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Muslims don't dare to eat, Chinese also don't want: Mookata stall owner says sales plunged after applying for halal certificate


Alfrescian (Inf)
Prawn mee not halal? Of course it is.otherwise why call it prawn mee And not porkie mee.
I'm talking about the mookata.
Prawn mee without pork isn't prawn mee. Traditional prawn mee soup always had pork in its soup stock. Some hawkers compensate each bowl with more pork pieces due to higher cost of prawns.


Then why they cannot work in a babi restoran as long as don't consume ?
Ironically many muuds work as bartenders n also many work as flight attendants serving alcohol n porky dishes to customers...
That's why worshipers have no integrity in this particular faith, they want the cake n eat it!
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Paul lah Paul somemore... KNN Paul Lampard..... Paul until own business uplorry.... orbigoot.... "they put in so much effort blah, blah, blah..... ok lah bye bye to your business......"
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There are successful Halal restaurants in Singapore selling food that cost more and tastes better than mookata, well-liked by our Muslims and non-Muslims.

Eg. XW Western Grill at City Hall, Holiday Inn Atrium Buffet, etc
So these places don't serve alcohol? Wat sort of idiot go eat atas ang mor foods n don't drink alcohol.... better don't go