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K Shanmugam demands TikTok reveal identity of users who talked about him and Foo Mee Har adultery.


A friendly reminder to k shan that in order to be respected, he needs to be fair.
He should punish Very Kind Lady for the harassment act towards him.


Hope TikTok gives his the :FU:

Another thing, is he demanding from TikTok, in his personal or ministerial capacity?

If he demands it in his ministerial capacity for a personal use, then it will be misuse of authority.
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Stamping your feet because it's not that easy to crush wrongthinkers on a platform outside the jurisdiction of this shithole regime. :wink:

Ironically, the more you react like this, the higher the chance that the rumours might not be just mere fabrication. It's like Xi Jinping sending security forces to shut down a bookstore in Hong Kong because there was a book about him having multiple mistresses. :biggrin:

Empreor Xi taste is really atas
White zeh zeh very keying de woh

orh mee suah

Is the Shan a target of a secret surveillance program?
Even the PM's personal information was retrieved by hackers before..