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Strata Living in Johor


Good Day, All,

To those living in Johor,
How is the experience of living strata style ?

I note that the respective statutory acts is subject to many different manupilations by the JMB, MC, MA,...

Many Strata-Titled Properties suffer from Owners not paying fees on time (sounds easy to enforce, but really difficult to really enforce,...)

Owners have different agendas so as a result of this disunity, Some Developers gets away with not fixing defects,....

Lawyers are reluctant to work for small time Owners to seek Legal Rights,....the deception continues with different Egos manupilating one another.

If One is sincere about making the Iskandar Vision Sucessful,
All stake holders must get together and work honesty, to solve the massive problems with Building and Maintenance Quality


It is not going to go away anytime soon.

For example country Gardens @ Central park Near Tampoi Capitol 21 shopping mall. The SE told me that they will manage the property for 2 years. After that another committee will take over, they won't know what will really happened.


Yes, Strata Living is here to stay,however the ingenuity of the People causes the following,

1. Developer engineers AGM - using proxies - to get majority votes, and in JMB.
Defects are not recorded, and until after the DLP, the Developer
says that these Defects are from "wear & Tear"

2. Many in JMB have hidden agendas.
Property Agents in JMB steals inside information for personal benefit
Ower-Investors are only keen to make money, ..back stab one another to catch that ilusive Tenant

3. Developer-controlled JMB plays with the accounts (offers discount to preferred Buyers),...and after
the JMB is handed over to the MC,...lotsss of Missing Funds,...Figures that does not balance,...

I see Massive Problems , especially with UEM-Developer properties ( Imperia, Impiana, Ujana, Teega,...)

Now Teega is on "Honeymoon Period"

It's a matter of time, before more and more Shit surfaces,...

There are almost NO Lawyers willing to take on UEM and other Developers, because of the Big $$$ influence .

If there are anyone experiencing such,..
If there are any Real Lawyers with Real Balls,..Real Integrity,...

Please Contact Me.

I want the Iskandar Region to be Sucessful, and All to be in Harmony

But a lot of Short-term interests are sabotauging' the Grand Vision