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Questions on Foo Mee Har continue to go unanswered!!!!


When Chiam See Tong was standing for election, old man no less questioned his qualifications and the fact that he did not get a credit for his English in his first attempt was also raised. It did not matter an iota that he subsequently worked hard and became an officer of the Supreme Court.

Here we are asked to accept a candidate that has too many questions that have yet to be answered. Here is an extract of sensible questions asked by a netizen. All that is required is that the PAP and Standard Chartered as a corporate citizen provide answers. There is no issue with banking privacy laws as it indeed Ms Foo that is seeking public office and I am sure if things were conducted above board, she and her husband would readily give consent for the disclosure. Or else please withdraw from the candidacy.

Here is the extract of the questions;


Why did Standard Chartered Bank sue Ms Foo’s husband in the first place?
* How much was owed to the bank and what was the money used for?
* Why was the bankruptcy order withdrawn? Has the debt been fully settled? If so, how?
* Has the debt been restructured by the bank to make it easier for Ms Foo’s husband to pay up gradually?
* Did Ms Foo, being a senior person in Standard Chartered Bank, use her influence in the bank to effect any favorable treatment of her husband’s debt by the same bank that he owed money to?
* Did Ms Foo has a role in persuading Standard Chartered Bank to withdraw the bankruptcy order?
* Why the reluctance on Ms Foo’s part to clarify her husband’s bankruptcy matter with the reporters?


Alfrescian (Inf)
MM should advice FMH to sue if all these allegations about her were malicious and lies. If FMH keeps quiet, the answers are there in her silence. Maybe nowadays PAP more gracious. We can accuse them of anything, slander them etc and they will do a FMH - silence.


I want to know to. As a singaporean i have a right to know.
feeling too smug becuase you know you wil walkover?

silence and still got face to stand for election

and Strauts Times. do your job!!!