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    is she chio?

    My spouse and I got married overseas/My spouse and I have not lived in Singapore for many years--can we still get a divorce in the Singapore courts?
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    Prostitution thrives in Singapore

    My Background: I first visited Thailand in 1991, as a 20-year-old U.S. Marine, without the wisdom of age, university education, or the guidance of the Stickman. Since then I've come a long way. I studied Thai and University in the U.S. and have had several Thai friends/girlfriends so my Thai is...
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    The Breakfast Club

    Don't you know all singapore girls are very materialistic? They only love european guys with 5c's: Cash, car, condos, credit cards and countryclub cards Also all European guys are damn rich! Edited 11 months ago
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    The Breakfast Club

    not all stewardress...some housewife,officegirl...same too..they want branded goods...husband no $$$ they outside have darling...both also want...they high class pros...be carefull..they are more dirty than PRC....s'porean women wants everthing,,,money,house, love ,car .....sorry to offence
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    can someone tell me ...uhuh.. why singapore political need so high salary ?..compare with others...

    can someone tell me ...uhuh.. why singapore political need so high salary ?..compare with others country !1!
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    Will Tan Jee Say accepts $500,000 a year President pay?

    mee too...agreed..why they need so much salary....
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    Asia Hot Babes That Will Surely Melt Your Thermometer Part 2.

    hey man...this is not a sex forum..i think yr mind is full of BIG breast
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    Casino professional gambler have arrived

    better stop gambling...orelse you will sell yr pants
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    My life experience in Changi Prison (Cluster B)

    please continue......thanks
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    Chitchat The Official TCSS Thread

    i think you're dirty old man ...BRAIN full of chee bai...sex
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    nowaday old song is better then new song.....
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    HK Hottest movie Sex and zen 3D

    i agreed....and rubbish