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4 young snatch thieves nabbed

Taishi Ci

Alfrescian (Inf)

Sep 5, 2010

4 young snatch thieves nabbed

<!-- by line --> <!-- end by line --> FOUR young snatch thieves aged between eight and 14 were arrested on Saturday for suspected involvement in a case of snatch theft. The group of four boys entered a lift together with a 51-year-old woman last Wednesday at about 12.45pm. One of the them snatched the victim's purse before all four boys fled together. The police were notified and managed to get hold of CCTV images of the four suspects.

A boy matching the description of one of the suspects was spotted in the vicinity of Block 232A Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 and was placed under arrest. The other three suspects were caught within the next two hours. Investigations are ongoing. Police warn that first time offenders found guilty of snatch theft may face a maximum punishment of seven years' imprisonment and may be caned if deemed suitable.



Thought I read about 4 young thieves some time back and they were caught by the CCTV at the provision shop. Wonder if these are the same thieves