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Horse racing punters , fans fall in here ...

Punting to win.

Kranji 2-2-17
Race1-H2 chase
H5 tembusu est
H1 one kinabalu
H6 farkirk lead

Race2-H6 lims zoom
H1 arc trumph

Race3-H2 black swan
H8 panache
H6 smart vintage

Race4-H3 bangkok boy
H9 imdragon
H7 three lions
H11 nicator

Race5-H2 prince Fer
H8 margaux
H9 kaiser bright
H5 highlight

Race6-H5 auspicious ace
H8 lets talk now
H11 red general

Race7-H2 magic city
H7 elite beast
H5 aeotera

Race8-H3 katagas
H8 gold reward
H9 first choice
H2 great seven
Punting to win.

kranji 11-2-17
Race1-H1 d caprio with a jockey full of nonsense
H4 sun seeker
H3 obstacle free

Race2-H12 lady counsel
H10 big wave
H2 auspicious day

Race3-H1 m rule
H7 fighting warrior with a jockey with msian bookie connection
H2 wonder era

Race4-H1 country boss
H2 libecio
H5 trigamy

Race5-H5 gran trino
H7 lim sincere
H8 crazy dream
H9 silkino

Race6-H3 aelous
H4 m captain

Race7-H2 paparazi
H1 lims royal
H7 melting point

Race10-H4 majullah
H7 honor
H2 rum n rasin with a syndicate jockey ontop
100% can bet.


Kranji 2-3-18
Race1-H8 yellow jade horse
H11 golden spark
H3 heavenly hand
H4 lucky boy

Race2-H9 lord rielly
H8 beautiful day very very dodgy jockey with msian connection
H6 behop
H3 zulu warrior

Race3-H6 mr durjardin
H8 farkirk lead
H3 what a feeling

Race4-H3 aeolus 100% win
H9 good bet

Race9-H1 decreto vey very dodgy jockey
H7 honor
H5 alaranch
H3 invincible man
100% can bet


Kranji 4-3-18
Race1-H3 mascular captain
H2 hephartus
H5 kashan
H7 key on kodiac

Race2 H5 zac kasa tis time 101% can bet

Race3-H3 wonder era
H1 showrar
H10 happy saga
H12 fight warrior

Race4-H7 ol mate
H10 waitahuhi
H3 dynamic eagle

Race5-H1 black quail
H3 ferocious
H2 redoubt

Race6-H5 fillibuster 99% can bet
H6 yulong fast steed

Race7-H6 choclate
H4 sebatian
H8 heracross

Race9-H3 eastermate
H10 artic flow
H9 lims dashing

Race10-H1 entuse
H4 pure justice
H12 great balls fire
100% can bet.


Kranji 16-3-18
Race1-H9 good bet watch for tote betting,malaysian connection
H1 magic paint
H5 bring me joy same connection as 1

Race2-H1 fusion power
H8 we can do
H4 lim rythmn
H9 venus de milo

Race3-H5 gold reward
H2 royal guard
H7 alexander the great

Race4-H7 toobigtofail jockey with a bookies syndicate connection
H3 kashan
H2 fortune spirit

Race5-H4 target
H6 wonder era
H3 southern man
H12 carnellian

Race6-H3 magic city
H4 igot a feeling
H13 melting point
H6 lim reform

Race7-H3 most favourite
H1 katagas with a very weak kampong jockey
H4 my gold
H11 the cosmos
100% can bet.

can bet.png

Kranji 23-3-18
Race1-H2 racing talent very very dodgy jockey with bookies connection
H4 thunder cat
H3 satelitte star

Race2-H2 beautiful day malasian connection jockey
H8 arc raider
H12 lady counsel
H1 basilik

Race3-H6 zac kasa
H11 super dynasty
H1 boy wonder

Race4-H5 key on kodiac
H6 big regards
H1 satelitte prince

Race5-H8 mr dujardin
H2 justice fair
H1 fuego
H3 millinieum rule

Race6-H11 super six
H8 pioneer seven
H4 autumn rush
H9 sand top

Race7-H2 macathur
H1 lim shot
H5 northern sun
H11 river golden

Race8-H2 arc trumph
H10 mettlesome
H9 dash
H5 best wishes
Good Friday.

2016-06-11 08.30.32_zpsnn6ymfoh.jpg

Kranji 30-3-18
Race1-H7 peer gynt
H10 any rumour very dodgy jockey with bookies connection
H1 aeolus
H3 destiny knight

Race2-H11 confide lively outsider
H12 ban the doubt
H6 cerdan
H4 silver sky

Race3-H2 pacific ocean
H4 red claw
H7 lucky naster
H10 preferred

Race4-H12 king of thieves outsider
H8 gold customer
H9 king cross

Race5-H3 refresh
H13 tembusu
H4 nova storm
H5 oreiily bay

Race6-H3 excellencecy
H2 dee deedor
H6 blue danube

Race7-H11 nova classic lousy jockey
H7 lim revent
H13 sacred surf

Race8-H10 mr colllin
H1 could be pearl
H7 curvature

G3 Singapore 3YO Sprint
H13 mr yeoh
H4 bee bee
H3 nowyousee
H14 saffeer

Race10-H7 artic flow
H1 mr scoseee
H11 yulong xiong ba

Race11-H4 lucky stride lousy jockey
H3 tales of summer
H6 unconquer
H13 justice smart

Kranji 1-4-18

Race1-H2 soonyi
H5 solitaire
H6 flying shadow
H8-bonjour bob

Race2-H8 lim zoom
H13 david sling
H1 wild bee

Race3-H7 parker
H9 ocean star
H8 satelitte fighter
H6 dayuan

Race4-H2 wira sakti
H5 dragonite
H1 lucky tuger

Race5-H7 tesoro pri
H5 meltingpoint
H9 lim dashing
H3 capital

Race6-H1 happy everybody

Race7-H12 aotera
H10 robin hood
H6 draco
H14 makani

Race8-H4 terricfic
H1 zaem
H12 dreamer legend
H5 higher soul

G3 JBBA Rocket Man Sprint
H6 aramco
H7 super fortune
H5 bestolighn

Race10-H13 ferocious both owner and jockey msian connection
H3 decreto sama sama connection as above
H5 black quail
H6 copacabana
100% can bet.


Kranji 6-4-18
Race1-H9 good bet
H10 red rackham with a very weak kampong apprentice ontop
H3 sugarjazz

Race2-H3 auspicious day
H1 crwon gift
H6 thegenesoftsos

Race3-H5 royal diwan
H7 p alexander
H8 military might
H3 the golden goat

Race4-H9 bring me joy
H4 d graet pride
H3 belt and road

Race5-H3 imperial falls
H4 ktagas
H2 my horse

Race6-H2 santop
H5 gold faith
H3 target

Race7-H5 yulong fast steed
H11 super six
H1 olympianeagle
H7 super king

Race8-H6 fusion power
H7 sattelite warrior
H3 why not dodgy msian bookie connection
H1 cousteau
Punting to win

Kranji 8-4-18
Race2-H5 italian master
H10 nova vocal

Race3-H9 opt star
H10across the sea
H11 success come true

Race4-ace habour
H10 lim rythm

Race7-H5 southern man
H9 farkirk lead
H6 wonder era

Race8-H10 elite star
H11 marine treasure
H13 super nova

Race9-H4 zac kasa
H3 lord ascot
100% can bet.

Kranji 13-4-18
Race1-H3 kubera chief
H4 solitaire
H5 flying shadow
H9 bohemien

Race2-H9 wecando
H1 kiss your song

Race5-H1 farees
H8 royal guard
H7 special rain

Race6-H8 carnellian
H3 smart vintage
H1 hongchen

Race7-H4 red dawn
H3 pole paradise
H11 classifed
H1 flak jacket

Race8-H1 arr flair
H4 paragon star very dodgy jockey and msian bookie connection
H2 silver win fortune
H3 taichi belt