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Horse racing punters , fans fall in here ...

Punting to win.
Kranji 7-6-15

Race1-H3 revoux
H7 run cheetah run with a very very weak jockey up
H12 time afterr time

Race2-H3 red ant with a very very very dodgy jockey with bookie connection
H4 whisper in the wind
H7 mr clooney

Race3-H6 kai power
H7 nation theatre
H8 super joe

Race4-H4 mr try can win
H10 ami eleven
H1 amazing

Race5-H12 twodollar
H2 power play
H5 season echo ride ny a donkey rider

Race7-H7 flak jacket
H6 ghost
H4 accomplished very very very dodgy jockey connection

Race9-H2 trudea
H8 spanish bay
H6 gold rutile

Good luck
Punting to win.
Kranji 14-6-15

Race2-H10 big man
H6 sun dance
H8 mangatoe
H12 marine treasure

Race3-H9 twodollar
H1 silver stars
H2 great ball of fire
H4 grand seven sea

Race4-H1 genius can win
H9 red jewel
H3 aloha

Race5-H7 fastneck dragon on the upgrade
H5 om but with a very very very very weak rider
H8 ride of valkyries
H6 wonderful prince

Race6-H4 iconic
H5 sacred city
H3 dylan
H6 star beauty

Race7-H8 majestic moment
H4 these streets
H1 darci charma
H7 meteor mike

Race8-H5 war spirit with a very very very dodgy rider
H2 500 bucks
H4 hardcore rock
H7 grand vitess

Race9-H5 cheetah oin fire
H2 martin
H6 in fact

Race10-H3 flying zero
H9 golden mission dodgy rider up
H1 my lucky strike
H2 sebas

Race11-H3 zululand can win has won a G2 in aus beating strong group horses
H12 acres
H5 megusto
Punting to win.

Kranji 21-6-15

Race1-H7 winning star check tote for betting
H1 dragon very very weak jockey up
H5 big city
H9 wonderful era

Race2-H8 winning good can improve
H3 lims battle
H2 proud pinoy
h7 d rainbow

Race4-H2 cash box
H3 herman menor
H6 irish rebel
H5 jaff express

Race5-H5 perfect challenger very very very dodgy jockey connection with bookies
H12 silver n gold lively outsider
H13 callide river
H1 black snow very weak jockey

Race6-H3 lims rally can win
H1 wimbledon
H3 von kreum
H7 gato nero

Race7-H4 appellation can win in this very weak maiden,2nd in nz 3rd horse won a G1 n G2
H7 think pretty
H11 b fighter

Patron's Bowl G1
H1 war affair cup at his mercy
H2 quechua
H3 magneto

Race9-H2 lim greeting
H6 sky eleven

Race10-H1 johhnny guitar
H4 affleck
H8 blue swede jockey may be very very very very weak to ride at this weight

Race11-H5 justice world won very well last start
H4 great scott
H2 clutha lad
H3 laser storm

Good Luck
Punting to win.


Kranji 26-6-15

Race1-H4 d don
H5 run cheetah run very very dodgy connection
H1 hakakomg

Race2-H1 jubilation will win if jockey dont panick or fall off
H8 fast jet improve with blinkers

Race3-H3 ocean general
H5 clip the ticket

Race4-H10 special id will win if owner and jockey dont fuck up

Race5-H6 97emperor
H8 time oddysey should fight it out
H2 squire ob

Race6-H4 harden up weak jockey
H9 cheetah king weak jockey
H5 king savinsky

Race7-H5 golden brillant
H6 petruni
H9 bahen

Race8-H2 famous artist napshot
H9 elite star best forcast

Race9-H5 sun pioneer
H4 kaiser
H9 dragon infinity
Punting to win.

Kranji 28-6-15

Race1-H7 lucky come with a much stronger jockey now
H10 live well
H1 flaming fireheart

Race2-H2 aloha
H7 madoff can improve
H1 lims showcase
H4 blue moon

Race3-H3 powerplay
H5 irish rebel
H12 great balls of fire
H1 ad valorem

Race4-H1 fantastic man

Race5-H1 valbuna
H7 alpha centuari
H8 om with a in form jockey

Race6-H5 lucky coin
H2 joy n happy
H7 speed craft

Race7-H1 racer king
H5 war spirit very very very dodgy jockey
H8 mr patron in peak form

Race8-H8 right is right drawn very wide careful
H3 grand paris
H2 togarino

Race9-H5 lim rally hope jockey dont get drunk last night
H7 elusive emperor
H2 snitzel p
Race10-H5 military alliance
H3 keen dragon
H4 thankfulness
H6 sing roullette

Race11-H3 rusty brown
H9 bannister
H10 eclipse dancer
H1 mr whitaker
Punting to win.

Kranji 3-7-15

Race1-H9 flying mission
H3 good loucken
H1 dragon 99 dodgy connection

Race2-H11 aquilla azteca
H9 timo

Race3-H3 galaxy ex
H5 king savinsky
H9 dos equis

Race5-H6 world war
H7 justice world
H11 sunny very weak jockey

Race7-H7 my lucky strike may break the course record today

Race8-H6 castor
H1 sebas
H10 mings man

Race9-H9 grand seven sea
H10 branksome
H6 500 bucks
Punting to win.

Kranji 12-7-15

Race2-H3 big man
H10 nova ace
H8-D buffalo man
H1 genius

H6 zac benolovent
H1 super joe
H11 hansome bab

Race4-H5 geeson master
H3 star beauty
H13 mimala
H11 magic to win

Yee Tee Classic G3
H9 mr speiberg
H7 cheetah on fire
H8 titinium

Race6-H10 brad
H8 sunny
H3 quire osb
H3 city of kirkwall

Race7-H10 mangatoeni
H8 winning good
H13 terms of reference

Emirates Singapore Derby G1
H1 war affair will win
H13 sebrose
H5 blue swede
H9 fastneck dragon

Race9-H8 red dawn
H6 herman menor
H3 smart people
H2 flying zero

Paititi Gold Trophy G3
H8 kiwi karma
H7 albany reunion a G1 winner in NZ
H5 happy money
H10 winbledon

Race11-H13 twodollarmuppet flew home to win
H5 irish rebel
H3 fre happy
Punting to win.

Kranji 19-7-15

Race1-H9 flying mission
H4 flaming fireheart
H6 uper bonus
H10 king cross

Race2-H1 the dodger
H2 picaso
H7 damon
H13 royal fortune

Race3-H1 power play
H10 molly browne
H6 lims greeting
H5 hee forte

Race4-H9 great gatsby
H3 lims action should fight it out
H5 anonymous

Race5-H3 galaxy ex
H5 encosta zone
H4 pueto colonia

Race6-H7 brave tiger
H3 above the sky
H2 bonjour bob

Race7-H4 simpang
H9 fountain
H10 gravalax

Race9-H1 lims rally can win again on the upgrade
H5 philantropist sneaky connection
H2 a lavictory
H12 splice

Race10-H3 great sun
H11 rock of ages
H1 invincible man

Race11-H4 acres
H10 bannister weak jockey on top
H3 felarof
H7 danny ricardo
Punting to win.

Kranji 26-7-14
Race2-H1 lim exclusive should win in this very weak maiden
H4 french vintage
H3 flying winner
H11 wing foot

Race3-H10 time oddysey can win
H11 lucky giant improving type
H3 our touche race against good company in NZ

Race4-H8 mangatho
H10 gold crown can upset
H11 roan ranger

Juvenile Championship G3
H1 super one hard to beat
H4 dash of class
H2 lim showcase
H7 lim sincere

Race6-H2 muscle man
H3 sky11
H6 natural nice
H4 d rainbow

Chairman Trophy G2
H1 stepitup
H3 goodman
H3 flax
H6 wild geese

Race8-H12 platoon
H11 nation theatre
H9 smart lad
H6 justice world

Korea Racing Authority Trophy
H1 goliath
H8 super winner
H7 our lucky strike
H9 wimbledon

Race10-H9 famous artist on the upgrade
H6 peter culture

Race11-H7 intense gold
H10 dragon fury
H13 pole paradise
H15 home run hero
Punting to win.

SG50 2-8-15

Race1-H4 real hero won very well can win if form maintain
H7 super spur
H3 magic to win

Race2-H9 nova ace with blinkers on improved
H2 chopin nocture

Race3-H4 brad
H5 sunny
H6 super joe

Race4-H4 certainty

Race5-H2 snitzel spirit
H3 imerial march
H8 2dollarmuppet

Race6-H8 zenzero
H2 geeson master
H6 rainbow warrior
H5 lim battle

Race7-H2 flying mission
H8 so perfect
H4 time time

Race8-H2 timo easy win last start
H8 rafaello

SG50 Trophy
H6 affleck
H7 darci charmer
H1 daniel

Race10-h6 hermon hermano
H2 jimmy rea
H5 frajjalistic

Race11-H2 great sun
H5 speedy dragon
H4 yin jie
SG50 Weekend

Race1-H4 p falcon
H2 brother bay
H6 second wave
H3 e zone

Race2-H5 aloha can win
H6 blue moon

Race4-H4 lucky coin
H10 hansome bab
H6 lee man
H3 miss streisand

Race5-H4 lucky strategy
H3 callide river
H5 g conatauus

Race6-H6 deludge
H4 tenma
H9 bimala

Race10-H7 perfect challenger
H10 above the skyline
H2 irish rebel

Race11-H5 bring money home
H8 wonderful era
H1 davinci
Punting to win.

Kranji 16-8-15
Race1-H3 sun empire
H1 tim
H4 falcon
H9 lucky come

Race2-H3 groenewegen
H8 scimitar
H5 magnum

Race3-H8 eclipse dancer
H4 billy britain lively outsider
H1 bob

Race5-H2 squire O can win
H5 power play
H7 smart lad
H1 titanium

Race6-H9 flying nelko
H7 powerful fighter
H10 season wonder
H5 zenzero

Race7-H2 mighty warrior on the upgrade
H4 precious gem
H1 jay el ex

Race8-H11 keep spinning can win if jockey dun panic but very very weak jockey
H9 jimtown
H6 bordeaux

Race9-H9 ala victory well handicap to win
H7 valbuna
H8 goodpack

Race10-H11 golden rabbit
H2 cote de nuits
H7 lady roullete

Race11-Good Luck
Punting to win.

Kranji 23-8-15
Race2-H10 jelly bean
H1 special id but very very dodgy connction
H2 humming bird dodgy connection

Race3-H4 speedy dragon should win
H7 super joy
H5 city of sails

Race4-H3 above the sky;ine
H7 double jepoardy
H8 lord darlington

Race6-H7 bimala
H8 shabat
H4 gold crown
H11 river dancer

Race7-H2 star general
H3 rikioh
H4 yin jie

Race8-H2 good louken
H1 biboa baggins
H11 power king
H12 fountain

Race9-H4 mighty man
H1 nation teathre
H3 blosom squel
H7 bring money home

Race10-H9 run cheetah run can win
H6 jubilation
Punting to win.

Kranji 30-8-15
Race1-H2 river dancer
H7 dos equis
H5 lam edition
H8 super velox

Race2-H4 big certainty
H3 big guardian
H8 super brilliant
H1 dragon gold

Race3-H5 star beauty with very weak kampong jockey
H1 storm troops
H3 asprey
H4 golden sword

Race5-H5 fine choice can win
H8 lucky command

Race5-H6 amzing
H3 power play
H5 brad
H2 alamaso

Race6-H4 im kool
H7 thunder cat
H10 sun empire

Race7-H5 lady roullete
H6 one united
H9 nova ace

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Trophy
H8 wimbledon
H5 super winner
H7 supernova

Race9-H11 dragon fury
H10 smart lad
H7 brahma circus
H5 golden curl

Race10-H6 silver star
H9 golden pasture
H5 smart vintage

Good Luck
Punting to win.

Kranji 6-9-15
Race1-H3 lim action
H6 black mamba
H1 hade

Race2-H14 royal easteer
H3 bahana
H4 clasified
H13 roger

Race3-H8 mcgregor
H4 95emperor
H3 ode joy

Race4-H3 super bonus
H8 inferno
H4 windsor knot

Race5-H1 exceed express
H5 lively dragon
H8 yin jie

Race6-H5 hardcore rock
H4 condor zandor
H1 big city

Race7-H5 lucky giant
H6 ares
H13 domuniy

Race8-H7 ala victory
H3 one rar
H2 slew of gold
H8 nandowra

Jumbo Jet Trophy G3
H1 spalato

Race10-H8 mr speiberg
H9 perfect p
H3 coopatado
H6 snitzel spirit

Race11-H3 gold peregine
H12 quezal
H9 gold line
Punting to win.

Kranji 13-9-15
Race1-H9 all my way but with a very weak weak weak app
H8 frances
H3 super 8
H2 secret spice

Race2-H7 panache
H11 warship
H4 chemaly
H3 born a fighter

Race3-H10 keep spinning can win
H9 bordeaux
H3 davinci
H5 brad

Race4-H9 great gatsby
H1 proud pinoy
H6 certainly
H2 eaglesham

Race5-H8 tongarino
H7 rainbow warrior
H10river dancer

Race7-H6 famous artist will win hands down
H4 taffetas

Race8-H3 caiyaya
H10 i scream now
H5 shuying xiao

Race9-H5 mighty warrior
H2 order of the sun
H8 gold hill
H11 hee forte

Race10-H1 kubera war
H8 captain mcgraw
H6 hees hego

Race11-H2 zululand
H4 secret weapon
H1 cote de nuits
H7 star beauty
Punting to win.

Kranji 20-9-15
Race1-H1 aguilla aztec in a very weak maiden
H8 toobigtofail
H6 windsor knots
H2 euro heights

Race2-H1 keystone very forward with a 4kg claimer
H2 lake hunka

Race3-H1 power play
H2 sebrose

Race4-H8 right is right
H10 lam edition
H1 our river dancer

Race5-H8 golden sword
H5 speedy ndragon
H2 stars apollo

Race6-H1 emperor max
H2 daniel
H3 hughsy
H8 wimbledon

Race7-H7 super bonus
H8 exceptiona;
H15 not simple
H15 so perfect

Race8-H4 rikoh
H2 blue diamond
H8 racer king
H6 chene warrior

Race9-H7 bimala
H9 falcon
H1 hee a maverick
H10 i scream now

Committee Prize G3
H11 fastneck dragon
H9 darci charmer
H13 majestic moment
H1 step it up

Race11-H10 helen
H2 warpath
H3 q nine magic

Race11-H6 ode to joy
H8 billy britain
H4 any rumor
H13 masuaro
Punting to win.

Kranji 2-10-15
Race1-H5 tim
H10 frances lively outsider
H6 tropical forest very dodgy connection

Race2-H5 condando
H2 dragon gold
H1 lumniff

Race3-H10 nova spirit very well handcap
H9 fine choice
H2 lake hunka

Race4-H12 zenzero but drawn very wide
H10 huming bird very very dodgy connection
H1 sing express

Race5-H7 forever best
H8 reysha
H4 ron

Race6-H7 always a winner
H5 pure white
H4 super spur

Race7-H7 97emperor
H10 lucky coin
H11 2dollar muppet
H8 invincible gold

Race8-H7 battle horse
H8 the general
H5 bestothelihn

Race9-H7 mastermind
H8 power lin
H3 barnato
H5 makawao
Punting to win.

Kranji 4-10-15
Race1-H4 run it twice
H12 sing rollette
H10 acres

Race2-H1 what iff
H2 certainly
H4 special force
H3 black swan

Race3-H7 spanish bay can win
H5 jimmy rea
H1 goodman

Race4-H5 lims bullet can win
H8 mangathoe
H13 succession

Race5-H5 divided horse
H13 lucky giant

Race6-H7 snitzel spirit
H10 order of the sun
H5 hughsy
H3 coopato

Race7-H7 hee forte
H2 om
H9 rum rasin

Race8-H3 hydro
H6 high council
H9 natural nice

Panasonic Kranji Mile G1
H1 spalato a freak horse
H3 qchua
H6 wild geese
H8 believe yourself

Race10-H3 imperial march
H8 zululand
H7 absolutely
H10 dragon fury

Race11-H9 lucky strategy in peak form
H10 perfect challenger
H4 rockfast
H3 storm troops
Punting to win.

Kranji 9-10-15
Race1-H2 dragon highness
H4 go lance
H1 swan song
H6 ami11

Race3-H5 rafaelo
H1 stirling
H2 philantropist very weak app

Race4--H8 barn lad very dodgy connection watch for tote betting
H3 im kool
H12 zac gallant

Race5-H8 galaxy ex
H3 taramea
H11 happy joy

Race6-H8 spirit seven can win
H4 above the skyline
H7 nova legend
H5 eaglesham

Race7-H2 sebrose
H9 keep spinning

Race8-H2 the nut
H5 kams comet
H9 vanderbilt

Race9-H8 quicksilver
H2 invincible man
H6 nova warrior