 lims dashing
H5 awesome
H8 star empire
Punting to win.

kranji 16-11-18
Race1-H3 gannet
H10 bohemian
H1 keep winning
H6 southern glory

Race2-marken lad
H5 present
H10 ok

Race3-H7 red riding wood very weak kampong app
H1 what a feeling
H2 sun general
H3 wonder paint

Race4-H5 gratus
H11 irving

Race5-H1 hero i am
H7 lucky six
H2 thomas

Race6-H6 fusionpower
H5 super six
H4 sodado

Race7-H8 top knight
H1 moritz e
H9 gallelo app

Race8-H4 i ve got afeeling
H1 augustano
H6 miss dusty
H10 clarton treasure