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Guess? Driver in stolen vehicle dragged out by officers of the Singapore police force & arrested



"9jun2024 0825hrs

A 23-year-old man was arrested for his suspected involvement in a theft of a car and a suspected drug-related offence near Block 645 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 at about 8:25am on Jun. 9.

Man allegedly resisted arrest Prior to his arrest, police officers were patrolling along the Housing and Development Board (HDB) block when the Next Generation Fast Response Car's Automated Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR) detected a vehicle that was reported to be stolen, said the Singapore Police Force (SPF) in a Jun. 12 media release.

After an alert was sent to the officers, they stopped in front of the car. However, as officers approached the car, the man allegedly attempted to flee by starting the car engine and resisting arrest while in the vehicle.

The man was subsequently arrested. Scene of arrest captured by camera The process of arresting the man was caught on video by an onlooker. In the video, the suspect could be seen sitting inside a dark grey car at a car park, while two police officers tried to pull him out of the vehicle. Subsequently, the officers and the man appeared to engage in a struggle, which caused the car horn to be sounded at one point.

One officer could be heard saying, "Come out now, I tell you, you are not going to make it, okay?" The officers and the man continued struggling for around a minute before two more officers arrived at the scene. Together, the officers managed to pull the man out and sat him down on the kerb.

After two other police officers arrived at the scene, the officers and the man engaged in a struggle again as the man appeared to resist his arrest. In the end, four officers managed to pin the man down.

Charged on Jun. 10 The police said the man was charged in court on Jun. 10 with an offence of theft of a motor vehicle, which carries an imprisonment term of up to seven years and a fine. The man is also being investigated for several other offences, for which police investigations are ongoing, the police added. "