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    PAP makes the Best Singapore Government!

    sent in the miltary and get international sanctions? stupid post!
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    77 MPs gave their approval. 13 said "no". NMP Eugene Tan abstained...

    cool....we will become another macau...can open a few more casinos! hehehe
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    Callenge to WP, take 80% pay cut for your non first class parlaiment performance

    Kinana's arguments are not only weak, its like air.... a pack of rubbish!
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    Slot games, Casino Rewards & Privileges

    new game 3d at rws... but need to pay 1 point per game
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    Slot games, Casino Rewards & Privileges

    Best is to avoid both casinos and go genting!
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    Mod has clean up the mess...

    Oh is it? hehehe :D
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    Is escalating property prices in Singapore fuelling increases in COE?

    simple mathematics will tell you why commoners who need car to make a living will die in the coe system... example - hawker needs to car to conduct its biz...he pays high coe...he has to raise his food prices, who suffer - consumers.. consumers are also salaried employees...ask for pay...
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    Monkeys See and Monkeys Do - Secret of Producing Bad Mannered Citizens

    Look at Mah Bow Tan...he is a classic example of failure of theneducation system
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    Monkeys See and Monkeys Do - Secret of Producing Bad Mannered Citizens

    the education system is only geared to produce for PAP, not for Singapore...
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    More than half of Singaporeans have no money.

    the more the govt wanna to steal peoples money , the more people wanna blow away their cpf
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    Hongkongers Got Balls

    Girl power? Oh in SBF, gotba group of ladies too...i mean chow ah gua power... hahahaha
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    Monkeys See and Monkeys Do - Secret of Producing Bad Mannered Citizens

    kopiuncle is the kindest man in Singapore....i support kopi
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    The Story of Ama Keng Clinic

    KOPI loves PAP PAP loves KOPI KOPI Carry PAP PAP Rewards KOPI
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    Got someone want to whack me wor? How har?

    Looks like another kopiuncle creation....hahahaha....
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    of tissues and those PRCs...

    Kopiuncle...can i register for your cloning course?