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[Singapore] - The entire world should fear the Singapore Armed Forces... especially the yaya guy at the back in this photo


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You can sleep in peace at night, knowing that Singapore is under the personal protection of the yaya guy at the back.



NS is just stupid dumb social engineering cum brainwashing cum psychological castration to political thought.

Hundreds of thousands incur injuries beginning the moment they serve up lingers through their working life and it carries with them untreated until they die.

Mindeaf refuses to assume liability and responsibility incurred. NSman training recruits to shoot ends up with hearing losses even with ear protection.
Mortar, artillery, engineers and others carry spinal compression later in life due to lifting heavy equipment for extended and repeated duration. Even prolonged heavy helmets cause C spine compression resulting in pain when they are older.
Endless 2.4km, SOCs, route marches, fast marches, climbing jumping etc are really terrible for the knees and ankles. Many will have to have knee surgery later in their lives.
Will Mindeaf pay for it? NO.
This cheapskate kucing kurap army does not appreciate the service these NSnam render unlike other armies who will cover injuries for their vets for the rest of their lives.
Apparently NSman lives are cheap according to their standing policy.

I have not even begin the suicide and psychological and social damage done. Do you realize the big number of NSmen that AWOL because they are the family's sole breadwinner and have to work outside the camp to feed the family or they all go hungry and the younger ones will have no money to go to school?
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2 yrs of my NSF was attached out play games, tennis, swimming, life guard course, rugby, table tennis, and 3 month vocation course plus repeat 3 months again, and smbt, finally only did 3 months of real NSF....

What's interesting was attached to 4SAB my comapny CSM was my tuition teacher younger brother... heng ah... cover nicely... he attached me out to play games and don't have to come back....

Fucking moron commander in chief bully LKY the arsehole... shit him...
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Random sampling...50% of our soldiers are see bak kow.

Such blatant publishing our our soldiers weaknesses is very bad to our SAF state secret.

Now our enemy will just target to bomb our spectacles industries and warehouses.....