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In Paris, 50% of All Crimes Are Committed By Believers of The Religion where Human Morality Originated!



In Paris, in a snatch-and-grab operation, jewels worth almost 600,000 euros were stolen from the wife of the president of Mongolia’s Olympic Committee. More on this robbery, and other robberies in the capital, are discussed in the report here: “French police make arrests after gang robs €600,000 worth of jewelry from Mongolia’s Olympic Committee president’s wife in Paris,” by Thomas Brooke, Remix News, November 3, 2023:

Three members of a Parisian gang have been arrested on suspicion of robbing almost €600,000 worth of jewelry from the wife of Mongolia’s Olympic Committee president in the French capital last month.
The vehicle transporting Battushig Batbold and his wife, Tselmuun Nyamtaishir, was tailed from the Charles de Gaulle airport by three suspects on a motorbike near the Stade de France on Oct. 11, according to the public prosecutor’s office.
Agence France-Presse reported how the gang seized the opportunity to strike when the pair’s vehicle slowed in traffic in the Landy Tunnel near the stadium, smashing the rear window and snatching a bag of valuables from the back seat.
Batbold, who is also a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), told police that the bag contained jewelry worth an estimated €570,000.
Mongolia is a poor country. But Batbold was apparently rich enough to buy his wife jewels worth 570,000 euros (and that was the cost just for the jewelry she took with her while traveling). How might that have come about? He is not only the president of Mongolia’s Olympic Committee, but also a member of the International Olympic Committee. He has a vote on where future Olympics will take place. Now everyone knows that two Arab countries — Qatar and Saudi Arabia — have been spending vast sums to increase their presence in world sports, and have spent staggering sums to buy players, leagues, and votes on everything from where the FIFA World Cup games were held in 2022 (Qatar), to where the Olympic Games will be held in 2036.

For Saudi Arabia, hosting the Olympics remains, as the Crown Prince has said, “the ultimate goal.” Meanwhile, it has set up its own LIV Golf tour, giving golf pros who sign up with it multimillion-dollar contracts. Dustin Johnson, for example, was paid $150 million to sign with the LIV tour. The Saudis have also been building up their soccer teams. They paid soccer star Cristiano Renaldo $200 million to sign with the Saudi club Al-Nassr, and spent another $675 million to induce several other soccer stars to sign.

Qatar is no slouch, either. It already managed to be chosen as the site of the 2022 FIFA World Cup competition. Qatar spent a staggering $220 billion to host that event. Everyone knows that bribery of FIFA officials was a decisive factor in the choice of Qatar. Now, having hosted the Asian Games, Qatar wants to host the 2036 Summer Olympics. It is already deploying its chief argument — its willingness to spend large sums — to those who may be willing and able to help it attain its goal.

Some may be wondering how the Mongolian member of the IOC was able to buy such expensive jewelry for his wife. It may be because of his success as a businessman. But might it be thanks to cash provided by Qatar, or Saudi Arabia, or perhaps both? When the Mongolian couple returns to Ulan Bator, they will no doubt be questioned about the source of their sudden good fortune. It may all, of course, be completely above-board.

Police are seeking to link the crime to a similar robbery targeting a group of Saudi nationals the previous week during which valuables worth an estimated €500,000 were stolen.
They revealed that three male suspects, aged 22 to 25, were arrested last week in Seine-Saint-Denis, but only recently made this public. No further details about the identity of the suspects have been released….
Seine-Saint-Denis is the almost entirely Muslim suburb of Paris, so it is certain that the thieves were young Muslims.

Thefts from vehicles in France have gone up by more than 30% in one year. Robberies have increased by 14% year over year. And sexual offenses have increased, in just one year, by more than 11%. These figures are staggering. And President Macron has recognized that more than half the crimes in Paris are committed by “foreigners.” Everyone knows what he means: those “foreigners” are Muslim migrants Yet Macron continues, inexplicably, to oppose stricter limits on Muslim immigration, even though he recognizes the outsize role that Muslim migrants play in crime.

In 2024, Paris will host the Summer Olympics. How much luggage will be snatched by thieves from vehicles, hotel rooms, and right out of the hands of startled tourists by those busy North Africans from Seine-Saint-Denis who are so eager to supplement the generous benefits they already receive from the French state, with whatever additional funds their lightning-quick snatch-and-grab feats can provide?