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    Have you been self absorbed the whole life? You ought to be ashamed.

    Self absorbed is the only way to survive in this cold harsh society,which pap has mastered to the highest degree,and also how u protect urself from mad slandering dogs from jiu hu.
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    Serious Ungrateful Sinkies Stir Trouble Over Durians Supplied By John Tan's Company During PA Grassroots Event!

    They did not bother to check the goods before accepting delivery,assuming everything is gonna be fine even though they were responsible as the organizers of the event,more proof of overpaid jiak Liao bees....they purposely chose any cheap supplier thinking they were getting a good...
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    Chitchat Chinese "Elon Musk" suspected of stealing American tech

    why would the chinese government pay him billions for a bunch of secrets? if secrets were that lucrative,the professor should have just gone up to the chinese government himself and sold them all the secrets they want.obviously the man is an entrepreneur and made billions from his companies.
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    Chitchat Chinese "Elon Musk" suspected of stealing American tech

    Stop crying u americunt pussies,did bill gates steal the GUI from jobs and jobs steal the GUI and mouse from xerox?it's called beating u to the market.u claim u had those prototypes sitting around forever doing nothing,and the chink is now a billionaire.
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    Malaysia's Secret Letter to US - Can't trust Malaysians, they have no backbone, no integrity

    Lucky singapore will never have this problem of changing their minds cause the only administration they know is the Lee administration.
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    To much Gongfu Fighting the actors all disabled & ailing fast at age Sammo Hung needs wheelchair @66yo!

    its no wonder they were spinning around sideways so much like a top everytime they fell and hit the table......ip man was twisting their nipples.
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    SG can never be smart nation, because our lee-ders just aren't smart enough.

    So why are u telling us this?if you are the smart middle ground and don't have an agenda?
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    3 ways to become smarter!

    How about a lobotomy?
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    GPGT: is this the reason why hackers want to steal CAG's medical data?

    This is what happens when u consolidate all of ur nation's data in one place and that place's security is less than Hillary Clinton's email servers.
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    Chitchat No Degree, No Condo, No Car? No Ah Tiong Bu Will Want You! Oppie Losers Fucked!

    Somehow I feel like this is karma....even though I'm not a superstitious man like Stevie wonder.......for eons men have been considered more valuable than women,now with globalisation and feminism the value of pussy is now more precious than gold or platinum.
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    Another lesson PAP must learn hor! Accountability is the Language of Successful Leaders

    I agree u get the government u vote for,stop blaming the ruling party for ur problems,accept the blame and vote wisely next time.
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    Bravo! Lim Guan Eng fucked Jews & Israelis!

    Sounds like the Jews are becoming Aryan and supremacists.