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Princess Cove R&F


R & F Mall is in business. Many units are under renovation so advisable to visit later. Of interest are Jaya Grocer, Emperor Cinema and the rest are familiar names like Daiso, OPPO, HLA, Old Town Coffee etc etc .


it reminds me of my colleague. at first he wanted to buy a one bed condo for investment,which is not a big burden for him. I think he got 200k cash or sth.

then his wife said why not upgrade to 3 bed condo so the family can have an atas lifestyle. as he has two children,he had to sell his hdb and use all the money he got as downpayment to buy a slighly bigger 3 bed condo.

in the end he had a loan about 1.2m after renovation. as he is over 40, he had to fork out nearly 4000 a month to pay the loan.

Many electronics companies in sg are relocating to Malaysia thailand or china. our company is also retrenching.
Can imagine what a big pressure he is under.
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