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Johor Living Experience, Are You Truly Happy ?


Old Timer
Hello All,

Johor is so blessed with open spaces,...Beautiful Properties,..etc.,...

But How many of You are really Happy, living in JB ?

Massive Groups of Singaporeans who had put in monies to buy Johor properties,..perhaps only about 5% only,are making returns of above 55 now.

Most continue to be in self-denial & pretend, "All is OK"

For Genuine Long Term Owner-Occupiers such as Myself,

I see lotss of teething problems - but am being obstructed by Building Managers from revealing the truth.

The Strata-method of communial living,...gives rise to a whole host of bee-hive-stirring issues.

1. COB remains Lethargic

2. Tribunal, remains procedurial stiff

3. Management Committees and Managing Agents continues to Monkey-Play and raid the common funds,...

These issues, if Not Addressed and resolved soon,...WILL eventually sabotage the Noble Visions of a Successful Iskandar Zone.

I need help with those familiar with the Strata Rules, Building Managers,...etc.,...

PM Me.
i do have quite a bit of experience with strata mgmnt ic dealings with cob and the courts and their inherent problems in msia. perhaps u cld leave a contact for me to get in touch and we could meet up to share our experiences.