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S'porean fined for drug offences



Sep 5, 2010

S'porean fined for drug offences

<!-- by line --> <!-- end by line --> JOHOR BARU - A SINGAPOREAN businessman was fined RM17,500 (S$7,543) by a magistrate's court in Malaysia after he pleaded guilty to seven counts of drug offences and one count of identification fraud. Tan Kim Chai, 54, pleaded guilty to possessing drugs such as 0.01g of nimetazepam and 0.16g of heroin, at a house in Taman Daya as well as at an apartment unit in the city on Jan 8 this year and Aug 24, 2008.

Magistrate Mazana Sinin fined Tan a total of RM15,700 for all the drug possession charges. The accused was also fined a further RM3,000 for possessing a fake identification card at an apartment in the city at 5.20pm on Aug 24, 2008. Magistrate Mazana set May 3 next year for trial and no bail was offered as the accused is facing similar charges in other courts. -- THE STAR