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The stakes tied up in assessments have gotten too high for Singapore


There is nothing inherently wrong with assessment - it is a necessary part of all education systems worldwide. If I don’t assess you, how do I know if you have properly acquired the necessary skills and content?

BUT. The problem (especially in the Singaporean context) lies in the fact that all assessment schemes are trying too hard to assign quantitative figures to qualitative traits. Problem-solving skills, hard work, critical/analytical thinking, understanding of a subject etc - all these things are inherently unmeasurable. So we do the next best thing, which is to come up with examination formats that can give us an approximate gauge of a student’s mastery and skills concerning the said subject matter.

BUT. The stakes tied up in these assessments have become overly high. There are many reasons for this (would take too long to go into), but suffice to say the result is a society where everything hinges on your ... well, results.*

More at http://www.domainofexperts.com/2018/03/the-stakes-tied-up-in-assessments-have.html