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Why are Malaysians so jealous of people that are rich?


Sneaky cuntonese bastard @zhihau just deleted my latest thread in JB section AGAIN. Why so sneaky and bad hearted evil shit cuntonese covering up ccb Malaysian crimes? Another cuntonese son of whore that proved me right about Cantonese. Not a single good Cantonese around.
Tsk tsk tsk cuntonese bastard @zhihau caught telling lies say loud loud ignore me but repeatedly deleted my threads in JB are so shameless evil shit cuntonese coward bully indeed. Dare to do dare not admit coward bully. Pui!


Slandering people with ccb lies is in your filthy Cantonese blood just like what filthy Indian slut kt latha did. Cantonese are the Cina ah nehs, not hokkiens.
KNN your leng cb has been circulating from india to iran what slander ? KNN the talk is about so leng how to fuck your cb when is look like detached piece of ban cheng ger ? KNN