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Ujana Apartments, Arrogant MC Kena Sue !


2014, July 3rd, 08.30h,

To: Developer, Managing Agent, Committee members

Re: Ujana Interim Overall Review

Defects Liability Period Ends on: December ? ___?, 2014 <-please fill in the blanks.

Good Day, All Reading,

We have about another 5 months’ to go, before the DLP ends for Ujana Apartment.
Numerous meetings have come and go, however many outstanding issues have remains unresolved.

And some of the emails have remained unanswered by Developer’s rep and the Managing Agent.

So, I think it is time to re-cap and
summarize again all the issues pertaining to Ujana that requires attention and FIRM solutions from the Developer/ Managing Agent.

To: En. Rahim, Puan Siti.

List of items that requires your immediate response or reply:
Most Important – Outstanding Revenue from Defaulters
We cannot wait for the next meeting to get an update.
Costs are incurred daily and add up as the clock ticks away every day.
To MA reading;
What is the detailed Status on Outstanding payments as at to-day?
What is the realistic time-frame, in the Legal-Lawyer-Method?
Wouldn’t such a process drag the time making it longer?

And if we really realize this, then WE MUST NOW CUT COSTS!

From my experience with legal matters, such action would stretch over a long time, so as a result, our Ujana cash-flow WILL definitely be affected.
Regarding pending claim from defaulters – those under legal or demand letters, what is the time-line estimated for defaulter to pay?

Management Budget Concerns

2.1 Running into deficit on the monthly management budget going forward was a real concern based on the Feb ’14 to Apr ‘14 collection reported by SCM.

2.2 We are only collecting about 75% or about RM60K while our expenses are about RM84K per month.
Note: We still got a sinking fund of RM85K as of end Apr ‘14

2.3 The bank charges and signatory of the approving persons required on signing of cheques, payments and documents were brought up and have yet to be resolved.

Charges for Managing Agent and Secondment of staffs
3.1 Realistically, the MA only collects about MYR 60K per month, out of total revenue of MYR 80K (this information, was taken, reference to April 2014 Management Report).

So let us target to cut the expenses to MYR60k per month. Please advise whether this can be achieved.
Point to remember is that any cuts should not compromise to Safety, Quality and Service Level in our aim to reduce the monthly expenditure to MYR60K?

Cost Cutting - Treasurer: Joey, Please assist,..

To review SCM operating budget and find ways to minimise expenditure on unnecessary items such as roof lightings (a quick calculation indicates it is consuming about 36KWhr per month and based on a 5 hours per day of operation, it will costs about RM500/month)

We request for a review of SCM accounts on all expenses to find ways to reduce overheads, improve debt collection (we got outstanding debt of about RM76K as of end Apr ‘14) and service charges.

Committee to review on the scope, schedule and renewal of maintenance and cleaning services contracts that are currently managed by SCM.

Note: Committee had observed that spending of RM1.5K for estimated 30 minutes of fogging/pest control per month appears excessive.

Monthly bill of RM14K electricity bill appears excessive. Need to identify on heavy consumption areas of electricity.

RM35K for secondment and management agent fees which is almost 40% of total mthly collection also appears excessive. We need a detailed breakdown of employees’ scope and payment schedule to see where we can trim the excess leaving only the essential.

Status of renovation deposits collected and refunds made. Is there records and we need to audit this.

3.2 Treasurer is to initiate request for review of accounts to SCM. Management members will be called upon to assist in the conduct of such reviews and to find means for cost reduction. This is to be done before next Committee meeting.

3.3 Ways to recover revenue were discussed.
Rental of utility and cleaner room should be looked at.
Eng Win has proposed water dispenser vending machine which all agreed will be useful to residents and a good way to get extra revenue.
Eng Win also offer a 2x3 ft notice board for use at the lift lobby.

3.4 Renewal of SCM services.
All agreed that we should get a few quotations from different MA for a comparison of rates and whether we can save substantial on this item .
KK suggested that a Level of Service Agreement should be signed with all Service Providers to ensure acceptable level of services is included as part of the Contract/Renewal Contract.

Incidents Records
4.1 Damages by Lighting – When was the date of the Incident ? _______?

An invoice of about RM24K due to recent lightning was signed for the repairs.
Was informed by Puan Siti that there were 2 quotations of RM 21K (Actual Cost) and 24K (used for Insurance Claim) by same contractor

Believe that this is the existing (and probably the only contractor engaged for this rectification works)
Can we have at least, 3 quotations, for such jobs, in the future ?

4.2 Any future Incidents – however big or small should be made known to Committee for review and approval before repairs are carried out. We would like a Log Book to be kept at the Guard House to record and report all incidents to Management Committee for review and necessary actions follow up and closure.

4.3 In relation to the Lightning strike, we need the record on when was the Repairs completed.

4.4 In relation to the repair that have been completed, we need to inspect and certify the repairs.

5 Defects, Defective items, Poor Quality List
The following were still outstanding defects even after a report was made:

5.1 Water ponding at lobby & car park.
5.2 Water tank residue.
5.3 Paint quality defects.
5.4 Tree next to guard house not pruned.
5.5 Door locks of poor quality and not working.
5.6 Lift button light intermittent.
5.7 Door release buttons not operating properly.
5.8 Carpark barrier reader not sensitive.
5.9 Windows latches not working properly.
5.10 Car park ceiling showing signs of algae & water leakage.
5.11 Toilet partition Footing screws corroded.
5.12 Others (details as per attached excel file list)

In addition, there was no cut-off timer for power on/off supply to the Jaccuzi – Would the Developer provide for this?
Service level, KPI
The following are minimum Service Level to be put in place:

Security guards to be conversant in simple operational English. How to have this batch of guards train?

Cleaners mopping the poolside deck, even whilst it is lightly drizzling, but does not clean the lighting switch boxes, glass doors, sweep fluorescent lights off, of cob-webs, insect cacases’,.. Do we have a schedule timetable for cleaners to perform what duties for certain days and for which areas so that any committee member or SCM staffs can monitor. As an example, Cleaner “A” – Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning – Poolside, both lounges and Ground floor lobbies.

We would like SCM and UEM to state what is the Minimum KPI requirement for Ujana.

For the next Committee Meeting, it has been proposed that meeting should preferably be held at SCM Management Office so that any Finance-related issues can be reviewed immediately with original documents maintained by SCM.

Let this be the Committee’s Motto: “Let’s work together to make Ujana for better living environment”.

E. & O.E.
Thank You
As Owner, and Committee Member


Could not think of a more deserving collection of dickheads.

The Ujjana border security nonsense is so notoriously bad that many new prospectives flock to E. Ledang or Impiana instead. I actually stayed there for 2 months myself and the interminable strife I got from the rude guards when I had a parking sticker AND a carpark passcard was completely absurd.


You should complain to the PonyTailed-Head Chairman, Lawrence Tan, who has a very Loyal following (selectively) from the Ujana WA Chat Group, set up by "instant" Managing Agent, named, "Zoom",...

Other Committee Members includes a Pretend-Lawyer, a LandLord-Centric Doctor working for SATA Singapore,..and managed by a really Talented Fat, Lying Manager, that goes by the name of Eve

They Bully, plough their way through,.... Totally Unprofessional

Now they have abused their Position by using common funds, to create a "Ujana apartment for Rent" website, thus benefitting only a selected group of Owners, but sucking funds away from Legitimate Owners.

My queries to them, remains unanswered,...so no choice, I have to post to the world.
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