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    Helsinki Video shows Putin & Dotard want to nuke each other, no friends! Xijinping & Kim Jong Nuke laughing to watch this!

    Media Cameras caught Dotard WINKING to Putin! WAF he is trying to signal? http://www.sohu.com/a/241535888_162522 环球网 51万文章 152亿总阅读 查看TA的文章>...
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    GPGT: HaLEEmah the Pharaoh???

    Making sense now?
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    Donald trump’s personal driver for 25 years sued for 3300 hours of unpaid overtime

    Confirmed nicely that the Dotard is a CROOK & SWINE period. Kim Jong Un also will never owe driver salary lah.
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    Fellow Chinese pse eat more shark fins, as Chow Ang Moh are willingly feeding themselves to sharks Why Worry?! Eat! Yum! Video!

    I insist the sharks should rip off her Neh Nehs or CB! Then that bowl of shark fin will taste extra better! I will pay 5X price to get that bowl!
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    Total Victory for Czar Putin & Assad in Syria eminent, Dotard gave up his dogs to feed Assad troops!

    $Billions$ of Dotard's military sponsorship weapons and ammos etc, fell into Assad's hands! Tanks, Missiles, guns, trucks etc. When Dotard's dogs surrender themselves to Assad's troops. HUAT OR NOT? Big arms stockpile captured! http://www.sohu.com/a/241004255_253257...
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    ABNN Rocket-Man Neh said PLA DF-21D depending on Nuke Warhead to kill carrier, only, Brahmos Missile Better! LOL!

    Xijinping should invite ABNN Modi to offer his only working carrier to be DF-21D test target, best way to understand the energy of Kinetic Impact of 600kg re-entering earth from outer space @MACH10 Hypersonic. DF-21D is IRBM, traveling in space. Brahmos is suupersonic cruise missile flying only...
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    Earthquake loud explosive noises frightened Taiwanese Peasants assuming was Xijinping's PLA Invasion began!

    The Taiwanese peasants all got PRC 5-star red flag at home and practiced singing PRC anthem, when their island shakes and explosion sounds rock their homeland, the will change flags and sing PRC anthem to save their own ass.
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    RAF 100th Anniversary Shows Clear Signs of Decay & Weakening & Deterioration - PRC Media - Ang Moh Soi Kee Suck Thumb! PLA=DK!

    Today's PLA advantage over the entire west is solidly in missiles & radars. PLA missiles can kill US planes at about twice distance of Max USAF missile range. That means, PLA can kill Ang Moh at distance that Ang Moh can not even harm PLA. PLA planes just fire on USAF Planes and they can not...
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    RAF 100th Anniversary Shows Clear Signs of Decay & Weakening & Deterioration - PRC Media - Ang Moh Soi Kee Suck Thumb! PLA=DK!

    http://mil.news.sina.com.cn/jssd/2018-07-11/doc-ihfefkqq1365237.shtml 英国空军百岁庆典难掩衰落 中国空军69岁仍朝气蓬勃 英国空军百岁庆典难掩衰落 中国空军69岁仍朝气蓬勃 0...
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    GPGT: HOT Korean bodybuilder chick

    All Korean CB are faked. 90% of them are REPETITIVE MODIFICATION WORKS of PLASTIC SURGERIES. Once I found out any good looking women were Kim Chi, I will look away. Unless were from NK then most likely not faked. Whole body contour and body building are all faked, not really from health or...
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    Don't touch your solar cells or you will LAO SAI BIG TIME = E.COLI Bacteria Cells!

    https://www.news1130.com/2018/07/08/no-sun-no-problem-bacteria-fed-solar-panels-works-ubc/ No sun, no problem: bacteria-fed solar panels in the works at UBC Local by Lasia Kretzel Posted Jul 8, 2018 9:28 am PDT...
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    Chitchat Elon Musk has the best rescue plan for cave victims

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    Fullerton Healthcare got ABNN FAKE DOCTOR Molesting Women Patient after Doctor Left Clinic! Must Rotan!

    Ah Neh! Good Ah Neh! More Ah Neh pse! VX gas all the Ah Neh ASAP!