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Horse racing punters , fans fall in here ...

Punting to win.

Kranji 9-2-16
Race1-H11 percius
H14 wonder era
H3 eaglesham
H6 secret spice

Race2-H3 the wind
H4 warship
H1 succesion

Race3-H3 magnum
H1 sun pioneer

Race4-H7 guru guru
H2 zarules
H9 eastern towkay

Race5-H1 winning
H3 bring $ home
H6 well done

Race6-H9 natural nice
H8 whire coffee
H3 fast edition

Race7-H1 lim rally
H6 divided house
H3 red dawn
H5 97gold

Race8-H6 pinyin
H2 adrenaline
H9 p falcon

G3 Fortune Bowl
H8 majestic bowl
H2 cooptado
H2 power play
H5 order of the sun

Race10-H11 master banger
H12 double cash
H2 katagas

Race11-H3 lim affection
H10 higher soul
H12 mighty kenny
H1 intense gold
Punting to win.

Kranji 21-2-16

Race1-H8 white shadow
H3 swingjacky
H11 think pretty
H12 lam edition

Race2-H8 eclair moment
H11 vraad

Race3-H9 rosegold
H3 perfect challenge very very dodgy connection,jockey disqualified 1yr
H4 exquisite sweet

Race4-H12 miss streisand
H4 the wind

Race5-H4 murrayfield on the upgrade
H6 cetainty
H3 in bocca al

Race6-H2 constance spirit
H1 warpath
H3 lucky coin
H9 swift

Race7-H4 good news very dodgy connection
H2 my captain
H8 the general

Race8-H9 secret spice
H4 air force one
H2 sir renegald
H1 eclipse dancer

Race9-H4 golden sword
H3 smart people
H8 ocean general

Race10-H11 winning star
H5 star perfect
H2 dragon g

Race11-H8 sun empire very very dodgy connection
H4 asprey
Punting to win.

Easter Sunday 27-3-16
Race1-H6 sattelite prince very weak and dodgy jockey
H4 master banger
H8 tenma
H9 million round

Race2-H3 aurerus
H10 street champ

Race3-H5 rich fortune
H2 eaton gold
H1 brahma circus

Race5-H1 lim rally
H5 laughibg gravy
H10 my brother keeper
H3 ganador

Race6-H5 air force one
H3 kai power very weak jockey
H2 ride of V

Race8-H9 sacred crown
H6 jack of hearts very very dodgy jockey
H5 flying mission

Dester Singapore 3YO Sprint G3
H5 golden sword
H1 nova strike
H2 magnum
H4 infantry

Race11-H4 optimus
H8 sing roullete
H1 run it twice
H10 morales
Punting to win

Kranji 1-4-2016
H2 joe
H5 captain mcraw
H12 lam edition
H4 tim

Race2-H11 lim samurai
H7 silk route
H8 volks treasure

Race3-H6 mr scoeese

Race4-H1 natural nice
H7 joe swiper
H9 sun dance
H8 joyous

Race5-H6 foryune winner
H5 laughing gravy
H2 shanghai bund

Race6-H3 fuku ichi
H6 shuying xiao
H7 jack of hearts

Race7-H2 fastneck dragon
H4 blue swede
H6 spanish bay

Race9-H2 lighemup
H6 mr luck
H11 lady roullette
Punting to win.

Kranji 10-4-16
Race1-H7 run cheetah run
H11 dynasty knight
H2 best life
H9 bankers call

Race2-H4 auro aus
H9 super one

Race3-H1 royal ruler
H2 rusty brown
H3 kiss me
H6 racer king

Race4-H11 lika tiger
H4 remember me
H2 battle king
H6 big man

Race5-H3 jupiter gold
H8 neos classic
H9 one kinabalu

Race8-H1 roselli
H10 war citi
H9 star genius

Race8-H11 grand paris
H9 drappier
H12 buzzet
Punting to win.

Kranji 24-4-16
Race1-H6 sun empire very very dodgy jockey
H3 smart idea lively outsider
H14 roan ranger
H12 bimala

Race2-H6 mongolia chief
H10 trumps up
H1 astro candy

Race3-H11 lims archer
H10 special force
H7 murrayfield

Race4-H1 billy britain
H4 amazing
H10 galaxy ex

Race5-H1 bahana
H9 rum and rasin
H13 rosegold
H3 humdinger

Race6-H2 fastneck dragon
H7 dragon fury
H3 blue swede

Singapore 3YO Classic G2
H16 lim samurai
H13 the wind
H10 mr scoosee
H3 nova strike
H11 debt collector

Race8-H7 air force one
H6 kai power
H9 tarema

Lion City Cup G1
H1 spalato
H2 emperor max
H3 zac spirit

Race10-H4 red dawn
H12 magatoeinui
H1 knight wager

Race12-H11 nova sprit
H5 elise
H3 white hunter
H9 douhosten

Shatin Special

Race2-H8 carefree prince
H13 prince falcon
H10 dynamic voyage

The Queen Memorial Cup G3
H2 victory magic
H3 giovani cannaletto

The Audemars Piguet QE II Cup
H3 lovely day
H2 highland reel
H4 design in rome
H12 novo record
Punting to win.

kranji 8-5-16
Race1-H12 togarino with a very very evry dodgy jockey
H8 percius
H4 secret splice
H1 aureus

Race2-H7 silver wind with very very weak app
H3 camra stella
H2 amzing man

Race3-H4 absolutely
H5 golden curl
H6 martinh a very very weak app

Race4-H1 arhat with a weak app
H5 auro aus
H4 hussonator
H9 carnellian

Race5-H5 swan song
H7 metaphorry
H6 full bet very very dodgy

Race8-H6 white coffee
H11 flying mission
H4 lucky command
H5 tenma

Race10-H13 bordeaux
H4 untapp
H8 bandigo

Race11-H6 manetise
H4 cyborg
H8 amazon gold
H14 queen seven
Punting to win.

Kranji 22-5-16

Race2-H6 mongolian chief
H3 dragon kingdom
H4 lims control

Race3-H6 nova ace
h7 big guardian
H11 pure white

Race4-H7 farkirk lead
H2 cordoba
H6 racer king

Race5-H3 desimos
H1 jupiter gold
H9 mystic master

Race6-H7 likatiger
H4 perfect challenge
h5 lucky coin

Race7-H5 super8
H8 i scream now
H6 always awinner

Race8- mr white
H8 mr patron
h9 morales

Race9-H3 super brilliant
H6 effortless
H1 mater

Race10-H8 hongchen
H9 forune spirit
H7 thanku

Race11-H3 conlad
H5 court case
H6 helen
Punting to win

Kranji 5-6-16

Race1-H3 elise
H6 deauville
H10 real hero

Race2-H2 nova victory
H1 lucky 6

Race3-H6 mr score
H8 star genius
H3 cyborg

Race4-H1 d don
H7 great light

Race5-H1 lincoln rd
H5 secret mission
H4 gato nero

Race6-H14 bimala
H2 magstock
H6 guru
H10 special force

Race7-H6 flak jacket
H5 el milgaro

Race8-H1 lady if
H2 amazon gold
H6 sky eleven

Queen Elizabeth Cup G1
H3 fastneck dragon napshot

Race10-H7 ocean general with a very very weak jockey
H9 fat power
H12 fantastic man

Race11H7 en civil
H6 alibi should fight it out
Punting to win.

kranji 10-6-16
Race1-H5 miss waimaitai
H9 so perfect
H3 measin
H6 fuku ichiban

Race2-H8 carnelian
H6 lady liberty
H5 brother wind

IRT Juvenile Stakes
H1 caorum
H3 macathur
H12 athena

Race4-H7 darc bounty
H11 siam sapphire
H5 really capable

Race5-H5 magnetise
H8 lika tiger
H7 hot gold
H2 big man

Race7-H11 rafello
H7 gobi ranger
H6 white hunter

Race8-H1 blue moon
H11 frances
H6 invincible man
H10 ocean master

Race9-H2 mr mosa
H6 falkirk lead
H10 marea negro

Punting to win
Kranji 17-6-16

Race2-H9 lim racer
H3 lightning fast
H4 satelite man

Race3-H3 sun pioneer
H5 satelite boy
H5 river of gold
H6 wonderful

Race4-H5 lim dashing
H1 pentagon
H10 mystic

Race5-H6 royal ruler
H5 general
H2 indian jade

Race6-H8 state trooper
H10 oais olong
H5 super8

Race7-H7 special force
H4 air force one
H9 sunny
H8 golazo

Race8-H6 mastermind
H9 keen dragon
H10 cairo

Race9-H7 silent airrow
H8 mighty kenny
H10 racer king

Kranji 19-6-16

Race1-H9 s prince
H8 n ace
H7 natural nice
H4 supermart

Race2-H2 nova victory
H4 uncle lucky
H9 mount
H7 s genius

Race3-H7 mr speiberg
H9 street taipan
H1 wild geese

Race4-H10 trumps up
H3 l weapong
H2 hooffman

Race6-H3 secret s
H2 fuku ichiban
H7 geariguru
H11 suvarnabhumi

Race7-H6 infantry
H13 chopin n
H9 cyborg
H14 sun empire

Race7-H7 rosegold
H10 lucky strategy
H11 percius
H8 danny

Patron's Bowl G1
H1 titanium
H6 mighty warrior
H7 well done
H2 majestic moment

Race10-H9 murrayfield
H6 davinci
H7 en civil

Race11-H9 the wind
H7 nova spirit
H3 solitaire
H13 mins man
Punting to win.

Kranji 26-6-16

Race1-H10 time after time
H2 lets talk now
H1 happy saga
H6 voyager

Race2-H10 neo classic
H9 moon charm
H8 really cap

Race3-H9 amazealot
H2 guity pleasure
H4 rusty brown
H7 vertical start

Race4-H9 sir issac
H1 smiddy

Race5-H12 pomp
H8 what afeeling
H9 land below the wind
H5 distintive

Race6-H12 desert fox
H1 the nutcracker
H11 supersonic
H2 famous art

Race7-H8 flying mission
H9 pure white
H2 million round
H3 sacred crown

Race8-H8 above t h
H9 gold reserve
H12 dragon

Race9-H5 good news
H2 bestolighn
H6 spanish bay

Race10-H2 sppedy dragon
H10 hades

Race11-H7 mr white
H10 bocca al lupo
H8 prefeered
Punting to win

Kranji 8-7-16
Race1-H4 carnelian
H5 mis waimaitai
H12 dawn of the world
H10 slavonic dance

Race2-H9 mystic master
H12 darcy bounty

Race3-H2 over easy
H7 pinyin
H11 november success
H4 ready fortune

Race4-H2 ocean master
H5 ganna
H8 nova ace

Race5-H9 infantry
H5 supernova
H3 cheetah on fire

Race6-H3 evertrust
H1 run cheetah run
H6 horaz samsoir

Aushorse Golden Horseshoe G2
H3 macathur
H2 jupiter gold
H15 athena
H14 lim racer

Race8-H8 super8
H6 eden garden
H11 d jeopardy

Race9-H14 meagro
h2 precious gem
H8 kai power
H12 mings man
Punting to win.

Kranji 10-7-16
Race1-H10 free happy
H2 high council
H5 royal easter
H12 sky11

Race2-H6 pentagon
H5 sun mirage

Race3 H5 peer gynt
H7 lim dash
H8 milliemum

Race4-H3 supper line
H1 lucky giant

Race5-H5 magstock
H4 firkirk lead
H3 robin hood
H14 best life

Race6-H4 tarema
H12 sunny
H9 special force
H10 galzado

Race7-H1 super winner
H7 cavallo
H3 nova

Emirates Singapore Derby G1
H7 mr spieberg
H16 belive yourself
H1 titanium
H9 mighty warrior

Race9-H6 red dawn
H8 gato nero
H1 herma menor

Race10-H11 aloha
H7 amazon gold
H2 lim show case

Race11-H5 fighting warrior
H11 murrayfield
H7 damon
H6 lim affection
Punting to win.

Kranji 16-7-16
Race1-H3 just name it
H11 satelite prince
H13 gadawon

Race2-H11 queen roulette
H7 speedy warrior
H4 cavitina

Race3-H1 gobi ranger
H5 golden tomahawk
H9 amazealot
H4 lim battle

Race4-H1 gabra
H2 ninepins
H5 sharp knight

Race5-H1 dragon g
H12 grand paris
H11 black diamond
H8 vergla

Race6-H3 white coffee
H2 captain mc

Race7-H4 chase
H5 lim affection
H1 sq os

Race8-h9 scout done
H8 war citi
H3 sun pioneer

Race9-H5 solitaire
H7 rusty brown
H2 preferred
Punting to win.

Easter Sunday 16-4-2017

Race1-H3 storm trooper with a weak kampong app up
H8 high council
H10 morales
H7 siam gemstone

Race2-H1 justice light
H10 hyde park
H11 magic city

Race3-H10 apollo
H11 moon charm
H7 golden penisular
H5 millinium rule

Race4-H4 eclair choice
H6 mr fantastic
H5 viviano

Race5-H1 ocean de lago
H4 lim exclusive
H9 golazo

S'pore G3 JBBA Moonbeam Vase
H12 Mr spielberg
H6 gilt complex
H3 infantry
H9 magstock

Race7-H5 special force
H10 el don
H4 precious gem
H2 city of kirkwall

Race8-H6 gold crown
H8 country quack
H12 dicarrio

S'pore G1 Lion City Cup
H1 Emperor Max
H2 Wimbledon
H8 alibi
H7 Lims cruiser

H13 lims dashing
H7 parliment
H10 caroun
H9 anonymous

Race11-H1 hades
H13 miss blanchett
H5 zippy