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Germany muslim migrants kick passersby, attack elderly woman at pro-Israel demonstration



500 terror fans besieged Vienna’s Stephansplatz on Wednesday. Unbelievable scenes also took place in Berlin: Syrians kicked a German at a peaceful pro-Israel demonstration. The migrants had previously attacked a 72-year-old woman.

At the end of the peaceful demonstration, the situation in Berlin escalated completely. A horde of anti-Semitic terror fans formed around the pro-Israel demonstrators. They attacked the participants with Palestine flags and chants. Until it even came to physical attacks.

Investigations into grievous bodily harm
“Initially around 70 to 100 people appeared in small groups and chanted non-German chants,” explained police spokeswoman Jana Ulbricht. “After that, about 40 of them joined together to form a larger group and shouted more chants.”

The emergency services were able to push the mob back towards the Stadthallenpark and arrest them there, writes “Bild.” Particularly violent: Three young men snatched a small Israeli flag from a 72-year-old woman and fled with their loot. They knocked over a 55-year-old man. When the German was on the ground, the trio kicked the completely uninvolved man. Shortly afterwards, the attackers were caught: they were two Syrians (17, 20) and a 15-year-old suspect whose nationality was still unknown, as the police announced. They still had the stolen flag with them. Theft and grievous bodily harm are now being investigated.