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Not blue pill.. but laughter's best medicine


Alfrescian (Inf)
Panda bear seen at the doorway opening of a FedEx jet. Bear extending both arms ending in peace signs (remenescent of U.S. President Richard Nixon's famous pose as he boarded Marine One for the last time to leave office).


Daniel Boris
12 November 2023

Panda Express​

Panda bears leaving America for China.


Alfrescian (Inf)


Elon Makes a Logo Change

Just when you think ya cannot find Elon Musk more disgusting…. This happens.
As reported by NBC:
Musk sparked the criticism with six words he posted Wednesday afternoon on X.
Responding to another user who had accused Jews of hating white people and who had expressed indifference to antisemitism, Musk wrote: “You have said the actual truth.”
He has been stating his PRO-WHITE views for years and this is just the latest.
Natch the accounts espousing anti-Jewish views celebrated Musk’s X as welcome news.
At least one advertiser IBM is pulling from X… will others follow??
Hey Elon….. are you again rethinking your logo!!!