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Alfrescian (Inf)
The 3 Prisoners and the Questioning
It was 1943 during WWII, and an Italian officer, an imperial Japanese officer and a German officer got captured.
They all sit in a cell and wait to be interrogated by the Allies.

The German says: "My superior genetics will let me withstand every torture! I won't tell them anything!"
The Japanese says: "I will never dishonor my country and tell them our secrets!"
The Italian says: "I guess I'm screwed."

First they pick the German and pull him out of the cell away from the others. The next day they bring him back with bruises and cuts everywhere and he says: "I have failed, I told them everything."

Next they pick the Japanese. Two days later they bring him back badly beaten up and in a bad condition. He says: "I have dishonored the emperor and i don't deserve this life! I told them everything."

Now they pick the Italian, who is already crying and asking for mercy. For two weeks they don't hear anything from the Italian and start wondering what happened to him.

Then they bring him back, in a horrible condition, barely alive and the guard says: "I would have never believed that you guys would speak and the Italian is the one who wouldn't say a word to us."

They throw him back in the cell and the German and the Japanese rush to him and ask what happened and why he didn't say anything.

The Italian answers: "Mamma mia, I wanted to tell them everything, but then they tied my hands behind my back!"