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Horse racing punters , fans fall in here ...

Punting to win.

Kranji 11-10-15
Race1-H12 fances
H5 star beauty
H2 percius
H3 rosegold

Race2-H1 lincoln rd
H7 paltrow
H12 lady if

Race3-H3 constane spirit
H2 warpath
H4 top gun

Race4-H6 master banger
H11 buffalo man
H3 bahana

Race5-H11 magnum
H9 moritz e
H2 free happy
H12 satelite *

Race6-H10 harden up
H8 hakamkon both same very dodgy connection
H5 farrand

Race7-H6 pioneer 7
H7 belwater
H1 my lucky strike
H5 olympic

Race8-H13 winning *
H12 super bonus
H8 red ant

Race9-H2 laer storm
H3 golp per
H11 shanghai bund
H5 eagle storm

Race10-H9 sun empire
H5 sacred spin
H12 star perfect

Race12-H4 bring $
H3 bob
H11 higher soul
Punting to win

Kranji 16-10-15
Race1-H7 dragon infinity
H8 highlight
H1 apellation

Race2-H2-aguila act

Race3-H5 mr clooney
H8 measin
H7 swift

Race4-H5 mr right
H12 dos equis

Race5-H6 mr spieberg
H4 ideal planet
H2 order of the sun

Race6-H9 tongarino
H10 black friday
H3 ron

Race7-H5 strubelli
H2 flak jacket
H4 titanium

Race8-H8 supersonic
H5 safir
H7 helen
H6 win man

Race9-H8 satelite
H6 jelly bean
H7 just name it
Punting to win

Kranji 18-10-15
Race1-H10 volkov
H6 live in hope
H8 yue yuan

Race2-H1 what iff
H6 mother nature
H8 lim ab

Race3-H8 queen seven
H5 rising emp
H3 devils pass

Race4-H8noble sun
H2 the jueneyman
H6 keystone
H4 classified

Race5-H3 magic to win
H5 i scream now
H8 live well

Race8-H7 sun times
H4 duran

Race7 grand vitess
H4 bimala
H6 rainbow warrior
H8 supermart

Race8-H4 real hero
H5 warspirit
H10 flaming fireheart

Saas Fee Stake G3
H5 cavallo
H9 gold rutile
H8 good news
H10 dragon fury

Race10-H1 lighemup
H10 unsurpasses
H3 royal fortune
H12 run cheetah run

Race11-H5 lake hunka
H8 wonder era
Punting to win

Kranji 25-10-15
H12 dragon
H7 sacred spin
H2 rising empire

Race2-H8 bandigo can win
H13 what a feeling
H2 elise
H7 astrojet

Race3-H6 kikus
H8-H4 dash class but very weak jockey
H8 razztozella

Race4-H3 95emperor
H9 natural nine back in form
H13 get going
H10 lucky coin

Race5-H12 davinci
H10 me spieberg
H7 order of the sun
H9 sebrose

Race6-H5 lim rally
H1 jimmy rea
H2 indian jade

Race7-H2 hydro
H4 lincoln ex
H1 nova war

Race8-H1 time oddysey
H4 mangatoenui

Raffles Cup G1
H6 fastneck dragon
H2 stepitup
H3 quechua

Race10-H7 storm trooper
H2 laser storm trooper

Race11-H1 gilt complex
H13 2doolarmum
H5 freenhappy
Punting to win.

Kranji 31-10-15
Race1-H3 grand seven sea
H4 rosegold
H5 sugarjazz very very very dodgy jockey
H9 percius

Race2-H9 sing ex
H1 win good weak app up
H4 eaglesham bilinkers on can improve
H6 master banger

Race3-H5 ode to joy
H4 mighty war
H3 squire ob

Race4-H1 duran
H6 ladrone
H12 the wind

Race5-H2 star beauty livey outsider
H13 supermart

Race7-H4 money king
H2 mr clooney
H7 starperfect

Race8-H1 the cosmos
H7 lincoln road

Landex Cup
H6 el milgaro
H9 jimmy rea
H5 hunka fall
H10 these streets
H11 good news

Race10-H7 street champ
H5 ron
H1 clermont club

Race11-H8 hunkapass
H3 top gun
H9 blue diamond
H4-10 power lin

Race12-H10 queen seven
H4 philantrophist
H1 silver star
H6 lim bullet
Punting to win.

Kranji 6-11-15
Race1-H1 harden up
H8 special deliema
H12 golden rosewood

Race2-H12 mother nature
H2 dragon gold
H6 lucky boy

Race3-H9 satellite prince
H3 billy brit
H4 lucky coin
H6 best life

Race4-H11 south hussler
H5 king of thieve
H12 casing royal

Race5-H5 white hussler
H1 ligemup
H4 97gold
H7 unsurpass

Race6-H12 mark e
H3 damon
H4 preffered
H9 swingjack

Race8-H10 winning star
H11 king savinsky
H7 the buzzdownunder

Race9-H2 great sun
H2 the nutcracker
H4 bellwether

Race10-H9 newland
H10 winning clause
H7 rockfast
Punting to win.

kranji 13-11-15
Race2-H2 damon should win
H11 royal explorer

Race3-H1 like a tiger
H8 black mamba
H4 likeatiger

Race4-H3 tongarino
H12 right is right
H10 grand paris

Race6-H3 follow the king
H4 think pretty
H1 lady shark

EW Barker Trophy G2
H2 magneto
H13 laser storm
H9 spanish bay
H6 jimmy key

Race8-H5 divided house
H11 black fury
H2 wonder prince

Race9-H8 super sonic
H3 cairo
H2 mighty man
Punting to win.

Spore Gold Cup 15-11-15

Race1-H7 sun empire very dodgy connection watch for betting
H4 felarof
H11 tenma
H8 bordeaux

Race2-H12 what a feeling
H1 royal easter
H2 warship
H6 special force

Race3-H9 jay express
H7 good news
H5 indian jade
H2 el migaro

Race4-H8 lim ex
H4 hydro
H12 third prince
H3 solaris spec

Race5-H10 rosegold
H8 natural nice
H3 money king

Race6-H14 keep spinning
H3 me spieberg
H9 om
H5 squire os

Race7-H11 murrayfield
H9 excellent one
H12 peer gynt

Race8-H10 rafello
H9 my brother keeper
H2 lim rally
H8 golden tomahawk

Race9-H5 zulaland
H11 constant spirit
H2 ideal guide
H8 rockfast

Singapore Gold Cup G1
H3 fastnet dragon napshot to win.
H15 sebrose
H6 cheetah on fire
H10 blue danube

Race11-H11 bahana
H10 free happy
H2 lake hunka
Punting to win.

Kranji 22-11-15
Race1-H6-public figure
H3 uper joy
H4 dr octo

Race2-H9 white shadow
H7 nova master
H10 lady

Race3-H13 shabat
H9 buzzet
H5 rainbow war

Race4-H11 sun times
H8 ladrone
H7 eden garden
H12 big guardian

Race5-H3 great ball fire
H1 star beauty
H11 silver fly
H10 golden rose

Race6-H7 guru guru
H6 sing ex

Race7-H7 lucky boy
H4 lumniff lad
H8 golden mile
H6 katagas

Race8-H8 barnburgh lad very dodgy connection
H4 d don

Race9-H4 goliath
H3 majestic m
H8 hot gold

Race10-H10 sugartime jazz very dodgy connection
H9 river dancer
H3 branksome
H7 quezal

Race11-H2 devils pass
H3 roselli
H8 satellite prince
Punting to win.
Kranji 29-11-92

Race1-H2 congo zandor dodgy connection
H11 grand seven sea lively outsider
H12 happy saga
H9 dynasty knight

Race2-H11 mother nature
H4 bandigo
H2 elite star

Race4-H3 swan song
H1 ollie eagle
H4 aguilla az

Race5-H4 yin jie
H1 honest truth
H3 black mamba

Race7-H2 purmamcra
H5 mr try
H3 exuberance
H8 measin

Race8-H1 sun pioneer
H9 unsupassed

Race9-H5 mighty warrior
H2 goliath
H4 ideal guide

Race10-H4 dragon
H1 muscle beach
H5 perfect challenger
H11 galaxy ex
punting to win.

Kranji 6-12-15
Race1-H7 master banger watch tote for betting dodgy
H1 aguila azteca
H8 natural impulse

Race2-H5 nova eagle

Race3-H6 real hero
H7 roan ranger
H3 ami eleven
H1 branksome

Race4-H2 time odyssey can win again
H5 billy brirain
H4 hee a maverick

Race5-H5 solitare
H10 queen seven
H2 lake hunka

Race7-H11 get going
H3 cairo
H1 lighemup

Race8-H9 lam edition
H1 fat farrand
H4 time after time

Race11-H9 above the skyline
H7 constance spirit
H11 hee ego
Punting to win.

Kranji 11-12-15
Race1-H3 probo chandroso
H2 gadawon
H7 machfive

Race2-H11 infantry
H4 king of thieves
H10 court case

Race3-H1 the cosmos napshot to win
H3 viviano
H10 anonymous

Race4-H7 eaglesham
H5 sun dance
H2 mighty power

Race5-H12 fortune spirit
H6 exuberance
H4 hydro
H3 double rainbow

Race6-H8 run cheetah run
H2 blademeister
H3 money king
H allez

Race7-H11 sebas
H10 kams comet
H5 albany reunion
H7 pioneer seven

Race8-H2 well done
H10 mr nevermind
H5 stick seeker
H4 cauron

Race9-H7 aloha
H5 lim sincere
H12 double cash
H1 honest truth
Punting to win.

Kranji 13-12-15
Race1-H2 fuku ichiban very dodgy connection
H9 simpang
H12 greenback
H8 hardrock

Race2-H9 riverof gold with a stronger jockey now
H4 flying shadow
H3 gold pin

Race3-H7 red ant in top form
H11 katagas
H2 q nine magic
H4 roselli

Race5-H5 best jade willl win
H11 mother nature
H10 lady if

Race5-H3 mr fanasttic
H9 keen dragon
H1 mac volks
H11 om

Race6-H3 zarules
H1 classified
H6 eden garden
H2 swan song

Race8-H11 the general
H3 raheu back in form
H7 my brother keeper

Colonial Chief Stakes G3
H1 slew of gold
H11 majestic moment
H3 laser storm

Race10-H9 time oddyssey
H10 clutha lad
H4 blosom sequel
H3 power play

Race11-H11 supersonic surprise
H1 lincoln rd
H7 cote nui
H3 pure tactics

Shatin Longines Internationa Meeting 2015

Race1-H10 jolly jolly
H4 mordern tsar
H1 enormous honor

Race3-H7 team fortune
H3 winston lad
H8 hobour nova
H11 deigo kosta

The Longines Hong Kong Vase G1
H1 flintshire vase at his mercy
H6 dominant

The Longines hong Kong Sprint G1
H14 straight girl
H1 gold fun
H12 sakura gospel

The Longines Hong Kong Mile G1
H1 able friend
H2 maurice
H14 estoerique

The Longines Hong Kong Cup G1
H3 blazing speed
H5 military attack
H10 beauty only
H14 nuvo record
Punting to win.

New Year Day 1-1-16

Race1-H9 foolow the king
H2 super joy
H11 good score

Race2-H1 elite star can win
H10 nova master
H8 bullish luck

Race3-H4 satorial
H6 yin jie
H2 aloha

Race4-H8 infantry

Race6-H1 sppedy dragon
H3 professor

Race7-H11 black diamond
H8 happy joy
H3 tongarino
H5 easy easy

Race8-H1 sun pioneer
H8 court case
H9 nova eagle
H10 river of gold

New Year Cup G3
H6 cheetah on fire
H7 order of the sun
H5 bourban goldman
H3 emperor banquet

Race11-H2 ladrone
H4 wonderful
H7 public figure
Punting to win.

Race2-H3 duke of azman
H4 silver tycoon
H2 the juuneyman
H12 margaux

Race3-H10 storm trooper
H5 pole paradise
H12 just name it
H1 solitaire

Race4-H9 spirit seven
H5 zip adoo
H2 zarules

Race5-H1 purmamarca
H2 wining good
H12 masuaro
H7 rosegold

Race6-H3 numero uno
H1 ollie eagle
H2 zippy

Race8-H6 saffir
H10 jelly bean
H4 lucky mission

Race9-H2 goalkeeper
H1 el padrino
H5 valevo

Race11-H10 big man
H8 red ant
H5 stirling
Punting to win.

Kranji 10-1-16
Race1-H2 kaiser
H5 double cash
H8 gadawon

Race2-H5 best jade can win
H3 voyager
H4 bail out

Race3-H8 supersonic
H7 million round
H4 power lin
H2 q nine magic

Race4-H6 herecomesthe money
H7 in bocca al lupo
H5 southern chief

Race6-H8 firkirk lead
H10 successcion

Race7-H1 knight spirit
H7 measin
H6 know each other
H3 taramere

Race8-H6 dragon ruby
H7 helen
H3 angry cat

Race9-H5 time oddy
H1 ideal guide
H9 hees a maverick

Race10-H2 eclipse dancer
H6 la fontana
H7 mr try

Race11-H3 viavano
H9 sun empire
H1 bach air
H7 royal ruler
Punting to win.

Kranji 17-1-16
Race1-H6 super joy
H8 king of koon check for betting very dodgy
H7 probo chan

Race2-H4 guru giuru
H2 warship
H3 sprit seven

Race3-H5 aloha
H6 rising empire

Race5-H7 wonderful era
H6 winning star

Race6-H3 white hunter
H8 queen seven
H4 growenegen

Race7-H4 happy joy
H1 shahabat
H11 legacy

Race8-H2 swan song
H8 chips

Race9-H3 castor
H1 speedy dragon
H2 brahma cicus

Race11-H10 across the sea
H8 smart vintage
H4 bob
H2 95emperor
Punting to win.


Kranji 29-1-16
Race1-H4 margaux
H2 arlo
H11 toobigtofail

Race2-H9 full bet very very dodgy connection watch tote bet
H11 chanhai mountain
H5 magnetise

Race3-H3 baab al nasr but very weak app up
Hees a maverick
H9 fortune spirit
H2 dragon g

Race4-H12 ami 11 dodgy connection
H9 flying winner
H11 stock broker

Race6-H5 nova strike
H7 golden tomahawk
H1 reach for the sun

Race7-H8 swift very dodgy connection
H1 lim battle
H6 perfect challenger very dodgy
Punting to win

Kranji 31-1-16
Race1-H5 congoo zandor very very dodgy connection
H6 fuku ichiban same as above
H4 beat to quarter
H9 super8

Race2-H7 star genius
H8 war citi
H2 nova master

Race3-H5 nova eagle

Race6-H5 billy britain
H3 great balls fire
H9 star perfect

Race5-H2 keen dragon
H9 golden mile
H3 aspen

Race6-H5 break vault
H4 simpang
H8 oasis olong

Race7-H1 time oody
H5 eclispe dancer
H4 king ryker

Race9-H5 kam comet
H6 mycaptainob
H10 sebas
H9 pioneer seven

Race10-H3 guilty pleasure
H6 supersonoc
H4 dreamcatcher

Race11-H2 asprey
H1 vivaino
H6 alaho
Punting to win.

Kranji 5-2-16
Race1-H2 remember me
H6 geariguru
H11 hardcorerock
H14 zenzero

Race2-H7 lims knight

Race3-H12 sun empire very very very dodgy connection
H6 zeus
H7 rum n rasin
H8 bannister

Race4-H10 voyager
H6 fakirk lead
H8 monte carlo same connection as H10

Race5-H9 sunny
H10 winning good
H5 smart lad
H2 dujardin

Race6-H7 acres
H5 power lin

Race7-H3 kiwi karma
H4 blue swede