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Chitchat SG Man Drives Fake Lamborghini and Has Sex with New Girlfriend 50 Times



Everybody has to go through the struggle to find love. Some come easily to them, some have to work for it, and worst of all, some will sort for cheats in order to win in the game of love.

Recently, a man in Singapore who drove a knock-off Lamborghini Aventador successfully wooed a lady he met at a gathering party with the car being a huge deciding factor of why the lady to decided to be with him. It’s reported that the new couple had had sex for 50 times after being two weeks together. The lady flaunted the pictures of her then-boyfriend car to her friends only to later find out that the car was actually a China knock-off brand. The friend told her the car only cost about S$150,000 whereas a real Lamborghini Aventador would cost up to about S$1,500,000. Yup, that’s 10 times the price!

According to the report, the lady met the taciturn man at a gathering party. Despite being untalkative, the man found out that they both lived no far from each other. Thus, he proposed to give her a ride in which she said yes. As the two were walking to the car, the lady quickly took notice of the man’s car. It’s Lamborghini Aventador! She was surprised that the man was behaving so humble throughout the night. After that night, the two went out on dates. They watched movies together and had dinner together. The lady said he was a gentleman the whole time. He didn’t try to hit on her sexually at all.

“At that time, I thought to myself that rich people are rarely humble. Because of his unique quality, I started to develop feelings for him,” said the lady."

When they went out on dates, they always dined at regular food court and he was always wearing inexpensive clothes which he bought from Qoo10. She felt very secure and blissful to be with such a humble person. Two weeks into the relationship, the couple had had sex for 50 times already. She even frequently updated her friends with pictures of them being together in a group chat. Thank god she isn’t my friend.

While the boyfriend was driving one day, she secretly took a video of the car and posted it online to flaunt her boyfriend’s car.

To her surprise, one of her best friends later told her: “That car is not Lamborghini Aventador!” She was shocked by her bestie response and wondered how could it be possible as the car had Lamborghini logos on the hood of the car as well as on the rims.

Her bestie told her that those logos can be bought easily online and also pointed out that the car is actually a china brand which worth around S$150,000. The friend added that the boyfriend must have purposely modified the car to resemble the Italy-made Lamborghini Aventador. Her boyfriend had plummeted from a Lamborghini-driver to a domestic-car-driver. Furious upon knowing the truth, she started a fight with him.

The fight happened over messages. “How much did you buy the car? My friend is wondering if there is any discount for the car,” the lady said. The boyfriend replied that he bought it at S$1.2 million and it’s the highest specs of the variant.

The lady laughed sarcastically, then sent over a picture of the authentic Lamborghini Aventador and asked him why were the two cars different then. To be honest, we can’t even tell the difference. Look at it!

“Oh, this is just the old model. The one I bought is a new model. Of course, they don’t look the same. Why are you troubled by this?” the boyfriend replied.

“Did you mean the new model of China Car instead? Stop pretending. My friend had already told me the truth. Let’s us just break up,” she said. To that, he replied: “Why are you acting so vain about it? Car is just a transport. Why do you always have to show off?”

“I show off?! You mother%&*#. It’s you that modified the car to make it look like Lamborghini! How dare you say I am the one who always shows off! You are a disgusting man. I must have been blind to have ever loved you,” she responded furiously.

She then shared the entire conversation and pictures of the car to an online group to warn women against dating this “Fake Lamborghini Dude” which would fool women into his bed with his car.

Although being materialistic is the girl’s own fault, lying to your loved one seems to be a bigger fault here. If the man was frank about the car, maybe he would have still had her today. Don’t you think so? Let us know in the comments below.

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