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Horse racing punters , fans fall in here ...

Punting to win

Kranji 15-4-18
Race1-H6 gold mosa
H5 heavenly hand
H7 sun seeker
H11 red rackham

Race2-H2 lim ripple
H4 panache
H5 zac ace
H8 mettleson

Race3-H2 i got afeeling
H1 dinghu mountain
H4 kolombia

R4-H4 mus captain lousy jockey
H6 power wind
H1 destiny knight
H10 lam edition

Race6-H8 yulong xion hu
H7 sandtop
H4 julius ceasar
H1 maximus

Race8-H1 montagne
H4 q nine million
H2 smart
Punting to win.

Kranji 20-4-18
Race1-H5 super dan
H3 bring me joy
H10 kaiser bright
H7 thoth warrior

Race2-H1 arc raider
H2 keep winning
H8 cracking totie

Race3-H2 lim bullet
H8 waitanui
H7 masuaro

Race4-H4 yulong xiongyin
H2 enthuse
H6 katagas

Race5-H10 foresto
H2 silver sky
H5 anghari
H8 c0gentive intact

Race7-H9 iron man
H8 predictor
H16 darci charmer
H10 vivano

Race8-H12 red claw
H3 kates keeper
H10 higher soul
H5 kokoni
Punting to win.
can bet.png

Kranji 22-4-18
Race1-H2 neos classic
H9 kings cross
H7 pop gem
H8 zahir

Race2-H3 lonhro gold
H10 fame star
H9 david star
H12 wolf warrior

Race3-H3 royal fortune
H8 pomp
H5 honor
H7 able pins

Race4-H11 o reilly bay
H6 terric
H9 vesonito
H10 bangkok boy

Race5-H5 target
H4 robin hood
H6 sandtop

Race6-H8 lim dashing
H1 could be pearls
H13 chocante
H12 the wind

Race7-H6 paperback trooper
H10 across the sea
H2 soon baby
H11 dayuan

G2 Spore 3yr Old Classic
H10 mr yeoh
H12 lord o reilly
H7 mr clint
H14 safeer

Race9-H9 mr malibu
H2 nitmiz
H6 little big man
100% can bet.

Kranji 24-4-18
Race1-H6 solitaire
H5 kubera chief
H10 flying shadow
H8 highlight

Race2-H1 krnji gold
H2 hu yeang rd
H10 ban the doubt

Race3-H3 walking thunder
H7 first choice
H8 unconquered

Race4-H1 hero star
H4 public confidence
H6 italian master

Race5-H15 super dynasty
H5 shaba
H10 pacific ocean
H8 lim zoom

Race6-H7 makani
H2 dee dee dor
H4 mr fatkid

Race7-H7 hidden promise
H10 magnificent gold
H5 what a feeling

Race8-H8 golden thunder
H1 let it go
H5 satellite warrior
Punting to win.

Kranji 27-4-18
Race1-H2 sun fei
H9 plucky lad
H13 hallelujah msian bookie connection
H12 make u famous

Race2-H4 mont choisy
H5 monte nerone

Race3-H4 oreilly dancer
H6 lim ripple
H3 moment justice
H7 ace habour

Race5-H3 anonymous
H5 elite star
H12 classified
H4 marine treasure

Spore G2 Merlion Trophy
H1 countofmontecristo
H3 lim cruiser
H2 alibi
H5 speedy dragon

Race7-H7 yulong fast steed
H9 lim knight
H11 satellite winner

Spore G2 Chairman Trophy
H1 elite excabilur
H2 infantry
H4 clarton super

Race9-H7 sky rocket
H3 paparazzi
H13 enchanted mister

Race10-H7 fusion power
H3 lord ascot
H5 superline
H9 solado
100% can bet.

Kranji 4-5-18
Race1-H6 super dan will win if jockey is on the job
H2 di carprio
H12 lam edition
H8 magic paint

Eace2-H2 wild bee
H1 auspicious day
H8 cracking tootsie

Race3-H5 oreilly bay
H7 chairman win
H4 vensinito

Race4 H4 mr hopskin
H7 west north hill
H10 lim rythmn

Race5-H4 kokoni
H5 little master
H8 gol goal

Race7-H4 curvature
H6 diction

Race8-H4 fragance empire
H2 auspicious ace
H8 tou shou bright
Punting to win.

kranji 6-5-18
Race1-H1 mastermind
H6 thoth warrior msian bookie connection

Race2-H4 grand knight
H2 centurion
H9 david sling

Race3-H5 red claw
H2 one kinabalu
H1 most favourite

Race4-H1 wirs sakti
H5 absolvito

Race5-H1 dream come true
H7 n sun
H6 dutrow

Race6-H7 hepateus msian bookie connection
H4 sugartime jazz

Race7-H9 mettlesome
H10 holy grail
H8 wonder era
H7 panache
Punting to win.

kranji 18-5-18
Race1-H6 kubera chief
H14 hephateus
H1 military might
H10 highlight

Race3-H3 special rain
H10 p ferdinan
H4 noval vocal
H2 rum n rasin

Race4-H10 pennywise
H11 streetwise
H8 makken lad
H5 jupiter dragon

Race6-H10 foresto
H1 new sensation

Race7-H2 letigo
H9 lim hunter
H13 mettlesome
H10 wonder era

Race8-H13 super dynasty
H9 lim dashing
H14 magnificent gold
H6 chocalats

Race9-H3 justice smart
H4 yayapapaya
H5 calssified'
H10 host ythe nation
Punting to win.


Super Saturday Kranji 26th May 2018

Race1-H3 angel halo
H4 mr mosa
H8 dusseldorf
H14 morales

Race2-H3 kates keeper
H2 lim revent
H6 heng kingdom
H7 nova classic

Race3-H6 miss dusty
H13 lim lightning
H4 crown gift msian bookie connection
H5 master of malibu

Race4-H13 connilad
H8 sky rocket
H1 command royale
H6 charger

Race5-H2 elise msian bookie connection
H3 katagas
H4 boardwalk
H5 tarosan

Race6-H8 yulong xiongxi
H2 queen roullete
H14 river gold
H5 scopio

S'pore G1 Lion City Cup
H15 mr yeoh
H3 alibi
H1 countofmontecristo
H4 lim cruiser

S'pore G1 Singapore Guineas
H4 king louis
H3 mr clint
H9 lord o reilly
H1 bee bee

Int G1 Kranji Mile
H9 clarton super
H6 elite excalibur
H7 infantry
H5 circuit land

Race10-H13 could be pearls
H11 dicton
H10 aoteara
H2 best tothlign
100% can bet

1-6-18 Kranji
Race1-H7 dicarprio
H10 solitaire
H2 dominny
H3 eden garden

Race2-H1 beautiful day very very dodgy msian bookie connection
H2 sattellite warrior
H5 our showcase

Race3-H2 hun yeang rd
H7 across the sea
H12 success come true

Race4-H6 absolvido
H1 wira sakti
H8 sun fei
H3 oreilly star

Race6-H6 smart racer
H8 holy grail
H1 sacred sea
H9 big banker

Race7-H9 southern spur
H7 satteliite winner
H10 lim dashing
H4 the capital
100% can bet.

Kranji 3-6-18
Race1-destiny knight
H5 baymax
H1 murdoch

Race2-H6 triple trio
H3 contaus g

Race3-H1 pennywise
H2 autumn assault

Race4-H9 refresh msian bookie connection
H4 galileo approach
H6 rock eagle

Race5-H11 sandtop
H12 cerdan
H5 justice glory
H7 enchanted mister

Race6-H6 thunder cat
H10 kaiser bright very weak kampong jockey
H11 oassi olong

Race8-H8 oliver very weak kampong jockey
H2 panache
H6 silent prince

Race9-H6 little man
H11 one kinabalu
H1 crazy dream
Punting to win.

Kranji 8-6-18
Race1-11 hephateus
H7 cavatina
H13 peregine falcon
H9 big regards

Race2-H2 lonhro gold
H6 ground attack
H10 catch the tiger
H1 centurion

Race3-H1 king of war
H2 racer king
H4 supersonicsurprise

Race4-H10 lim rythmn
H2 foresto
H6 mr hopskin

Race5-H1 enthuse
H8 most favourite
H6 super denman
h5 el tordillo msian bookie connection

Race6-H10 holy grail
H9 ace habour
H2 kokni

Race7-H3 elite power
H1 julius ceasar
H4 cousteau
H6 effortless

Race8-H9 super dynasty
H13 magnificent gold
H6 what a feeling
The Parcel Complete!


kranji 10-6-18
Race1-H3 pratt street
H13 p ferdinan
H6 gain eclispe

Race2-H11 petite
H6 sun fei

Race4-H3 yaya papaya
H5 northern knight
H4 riene dasher
H9 gold reward

Race5-H6 absolute miracle
H4 jupiter gold
H1 distintive darci
H11 flak jacket

Race6-H5 wecando
H6 david sling
H2 justice smart

Race7-H10 good news msian bookie connection
H2 lincoln rd
H9 chalaza
H9 al green

S'pore G2 Steward's Cup
H1 conuntofmontecristo
H2 elite invincible
H4 curvature
H13 makani

Race9-H4 lim's knight
H8 oxbow sun
H10 walking thunder
***Selamat Hari Raya***

thumbnail (1).jpg

Kranji 15-6-18
Race1-H7 di caprio
H4 dayuan
H5 kubera chief

Race2-H2 boardwalk
H3 rum raisin msian bookie connection
H10 heavenly hand
H7 silver fortune

Race3-H9 mings man
H6 moment of justice
H8 khundawan
H2 dusseldoff

Race4-H7 lim lightning
H6 jupiter dragon
H11 salamence
H10 qiji commander

Race5-H9 master malibu
H11 special rain
H1 arr flair
H5 destroyer

Race6-H1 chairman wind
H3 neos classic
H2 million round

Race7-H1 golazo
H9 yulong xiongba
H6 kingsman

Race8-H6 fillibuster
H5 charger
H10 sikino
H9 wonder knight

Race9-H7 diction
H8 mr scorcesse
H12 gold faith
H4 target

Race10-H2 darci charmer
H1 lucky stride
H4 sky rocket
100% can bet.

Kranji 17-6-18
H8 fighting warrior
Race1-H10 success cum true
H5 desert fox

Race2-H10 broadway success
H11 burkaan
H6 my friends
H5 man of words

Race3-H3 danger zone
H4 evertrust very weak kampong jockey
H6 king of thieves

Race4-H12 jumping jack
H4 alamak
H1 bebop
H10 poets ryker

Race5-H2 nine million
H8 southeren man
H9 carnellian

Race6-H2 lebicio
H9 sun elizabeth
H5 grand knight

Race7-H6 nova classic
H1 buenos aires
Punting to win.

Kranji 22/6/18
Race1-H8 magic paint dodgy connection
h3 superten very very weak kampong jockey
H4 soon yi has leg issue

Race3-H1 king of war
H6 supersonicsuprise should fight it out
H7 lonro gold

Race4-H4 puravi
H1 northern knight
H8 plucky lad

Race5-H2 decreto msian bookie connection
H6 reach for the sun
H4 alasamo ex
H5 maidanz beauty

Race6-H1 amazing hero
H2 hero star
H7 gloria eclipse
H8 saint lincoln

Race7 H9 elite power
H8 red dawn
H10 pioneer seven
H6 marine treasure

Race8-H9 terms of reference
H8 star empire
H2 command royale
H11 otawa