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'Tamil guy travelling the world' ranks S'pore as his No. 4 bottom country: 'Expensive, too westernised'



'Tamil guy travelling the world' ranks S'pore as his No. 4 bottom country: 'Expensive, too westernised'​

A British Tamil content creator, who claimed to have visited 40 countries, ranked Singapore as No. 4 in his bottom 5 countries. photo_librarySee 16 More Photoschevron_rightchevron_left

Ong Su Mann mail

Posted on 09 June 2024 | 12,019 views | 95 comments
A British content creator, who claimed to have visited 40 countries, ranked Singapore as No. 4 on his list of the bottom five countries he has been to.
A slideshow of the list posted by Mr Tharsh Balenthiran on his "The Journal of an Explorer" TikTok account has garnered more than 4.8 million views since it was uploaded on May 8.

In the slideshow, he summarised his opinion of Singapore in four bullet points:
  • "It's a very small country, not much to do, could do everything within two to three days."
  • "Very expensive, especially considering it's in Southeast Asia."
  • "Felt like it's a bit too westernised, didn't really get the vibe it was an Asian country."
  • "The weather was also unbearable, way too hot and humid."
The five bottom countries on the London-based TikToker's list are:
  1. Germany
  2. Romania
  3. Ireland
  4. Singapore
  5. Slovakia
In another slideshow on TikTok, the self-described "Tamil guy travelling the world" also listed his top five countries:
  1. Vietnam
  2. Iceland
  3. Croatia
  4. Thailand
  5. Norway
Several comments on Tharsh's bottom five countries slideshow expressed surprise that Singapore is on the list.

One netizen asked: "Is it true about Singapore? Always wanted to go."
The TikToker replied: "I wasn’t a huge fan personally, but definitely worth giving a go."
Another netizen pointed out the contradiction in Tharsh's reply: "You claim Singapore is the bottom five and now when asked, you say to have a go."
To which the TikToker replied: "I don’t think it’s horrendous. Just if I had to rank the countries I’ve been to, it would be in the bottom five."

One netizen called out Tharsh for saying Singapore is expensive "especially for Southeast Asia": "As if it’s offensive that a country in SEA is rich. Like how dare we?"
Others wondered what the TikToker meant by Singapore not having the "vibe" of an Asian city.
A commenter asked: "So when you think of an Asian country, it has to be poor and undeveloped?"
But one netizen who agreed with Tharsh said: "SG is way more expensive and overhyped compared to other SEA countries. It's very small and dense. Not much nature to see."
The TikToker responded: "This is what I was trying to get across."
More recently, a US TikToker ranked Singapore as the worst of the seven countries he visited in five months.


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