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Not blue pill.. but laughter's best medicine


Alfrescian (Inf)
Ways of Seeing
The EU is increasingly worried about issues of democracy and rule of law in some of its countries like Poland, Hungary and Malta. My cartoon in the Sunday Times of Malta 26.11.2017.



Alfrescian (Inf)
Virginity test?

*Son*: _Dad,I want to marry how can I know if my wife is a virgin_?

*Dad*: _Do virginity test_..

*Son*: _What do you mean_

*Dad*: _Buy a red and blue paint_

*Son*: _How can that help_?

*Dad*: _Paint your left ball with the blue paint,and your right ball with the red paint, when you want to have sex_ _remove_
_your underwear_;

If she says_ , _I have never seen_ _strange balls like this in my life_, _that mean she's not a Virgin_..

_Case closed_"