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Johor Experience with JMB, MC, Strata Title Management


Good Day, All,

Many who live in Johor, are afraid to share the experience on Strata Management Living Environment

Perhaps for Fear of such news may "devalue" property / make property less attactive to Tenants.

So as a result, many Problems persists, and becomes a silent problem that many knows, but afraid to dicscuss and solve problems.

Ujana Apartments, since day , has many problems that the Developer and Developer-appointed MA have not fixed.

They only fixed some members of the JMB, to delay, hide rectifications until after the Defects Liability Period, then push responsibility to the MC, and say, "oh, its wear & tear"

Because of Owner's inexperience, a lot of Accounting Abuses happend, which results in Paper Surplus, but actually Deficits in Monies.

I believe Imperia had this Big Problem,...and the Imperia JMB Chairman was ousted, replaced by the Developer-appointed Person, who after taking over Chairmanship for a few days, was Arrested by MACC for Corruption.

Ujana has some really Bigg Shortfalls in Funds.

The Current MC choses to do frivilous tasks, such as to set up a "Ujana Website", paint various locations, impose Singapore-Style-illogical rules,....

Owner's Enquires, Feedback is ignored by this MC, whose Chairman is a very Cunning, Smart, Tricky, Wine-Loving Chain-Smoking Prick.

The purpose of this Post, is NOT to devalue the value of subject properties, but to share and try to obtain solutions, as to how to solve the problems of Dick-Heads, blinding using Strata Rules to Choke-to-Death, the principle of "Harmonous Living" environment, in such Stata Title Properties ?

Oh, Sky Loft,...I heard, also about myr 200,000-plus missing from management funds

This issue of missing management funds in Johor Strata Properties, How Prevalent is it ?