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Not blue pill.. but laughter's best medicine


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Working butchery?
The UK economy has lost nearly 1m full-time jobs after a dramatic shift to part-time working since the start of the recession. And more than half of Dutch workers are on part-time hours



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Americans own nearly half (48%) of the estimated 650 million civilian-owned guns worldwide.

In guns we trust :rolleyes:


And what goes on in the human mind



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Game of Tyrants
Russia under Vladimir Putin: As the world marks the centenary of the October Revolution, Russia is once again under the rule of a tsar. Even Trump admires him



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Bar maths

77 beers minus your age
Plus 40 cigarettes
Equals to the year you were born.

Calculate yours to be sure....

Wisdom will kill me one day


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Real war story :rolleyes:

Angry woman gets flight diverted over 'cheating' husband

Pilots decided to make an emergency landing in Chennai when a female passenger began attacking her husband after apparently discovering he was having an affair
07 Nov 2017 04:24PM

NEW DELHI: An enraged woman forced an airliner to make an emergency landing after she discovered mid-flight that her husband was apparently cheating on her.

The woman, an Iranian national, was travelling from Doha to Bali with her husband and child on a Qatar Airways flight on Sunday, India's Hindustan Times reported Tuesday.

As her husband slept, she used his hand to unlock his fingerprint-protected phone, revealing the alleged affair in all its sordid detail.

Angered by the discovery, the woman reportedly started to hit her husband. The cabin crew intervened but were unable to calm the situation.

With the inflight episode spiralling out of control, the pilots decided to make an unscheduled stop in the southern Indian city of Chennai.

The woman, her husband and their child were taken off the plane, which then resumed its journey to Indonesia, an unnamed security official told the paper.

"The family spent the day at Chennai airport and was sent to Kuala Lumpur by a Batik Air flight. No police action was taken," the official said.

Qatar Airways was not immediately available for comment when contacted by AFP.

Source: AFP
Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news...ight-diverted-over--cheating--husband-9383424



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Excessive end-to-end profit is ruining the world, but escalating the tax office, according to the latest edition of Panama Papers, seems increasingly easier and more accessible by who probably would'nt need it.



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Malaysia arrests man who dressed as suicide bomber for Halloween

KUALA LUMPUR: Police in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia on Tuesday (Nov 7) arrested a man who dressed up in a "suicide bomber" outfit for a Halloween party.

The man, in his thirties, had worn the outfit to a party at a condominium in Damansara Perdana on Oct 28.

A police handout showed him dressed in white with a fake beard and a chequered towel wrapped around his head. A fake "circuit bomb" made out of cardboard, an "antenna" and plastic bottles were taped round his waist.

Petaling Jaya police chief ACP Mohd Zani Che Din said a resident at the condominium encountered the man in the lift and informed the police.

"At about 7.40pm, residents at an apartment in Damansara Perdana came across the man who was dressed as a suicide bomber," ACP Mohd Zani said, according to the Star Online. "It was for a Halloween party and he was spotted riding the lift."

Such attire is a sensitive issue to the general public, following recent incidents linked to the Islamic State, the New Straits Times reported the police chief as saying.


The man is being investigated under section 506 of the Malaysian penal code, for criminal intimidation.

Source: Bernama/CNA/nc
Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/malaysia-arrests-man-who-dressed-as-