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Love your country or ruler, 2 examples.


Old Timer
Messr Lim Bo Seng opposed the Japs. He probably hated the Japs more than loving the corrupt KMT regime. PrataMan actually wanted to train with the Kempeitai to oppress more peasants.

Messr Lim was caught by the Japs and died after several torture sessions.

PrataMan was merely sidelined by the Brits but a stroke of good luck see him using Kempeitai training to cream off Old Autocrat's foes.

Hence the stupid concept of love your country is bull shit. Messr Lim 'loved' his country and balked the Japs. Well, he paid the price and history books merely called him a British/KMT hero and some insulted him by saying he merely wanted his money back.

PrataMan is wiser, he adopt the 'love your ruler' concept and prospered and will be given a state funeral soon.

See the difference?