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Imperia, Teega Coruption ? UEM Managers Arrested


Good Day, All,...

I hear that a few UEM Managers was arrested by Msian Anti Corruption Agency.

One of the Arrested Manager lives in Teega & was recently appointed as New Chairman of Imperia's JMB.

Imperia is the ONLY Condo in Johor that Actively Encourages Air bnb <- Good ? or Bad ?

True or Not ?

Name of this Manager ?

Some of UEM's Projects,..

Ujana - Suspected Corrupted JMB,..resulting in Important Defects NOT Fixed,...Replaced by Suspicious MC/MA,..TWO Flat House-Breakins, covered up,....now using Singapore-Style of "Fines" Rules,...Condo Funds Believed to be Missing,..

Impiana - Messy,...Leaking Swimming Pool,....MC,SCM-Edgends as terminated by MC,...lots of cover-ups happening

Imperia - International Inspectorate Company SGS - hired to check on Building Defects. Found about 2,000 defects !

Suspected Missing Funds,... SCM-Edgenda Terminated by Committee

Recent AGM, UEM got Court Order to Bar JMB Chairman from Attending AGM & to reinstate SCM-Edgenda

Because of the Ownership Structure of Imperia (Commercial + Residental),...UEM holds majority votes & Always Out-votes Important Decisions resulting in Genuine Owner's Loss.

Melia - S&P amended after signatures, to allow Developer to take longer time to build, thus avoiding the payment of LAD,... House-Designs believed to be changed, AFTER Buyer-Purchase.

The UEM Managers I encounter in Johor are all very Good Actors-Actressess,...playing delay tactics, lying,....

These are observations, opinions made to Share, Eduate All, and NOT to Defame.

I hope this message gets to UEM-CEO, Anwar Sarin, because the Managers at all levels are hiding many Factual issues from the Top.

The purpose of my Post is to Reveal the REAL Situation - with the intention of Getting the Developer to HONESTLY Fix Defects that Developer is Oblidged to.

Many in Committees remains Corrupted,...so no point going through the "official" channels

On a related subject,...Other Property Developers Also have Bigg Product Delivery Problems,..

I was at the Tribunal at Menara Angsana recently, and the KSL Staff - being sued so often - that they go on auto-pilot, during the Tribunal Hearings,..

Sky Loft in Bukit Indah,...ex-Chairman was ousted, suspected of over-inflating Landscaping Contractor Costs,...also Missing a few Hundred Thousand Ringgit !

Such are problems that sabotauge the Bigger Objectives of the Iskandar Vision*.

I want this Vision to be Successful, and am Willing to Engage ALL the Stakeholders.

Are there any Big Shots', Truly Influencial Persons reading this, ho an Help Me ?

Sincerely Thanks.