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Horse racing punters , fans fall in here ...

Punting to win.

Kranji 11-6-17

Race1-H7 any rumor
H11 big regards
H1 apollo
H8 miss stresand

Race2-H3 crazy dream
H2 boy wonder

Race3-H8 lim battle
H2 n boss
H4 duke normandy

Race4 H6 justice lighjt

Race5-H4 grat ball fire
H5 good lucky
H2 kashan

Race6-H13 lucky master
H1 mr hanks
H7 kiss your song

Race7-H1 blacky
H2 destiny knight
H3 holy grail

Race8-H1 super genius
H5 kasier bright
H4 goldie

Race9-H3 daniel
H6 white hunter
H2 poseidon

Race10-H12 shaqraa
H7 barnato
H4 supersonic

Race11-H3 mark e
H4 northern k
H6 oliver
Punting to win.

Kranji 16-6-17

Race1-10 top note
H2 mastermind very dodgy jockey and connection.
H8 staelite power same owner as H10
H6 rikioh

Race2-H3 grey falcon
H2 maidanz beauty
H5 on electric ave with a very weak app up

Race3-H1 redoubt can win in a very weak RM
H5 why not a very dogy jockey and connection
H6 perfect girl

Race4-H1 magstock
H2 dance in wind
H9 wonder era

Race5-H3 neo classic
H7 snow dancer kept horse with very dodgy jockey
H4 precius

Race6-H3 anynomous
H8 conilad
H4 himalaya
H9 faithfully

Race7-H2 miss blancett
H9 lucky command
H12 bonjour bob

Race8-H7 sock broker
H10 kazuo
H6 entuse
Punting to win.

Kranji 18-6-17

Race1-H6 el camino
H4 gannet
H6 phidas
H11 scopio

Race2-H4 made in china
H3 farees
H12 raptor

Race3-H3 hello michelle
H4 royal guard
H2 elite diamond

Race4-H9 sing roullette
H1 montaigne
H3 star genius

Race5-H8 arr flair
H3 high council
H12 lim sparkle

Race6-H8 lightning fast
H6 pioneer seven
H4 the general

Race7-H5 clarton super
H4 red dawn
H7 lim showcase
H11 wining man

S'pore G1 Patron's Bowl
H1 debt collector
H2 alibi
H3 infanrty
H4 lims cruiser

Race9-H13 roan ranger
H9 galazo
H2 murrayfield

Race10-H4 moritz eclipse
H8 speedy dragon
H10 meagro nero
H13 masculAR captain.
Punting to win.

Race1-H8 farees
H9 bejing star
H4 happy baby

Race2-H1 tales of summer
H9 miss blanchett
H7 mr mosa
H8 solitaire

Race3-H7 mr big man
H5 mr leon
H2 lim casino
H3 fighting warrior

Race4-H5 lim regard
H1 redoubt
H4 boy wonder

Race5-H6 el don
H9 galazo
H7 cahirman

Race7-H6 blude swede
H4 daniel
H9 mr fantastic

Race8-H10 mark eclispe
H11 queen roullete
H1 big man

S'pore G1 Emirates Singapore Derby
H1 Alibi
H2 infantry
H4 nova strike
H5 elite excalibur

Race10-H8 battle of troy
H11 mr crowe
H2 darci charmer
H12 return to justice

Race11-H5 magic city
H9 arr flair
H10 moon charm
Punting to win.
14/7/17 Kranji

Race1-H1 amzealot
H9 top note
H8 invincible man

Race3-H10 sing roulltte near class rating may give run
H1 major tom
H6 run it twice

Race4-H5 majullah
H6 special rain
H1 king war

Race5-H6 ninepins
H7 oassis olaong

Race6-H9 racing talent
H7 gannet
H3 saraab
H8 prince

Race7-H5 supersonic
H1 premier fighter
H6 hoshinko
Punting to win.

16/7/17 kranji
Race1-H6 double cash
H1 silver power
H5 rikioh

Race2H1 on electric ave
H2 the golden goat
H4 perfect dj very very dodgy jockey

Race3-H2 mas captain
H8 miss stesand
H1 cavatina

Race5-H7 lim sparkle
H8 p darci
H6 st lincoln

Race6-H1 tembusu
H4 evertrust
H2 good lucky
H10 aladdin

Race9-H3 magic city
H1 fuego

Race10-H2 barnato
H8 flash one
H1 river gold
H4 my horse
Punting to win.


Kranji 27-8-17

Race1-H6 starsky
H4 kubera chief
H7 fortune spirit
H9 oasis olong

Race2-H5 conatus g
H9 reign
H3 basilik
H8 my gold

Race4-H11 six empire very dodgy syndicate owner
H4 majullah
H2 the golden goat

Race5-H7 safeer will win hands down

Race6-H2 mongolian chief but with a weak jockey ontop
H1 smart master
H8 carnellian
H10 run cheetah run

Race7-H3 murayfield
H8 tales of summer
H5 majestic empress with a very very weak app

Race8-H4 song to the moon
H8 iron man
H9 makani

Race9-H10 julius ceasar
H6 caorunn
H2 lim shot
H12 biraz

Race10-H4 situation
H5 el camino
H6 gold crown
H10 winterfell
Punting to win.


Kranji 8-9-17
Race1-H4 morales
H3 golden mile
H8 ming man

Race2-H8 only win
H7 around the world
H3 jade dragon
H9 master malibu

Race3-H4 oliver if jockey don't fall off horse will win.

Race4-H8 dragon
H6 key on kodiac
H10 grand paris
H4 galaxy ex

Race5-H7 decreto
H12 amzing man
H2 grey falcon
H5 on electric ave

Race7-H4 clarton super
H10 battle of troy
H5 eclipse splash

Race8-H12 desert fox
H9 pratt st very very very weak apprentice ontop
H1 ettijah
H5 river gold very very very dodgy connection

Race9-H3 secret win and H2 red claw same connection watch tote
H8 magnetise very very very weak app ontop
H4 mr mosa
Punting to win.


Kranji 17-9-17

Race1-H1 Heracles
H6 Smart master
H2 Imortal legacy
H7 heavenly hand

Race3-H3 solado
H8 safeer
H5 sun dream

Race4-H8 carnellian
H5 sugartime jazz
H7 the one
H6 lady liberty

Race6-H7 captain jamie
H8 metallocene
H6 marvel hero

Race7-H8 fortune spirit very very weak apprentice ontop
H9 turqouise son
H2 aspen
H11 lam edition

Race8-H3 gilt complex
H2 laughing gravy
H6 jupiter gold
H12 preditor

Race10-H4 sir issac
H6 brahma circus
H3 elusive emperor
Punting to win.


Kranji 1-10-17
Race1-H3 target
H7 arr flair
H2 sacrd galaxy
H6 tale summer

Race2-H9 lims magic
H7 around the world
H1 peace wanted

Race3-H8 oliver
H12 oreilly bay
H11 lims ripple
H3 kokoni

Race4-H3 southern glory
H4 pioneer step
H5 justice lass
H8 fight warrior

Race6-H11 shoot up high
H8 raffle
H13 elise very very dodgy jockey and connection
H5 red claw

Race7-H11 moon charm
H8 hongchen
H2 sacred surfer
H4 moment of justice

Spore G1 Panasonic Kranji Mile
H2 debt collector
H3 infantry
H16 forever young
H15 count of montecisto

Race9-H9 major advancement
H7 nitmiz
H3 wonder knight very very dodgy jockey and msianconnection

Race10-H12 life is gamble very very dodgy msian connection
H5 battle of troy
H13 chase
H8 mccgrego
Punting to win.


Race1-H4 satellite prince
H5 destiny knight
H12 fortune spirit
H1 brillant one

Race2-H3 silent boss
H2 flash
H1 hero in the wind
H7 foresta

Race3-H2 dutrow
H1 biraz
H4 country quack
H6 decreto

Race4-H6 howl
H2 one kinabalu
H8 satelite fighter

Race5-H7 cheetah king
H8 percius
H9 king of thieves
H10 happy joy

Race6-H7 chairman
H8 duke normandy
H9 kates keeper
H11 el don

Race7-H4 barn lad
H6 rory
H5 pop gem

Race8-H7 lim samurai
H5 aramco
H9 fortune winner

Race10-H4 o what afeeling
H2 oxbow sun
H1 longhu
Sinagapore Gold Cup Day 12-11-2017
Race1-H13 roan ranger
H8 oreilly bay
H4 el camino
H9 smart master

Race2-H7 sky rocket
H2 kingsman
H1 dreamweaver

Race3-H8 magic wand
H10 molineux
H9 master miner

R5-H12 super ball
H1 i got a feeling
H7 lim blast

Race6-H1 faatless
H7 laser storm
H9 super fortune

Race7-H6 black quail
H9 easy does it
H13 bringer of war

Race8-H3 magic city
H7 draco
H11 gran torino
H9 webster

H16 secret win
H13 newlands
H5 perfect p
H11 jupiter gold

Race10-H6 pentagon
H4 mr excheque
H11 optimus

Race11-H13 southern glory
H6 justice smart
H1 lim royal
H2 casing royal
Punting to win.


Kranji 12-1-17
Race1-11 hot gold
H7 pomp
H8 turq son

Race2-H1 auspicious ace
H10 skydance eclispe
H8 per incharge
H12 overseer

Race3-H10 destiny knight
H5 prince darci
H6 rafale
H2 danzeb

Race4-H12 waitahui
H7 mr colin
H9 pure spark
H2 bring me joy

Race5-H2 fortune spirit
H3 precious gem
H8 dragon
H1 galaxy ex

Race6-H9 knight wager
H10 supersonic surprise
H2 beebee
H1 g sword

Race7-H8 what a feeling
H6 black swan
H1 mr scorcee
H2 sand top

Race8-H5 now yousee
H1 draco