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Chitchat Where to find this kind of woman officer in the SAF?

The REAL 花木兰 lives forever!


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特种射击、擒拿格斗,攻势凌厉,杀气腾腾;手传炸药、穿越火障,惊险不断,撼人心魄……寒冬腊月,红土高原,冷风凛冽。某野外训练场,一片热气腾腾。硝烟散尽,摘下头盔,露出一张张清秀而黝黑的脸庞。好一群现代版的“花木兰”!从“娇娇女”到“通信兵”,从“理论迷”到“播火者”,从“专业通”到“特战王”……她们是第75集团军某特战旅指挥通信连大学生女兵群体,平均年龄只有22岁。(中国军网/张永进 陈典宏 彭希 张正举)

This PLA training is a standard drill which a lighted fuse with explosive pack is past from one to another in a team, and the last person dump it into the hole at center (where sand bags are around) then all prone down immediately, and the blast will go sky-high for real! 1 fuck it up all can die!